ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope Review

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Nowadays thermal imaging devices are permitted to be used in different industries and areas to capture the visible and invisible objects by detecting the heat radiation from them. Night vision devices (NVDs) are also being used for hunting and security assistance equal to thermal devices.

Whether it is night vision or thermal vision sighting devices, ATN is the first and most recommended manufacturer that comes to our mind. We can’t discuss and list the best night vision devices for hunting and surveillance without specifying ATN.

ATN has been designing and building high-quality products in the field since 1995. Though these kinds of night vision scopes and rifle scopes were only used by the military force earlier, now these are available to commercial users also. 

If you are a hunter or shooter, then surely you are familiar with the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Riflescope. It comes with Image enhancement night vision technology and becomes very popular in the commercial fields. 

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Riflescope is one of the very popular scope models to be used day and night. It improves the overall gaming performance of the hunter with the enhanced image view and lens quality.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Day/Night Night Vision Rifle Scope Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Magnification: 5-20 x Smooth Zoom
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Sensor Resolution: 3864 x 2218
  • System Resolution: 600 LP/mm
  • Wi-Fi Streaming: iOS & Android
  • Battery: 18+ Hours
  • Video Storage: Removable 64 GB SD Card

Being a hunter or shooter, you should consider a lot of features while choosing a night vision riflescope as you are going to spend thousands of dollars. ATN will be a great choice if you are looking for a scope that should work better at both day and night hunting and shooting actions.

We didn’t have any criteria when we came to test ATN. Its user-friendliness is the first thing that impressed us following its high-quality performance. Moreover, this is one of the best and smart rifle scopes from ATN for the hunters and shooters.

If you’re a beginner in hunting, this is the best rifle scope to choose from because it is very easy to operate. ATN designed this scope with features and functions that anyone can use it simply, is natural and suitable for beginners as well as learners.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro contains tactical buttons that allow you to have easy control and do quick navigation. It is designed with lightweight material hence it is weighted 20lbs. This rifle scope provides easy handling and moving mechanisms while hunting or shooting.

We have listed a few key features of this excellent rifle scope which makes this great.

HD Sensor

A rifle scope is rated based on its image quality and clarity but these are determined by the sensor unit. X-Sight 4K Pro comes with the Ultra HD 4K sensor that combines with 4 Dual-core processors and has the best cutting edge technology which offers high resolution and millions of color options.

These are designed to produce images in the HD quality while hunting.

The processor provides fast performance to transform the clear picture with various colors.

It has the capability to capture the picture up to 120fps and non-pixelating digital zoom at any distance.

The scope captures the long-distance objects and provides an HD image while hunting.

The sensor has 600lp/mm system resolution which helps you to target the objects easily and provides a clear view.

This makes your hunting interesting hence this is one of the most important features of ATN X-Sight 4K Pro.

Smart Range Finder & Ballistic Calculator

You can use this riflescope at day or night time based on your purposes but you have the responsibility to make sure you prepare the expert shot for every time at any distance.

This device comes with the in-built range finder to measure and target your objects in the hunting field.

It works fast to evaluate the distance between you and your target.

The smart rangefinder takes two readings of your target but the scope will not range and you can adjust your reticle to change the distance.

Consequently, the Ballistic calculator helps to make your hunting responsible and helps you make a perfect shot on your target.

It allows you to adjust the reticle to change the wind, range, temperature, angle, humidity, and multiple weapon profiles and it also increases the chances to hit your target regardless of these factors. This helps you to determine the adjustment for the accurate shot.

Dual Stream Recording 

The videos not only stream on your mobile but also saved on the SD cardthat is inside the device hence you watch that later via any device.

You can record and store your hunting actions using a dual-stream video recording feature in this device.

The dual streaming camera allows you to not only record the video but also stream on your mobile phone simultaneously. Using the Obsidian app, you can see the videos with your friends on the tablet or mobile phone and allows them to spot without the using spotting scope.

Night Vision Mode

If you are a night hunter, then don’t need to worry about the darkness, just enjoy your nighttime adventure with this ATN X-Sight 4K Pro riflescope. Most of the people are interested to use night vision mode in the scope while hunting.


The X-Sight 4K Pro uses the infrared attachment that helps to provide reliable and efficient night vision for hunting animals and predators.

The biggest problem that we found in most of today’s riflescope is lag in effectiveness while using day and night.

Some work well at nighttime but have a blurred image in the daytime.

ATN has this in their mind and produced X-Sight 4K Pro with design and technology that works great for both day and night.

If you want to see the animals in darkness while hunting, you can switch the riflescope into night mode.

Night vision mode allows you to view the objects clearly. It has the eye relief functionality that allows you to view the images comfortably without straining your eyes.

Did you know about Magnifying Patrol Rifle Scopes?

A magnifying patrol rifle scope is similar to rifle scope that shooters and hunters are using. These magnifying patrol rifle scope help in aiming a patrol rifle by offering the well-detailed and magnified view of threats like gunmen in the long distance. While active shooting conditions, law enforcement officers use these magnifying patrol rifle scope. More details check this PDF from Homeland Security.

Low Power Consumption

Never worry about the batteries dying in the field, X-Sight 4K Pro comes with a durable battery that has more than 18 hours of lifetime.


X-Sight 4K Pro helps you to do the continuous operation by lasting as long as you do.

This won’t affect your hunting adventure and running time shortly.

The external model battery in the previous versions had only four hours of run time and it died before you need to change out.

To overcome this, this ATN riflescope built with a more reliable battery with low power consumption technology.

If you want to experience a long time hunting, then X-Sight 4K Pro is the perfect pick for you.

It has the two non-removable CR batteries, they are designed to power up the device throughout your hunting. But remember the life of a battery is also based on the active settings of the riflescope.


The X-Sight 4K Pro is easy to handle, this is the first work you do before you start hunting with the riflescope. You won’t get trouble while you mounting this riflescope as it has easy-to-use mounting rings.

  • Standard Ring
  • L-Shape ring
  • Ring with Picatinny rail

The standard ring is 30mm size that can be used to mount the 3.5 eye relief. If you want extra eye-relief, then you can use the L-shape ring.

We recommend you to first select the ring you want and the position before mounting. This makes sure that the position you select allows for optimal eye relief.

Place the scope on the bottom half of the rings that you mounted and you have to check that you have enough eye relief.

After the mounting, you have to check whether all the screws are fixed tightly or not.

Spin to zoom wheel is very simple and allows you to feel optimal control during every click. It has the classical ergonomics that make your hunting adventure simple and familiar.

You don’t need any skill for mounting, just refer the instruction and make this simple.

One-Shot Zero

One-shot zero feature is useful for those who just started their shooting practices.

It specially designed for beginners to target their objects easily.

One-shot zero is absolutely a great tool and it makes a simple and quick sighting.

Once the scope mounted, it requires six hours to charge up and it has more than 18 hours of running time. You can take shot and sighting the scope easily using this feature.

Take your position and adjust the reticle according to the target and go for the shot. It takes less time to target your object compared to the others and also it is safe to work with.

Day and Nighttime Use

This is an excellent feature of the X-Sight 4K Pro scope that makes the riflescope to be used as both the digital daytime optic and night vision scope.

You can change the scope to night vision mode from the day mode with just one click. It doesn’t lag and offers an immediate response.

The night vision feature is something that makes the scope unique and comfortable to use at any hunting situation.

You can record everything you see via this riflescope while hunting at high-quality. You don’t need to carry any external cameras in your surroundings, just record your hunting by yourself.

Other Advanced Features

ATN packed many advanced features in this scope than the night vision and video recording features. It can do smartphone streaming through the wireless connection, and it has a two-step process rangefinder system and also you can set up your profile to receive the weather, caliber, wind, and environment, etc.

Final Words

X-Sight 4K Pro is the brand new model from the ATN company that provides you a great digital hunting experience. The X-Sight is combined with the latest technology with the same traditional features to give you excellent performance.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro is a valuable purchase for your hunting adventures. This amazing scope provides the best experience at both day and night time. If you want a better vision, you have to upgrade the illuminator.

Android users get more benefits from the software rather than iPhone users. However, this product is worth considering for hunting or shooting experts.

It improves your shooting skills and decreases the chances of wrong shots. We can strongly recommend this scope, especially for gun lovers to make excellent shots.

We hope this review helped you to know both ends of the features of the X-Sight 4K Pro before you make a buy. Attach this device with your performing rifle to become an excel in your hunting game.

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