The 10 Best Hunting Lights [Review and Buying Guide]

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Planning to hunt predators at night? 

Sounds super exciting!

But then, you need the right visual equipment to see through that all-pervading darkness. In truth, hunting lights are one of the most affordable and effective choices you can make to beat the darkness.

In this article, we will review the best predator hunting lights that you can pick. In addition, you’ll also find the right tips and tricks for choosing the right one.

Without a doubt, night-time hunting sessions can be tricky.

Whether you are a professional hunter or an amateur, you need to see a coyote or a hog clearly before shooting it. In most cases, the moonlight may not be sufficient to provide the right amount of clarity from a distance.

That’s why we have picked the top options to save your time and effort. We went through all the details and features of each of these options to judge their performance. 

The result?

The top ten lights can support almost every type of hunter.

Without wasting any more words, let’s get down to business.

The Top Ten Hunting Lights Reviewed

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1. Nitecore P30

Nitecore P30


  • 6175 yards beam distance
  • 1000 lumens maximum output
  • Five brightness levels
  • 21700 Rechargeable Battery
  • Weight 5.59 oz


  • Digital Optic Technology
  • Excellent beam throw
  • Three special modes
  • IP68 Waterproof Rating
  • A large reflector
  • Full range of accessories


  • Filters aren’t of the best quality
  • The original tint isn’t best for tracking

When it comes to light intensity, the Nitecore P30 flashlight is a beast. 

How so?

Firstly, the Cree LED delivers 1000 lumens at maximum intensity. Next, the 676 yards of beam throw is one of the best in this category.

Actually, the optical system comes with a special coating and the special Digital Optic Technology ensures exceptional long-distance performance. The uniform throw of the beam is impressive.

But that’s not all…

You get full-on safety features with the device.

There’s an advanced temperature regulation (ATR) module that ensures optimized temperature at high outputs. Also, built-in low voltage protection prevents overcharging.

The build quality and finish are top-notch. The aero-grade aluminum alloy is also 1meter impact resistant. So it can handle outdoor use with ease.

The operation is pretty simple through two dual switches- a mechanical tail switch, and an electronic side switch. 

There are five brightness levels and three special modes, including an SOS and strobe mode.

The battery performance depends on the usage patterns. Nitecore has also added a charging indicator and a battery level indicator.

Apart from that, you get a ton of accessories. That includes red and green filters, a Picatinny rail mount, and a pressure switch.

If you want to scan large areas on a pitch-black night, this is one of the best lights for coyote hunting.

Note: The P30 has been superseded by the P30i. But it’s still hugely popular.




  • Cree LED
  • 1000 lumens output
  • 250 yards spotlight mode
  • 200 yards floodlight mode
  • 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Weight with batteries 6.1 oz


  • True green light 
  • Durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Full range of accessories
  • Can run on 3 AAA batteries
  • Good customer service


  • The range is limited
  • Accessories aren’t the best
  • Only a single operating mode

This is a budget-friendly hunting light that offers 1000 lumens and can be zoomed in as a flashlight. 

As mentioned, Vastfire has used high-quality aluminum alloy in the body. We found the construction isn’t at par with the top choices, but tough enough for normal outdoor use. 

There’s no IP rating but it’s O-ring sealed to prevent moisture ingress.

It’s pretty compact and the weight is on the lower side of the scale. So attaching it to a weapon won’t be an issue. You also get a Picatinny weaver rail mount with the accessories.

The optics is good but not great. The Cree LED makes it a dependable choice.

Other than that, the overall coverage in the floodlight mode is good. Also, the zoom is easy to operate.

When it comes to brightness, the effective range is between 75 to 100 yards. It works beyond that, but you’ll not be able to identify targets clearly.

What about battery life?

Well, the 2400 mAh battery can run the light for close to three hours. You can also use AAA batteries- a big advantage if you need to spend a long night hunting hogs.

Long-term owners also praised the customer service from Vastfire. Now that’s something we definitely appreciate.

By and large, the Vastfire 350 offers a very competent package at a reasonable price for any budget hunter.

We marked it as the best value choice in this category.

3. Streamlight TLR-1 HPL Flashlight Kit

Streamlight TLR-1 HPL Flashlight Kit


  • C4 LED technology
  • 775 lumens output
  • 479 yards range
  • -40 to +120 Degree Fahrenheit operating range
  • 2 x 13V CR123A lithium batteries 
  • Weight with batteries 5.3 pounds


  • Excellent beam intensity
  • Tough as nails
  • Long-range
  • Live-fire tested for superior performance
  • Rail locating keys included


  • No red light
  • Battery life isn’t the best
  • It’s pricey

Honestly, anyone looking for a bright and dependable light should check out the Streamlight TLR-1 HPL.

Let’s start with the build quality.

This tactical light has a durable aluminum case with an anodized finish for prolonged durability. The unbreakable polycarbonate lens comes with a scratch-resistant coating.

On top of that, you get an IPX7 waterproof rating and shock resistance. So it’ll easily withstand hundreds of rounds of firing.

With a 60,000-candela peak beam intensity, this light can literally turn night into day. The secret is a deep-dish parabolic reflector. That delivers a dright hotspot and also optimizes the peripheral illumination.

The superb brightness allows you to see clearly at distances beyond 250 yards. 

There are three operating modes ranging from a multi-purpose beam to a high-performance long beam.

Now, the power supply is based on 2 CR123A lithium batteries. Keep in mind that the TLR-1 HPL consumes power at a fast rate, especially in the high-performance mode.

Handling is super easy with an ambidextrous on\off switch. You can also use the remote switch if needed.

Moreover, it can be mounted on both Picatinny rails and on weapons with Glock-style rails.

To sum up, it’s one of the best night hunting lights for scopes.

It’s not cheap, but those who need the very best for shooting at night will surely appreciate the performance.

4. Ulako Green LED Light

Ulako Green LED Light


  • 350 yards beam distance
  • 600 lumens green light
  • Single-mode operation
  • 20mm Picatinny standard rail
  • 2600mAh battery


  • An inexpensive green light
  • Lightweight design
  • Two switch mode
  • Waterproof build
  • Easy to use


  • The battery takes time to charge
  • Issues with pressure switch
  • Not for pro hunters

This light from Ulako surprised us with its solid performance.

The first thing you notice is the build quality is solid. The aluminum case also comes with O-rings for waterproof sealing. So using it in wet conditions won’t be an issue.

In addition, it’s also compact and lightweight. Attaching it to the rifle isn’t going to stress your hands.

The light comes with a powerful Cree LED that can cover 350 yards. While that’s the maximum range, the effective range is around 100 yards. There’s also a “wide” and a “zoom-in” mode. 

The brightness levels are very good. The powerful LED lights up a dark setting with ease.

Note, the beam intensity can’t be adjusted. But at this price, we aren’t complaining.

The accessories packed with it include a quick-release mount, Picatinny mount, and the pressure switch.  So mounting it on your rifle or the scope is easy.

However, long-term users mentioned some issues with the pressure switch.

The  Li-ion 18650 rechargeable battery takes some time to charge up. But it delivered more than 3 hours of running time in our tests.

Considering an output of 600 lumens, that’s pretty impressive.

All in all, the Ulako green light isn’t loaded with the best features. But it keeps things simple and effective.

And above all, it offers excellent value.

If you’re looking for dependable green night hunting lights at a pocket-friendly price, the Ulako is a good pick.

For us, it was the best value choice in this category

5. Odepro KL52 Plus Hunting Flashlight

Odepro KL52 Plus Hunting Flashlight


  • 375 yards beam distance
  • 100 lumens output
  • Zoom-in feature
  • 20mm Picatinny standard rail
  • 2 x 18650 battery
  • Weight of 149 grams


  • Military-grade build quality
  • Toughened glass lens
  • 4 different LED modules
  • IP68 rated
  • A versatile flashlight
  • Easy to use


  • The range could have been better
  • It’s pricey

When it comes to looks there is one thing we can say about the KL52 Plus.


The matte-black finish and the hard-anodized finish look attractive and feel great. The weatherproof and impact-resistant build quality makes it a durable choice.

On top of that, it has a mechanical rotary design that supports the zoom feature. In the model we tested, the mechanism felt a bit tight, which can be an issue in the field.

The overall fit and finish were excellent with just the right attention to the details. The ergonomics are perfectly balanced to make handling easy.

That said, the 375-yard range isn’t the best in class but we liked the uniform throw of the beam.

What’s more, there are 4 LED modes- red, white, green, and infrared (IR850). This allows you to pick the best light depending on the situation.

In addition, you can also mount it on a night vision scope as an IR illuminator.

Pretty cool!

The battery runtime is mentioned as 3.3 hours. We found the battery life longest with the green LEDs.

When it comes to safety, there’s overcharge and short circuit protection.

Now, the accessories include a dual battery charger and two different scope mounting options. It can be mounted easily on a rifle or a scope.

On the whole, this hunting light is a solid choice for any kind of night-time activity. We only wish it was priced a bit lower.

6. ORION M30C Hunting Flashlight

ORION M30C Hunting Flashlight


  • 3x Cree XP-E2 LED
  • 377 yards beam distance
  • 700 lumens maximum output
  • 3 brightness modes
  • 20mm Picatinny standard rail
  • 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Weight of 7.6 oz


  • 100% pure light output
  • Intuitive interface
  • Three rifle mounting options
  • IPX-8 rated waterproofing
  • Dual-channel smart charger
  • Red or green options


  • Only red or green options
  • Not for budget buyers

When it comes to optics, the Orion M30C is one of the best predator hunting lights you can pick. 

But is it the best?

Let’s dig a little deeper.

To start with, the build quality is rugged. It can easily compete with the other tough products in this category.

In terms of size, it’s slightly bigger than the competitors. Then again, the weight is nicely balanced.

The range mentioned is 377 yards. In our tests, we could clearly view animals at a range of 300 yards with the brightest setting. Once switched off, the light remembers the last setting.

Also, the light is loss-free and the beam uniformity is excellent. The light range is limited to red and green. That makes it great for hogs and coyotes.

But at this price, we were expecting a white light too.

The battery life is good. You get 22 hours at the lowest setting. As a bonus, you get an extra battery along with the accessories.

Also, the smart adaptor prevents overcharging. It can be connected to an AC power source or a car power adapter.

The unit is easy to operate with a remote pressure switch and a push-button switch. Mounting is also simple and it can be used on any rifle or scope.

The bottom line is this…

The M30C is a great choice for pro-hunters who know exactly what they are looking for.  But casual shooters looking for affordable coyote hunting lights need to look elsewhere.

7. WINDFIRE WF-802 Hunting Light

WINDFIRE WF-802 Hunting Light


  • 250 yards beam distance
  • 350 lumens output
  • One brightness mode
  • 20mm Picatinny standard rail
  • 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery


  • True green light 
  • 6061T aluminum frame
  • Red and green light options
  • Tactical pressure switch
  • A value for money pick


  • No waterproof rating
  • The beam is narrow
  • Accessories aren’t the best

The Windfire WF-802 is a cheap hunting light that comes without any bells or whistles. What you get is a basic light that throws a bright beam.

The overall build quality is good with a metal frame and it’s marked as waterproof. However, there’s no waterproof rating. 

Not that we were expecting any at this price point.

Also, it’s slightly heavier than the other products in this category.

Note, there’s only a single mode for the LED. The brightness level is good and it’s very effective spotting animals within 150 yards. 

Beyond that, the light loses its intensity to some extent. The quality of the optics is good but not great. 

For what it’s worth, we were impressed by the battery life. But not so much with the quality of the included charger. Operation is simple through an on/off push button switch. You can also use the included pressure switch if required.

What makes this a good choice among the other green night hunting lights is the great price to performance ratio. 

If you are a casual hunter and don’t bother about long-distance shooting, it offers the right bang for your buck.

8. Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Gun Light Kit

Predator Tactics Coyote Reaper Hunting Gun Light Kit


  • 4 LED options
  • 600 lumens green light
  • Maximum 500 yards range
  • 850 nm Infrared Emitter
  • 26-650 lithium-ion battery
  • 0.5-pound weight


  • Excellent beam intensity
  • A versatile design
  • Universal rail mount
  • Rubber halo shield
  • Silent intensity control switch


  • It is pricey
  • Low battery life

Predator has marked this model as a complete hunting light kit. There are plenty of accessories supplied with this. These include a  vehicle and wall charger, a carry case, and universal scope mount.

The aluminum alloy construction comes with a matte back finish. It feels solid and is shockproof as well as waterproof. Predator doesn’t mention any IP rating but offers a life-time warranty on the shell.

When it comes to beam intensity and range, this is one of the best options you can pick. You can swap between red, green, white, and amber LEDs.

The IR emitter can be used with generation 1 & 2 thermal scopes. With so many options, it’s an extremely versatile hunting light.

We got 500 yards of beam throw with the green light. It goes down to 400 yards with the red LED. We have to say, the effective range is one of the best in class. Besides, you can also adjust the focus as needed.

Another feature is the intensity control switch. You can easily adjust the light intensity between 0% to 100%.

Other than that, there is a special halo control shield. That helps to cut out the halo while using the spotlight. You also get a universal scope mount as well as a rail mount with it. That allows it to be fixed to a scope or a gun rail.

On the downside, the battery performance isn’t the best. It can last anywhere between 1.5 to 3 hours depending on the intensity levels. Also, changing LEDs might be a hassle for some hunters.

Considering the high price, the Coyote Reaper isn’t the best choice for budget hunters. But those with the budget will find it a real game-changer among night hunting scopes.

9. LUMENSHOOTER A8Plus Light Kit



  • Cree XP-E2
  • Osram IR 850nm
  • 350 yards range with green light
  • Single brightness setting
  • 2 x 18650 battery


  • A versatile light
  • Affordable price tag
  • High-quality LEDs
  • Detailed instructions
  • Quick releases scope mount


  • LEDs need to be changed manually
  • Only one mode
  • No zoom-in feature

What makes this light from Lumenshooter special is the interchangeable LED module. There are four different LEDs, green, red, white, and infrared, that you can use. 

As a result, it’s one of the most versatile predator hunting lights with an affordable price tag.

And the best part is…

The interface is tool-free. So changing the bulbs is pretty simple. The added advantage is, you can also use it with infrared scopes.

Both the green and white lights worked well within 125 yards. The red light is best used within 100 yards.

The optics aren’t top-notch and the hotspot isn’t the best. Then again, you can’t expect premium quality at this price point.

The batteries hold a charge quite well. You get more than three hours of run time with moderate use.

The next thing we noted was the good build quality. With an aluminum alloy body, it feels durable. It’s also marked as rainproof.

It also comes with a quick-release universal scope mount. That makes it easy to mount on various scopes.

Now, some hunters may not want the extra trouble of changing LEDs. For others, this is a light worth checking out.

10. Fyland Tactical Green  Flashlight

Fyland Tactical Green  Flashlight


  • Cree XP-E2 green light
  • 350-lumen brightness
  • 350 yards range 
  • Single-mode operation
  • 1 x 18650 battery


  • 100% pure green light
  • Affordable price tag
  • High-quality LEDs
  • Universal Picatinny rail mount
  • Includes a backup battery


  • The location of the remote pressure switch
  • A short charging cable
  • No zoom-in feature

The Fyland flashlight is another combination of a budget-friendly price and an ultra-bright LED.

In terms of build quality, it checks the right boxes. The frame is made from aluminum alloy and is slip-resistant. Then again, it also has an IPX6 waterproof rating.

So using it in harsh conditions isn’t an issue.

Next, the brightness is excellent. You can use it confidently within a range of 100 to 125 yards.

Most of all, the battery life is one of the best in this category. You get more than 5 hours of light with a full charge.

Note, the batteries did get hot after prolonged use. But we didn’t think it’s a cause of concern.

It also comes with plenty of accessories including the remote pressure switch. However, the location of the switch isn’t convenient. But that can be solved by some adhesive tape or a piece of velcro.

The Picatinny rail mount is a good addition, but we don’t expect it to be long-lasting.

Admittedly, this light is limited in terms of features. But when it comes to the basics like light intensity and battery life, it shines.

Overall, it’s another good option for budget hunters.

Guide to Buying the Best Hunting Lights

The purpose of the best night hunting lights is to light up your target in the best possible way. Even if you are a seasoned hunter, poor lighting can affect your ability to hit the target.

But selecting the right one out of multiple options can be challenging.

So, we have listed the main points that you need to keep in mind.

The Beam Profile

Without a doubt, the light beam is the most important part of hunting lights. Basically, beam profiles can be classified as spot beams or flood beams. 

In general, a larger beam angle in floodlights makes the light spread over a larger area. Light intensity at the edges of the beam will be more than 50% less than that in the center. So, it’s best to look for a focused spot beam that has good intensity and can travel a large distance.

A long beam is important while scanning for the prey over larger distances. A range of 200 to 300 yards is good enough for most hunts. Mostly, the effective viewing distance, i.e. the distance at which you can clearly recognize the prey, is much lesser than the maximum beam range.

At the same time, a lot of brightness may not be a good choice at all times. More so while hunting animals that get scared easily. So picking a hunting light with adjustable beam intensity is always a better choice. Using a lower intensity beam will also maximize the battery output.

The Right Color

Do you know that hogs have dichromacy? That means that they have only two types of cone cells in their eyes instead of three.

How does that matter?

Actually, they have difficulty in perceiving lights with longer wavelengths. For example, the wavelength of green light is around 540nm whereas that of red light is between 620 to 750 nm. 

Point to be noted– scientifically, red is the best color for hog hunting lights. However, many hunters prefer green light which is easier for humans to perceive. Red light gets absorbed by the surrounding vegetation more easily, making it difficult to see. Many other hunters also swear by natural white light.

Colored LEDs are the best choice for red and green lights. However, some affordable hunting lights also come with colored filters that are easy to use. Another important point is, these lights also help to preserve your night vision.

Durable and Weatherproof 

When you’re out there in the wilderness, you need a light that’s durable enough to withstand drops and knocks. Most hunting lights come with an aluminum alloy frame that’s light in weight but sufficiently durable. A few others have an anodized finish for further resistance to scratches and knicks.

Beyond that, the light needs to be resistant to water. Top-grade products come with an IP rating, to prevent the ingress of water and dust. 

The fact is, the best predator hunting lights are the ones that you can use all-round the year. Heat, rain, or snow should not affect the performance in any way.

Note, durability shouldn’t come at the expense of weight. A heavy light can throw your rifle off-balance and slow down your movements. We think that gun-mounted predator hunting lights should be lower than 1.5 pounds in weight.

The Design

The type of coon hunting lights you can choose depends on personal preferences and also on the hunting style. While most of these lights use LEDs, they have different mounting styles.

Most hunters prefer scope or gun-mounted predator hunting lights. However, they can also be mounted on vehicles or can be handheld. In addition, there are also lights mounted on headlamps- a hands-free option. That also allows you to view in any direction, without having to point your gun.

What about handheld hunting lights?

They can be very powerful with long ranges. But the fact is, they are best when you are hunting with a partner. In practice, they are difficult to use while shooting.

To maximize the portability and comfort levels, a compact and lightweight model is the best choice. Most of the weapon-mounted models come with rail or barrel mounting features for greater ease of use. 

These lights also need to be impact resistant for withstanding the weapon recoil. The downside is, compared to the handheld models, the battery life is limited.

Battery Life

Imagine this…

You have been out in the wilderness all night waiting for the prey. Just before dawn, you spot the target, but the battery in your light runs out,

Frustrating, isn’t it?

So power supply is one aspect of a hunting light that can’t be ignored. Moreover, being alone in the darkness without light can also be a risk to your safety. It’s best to use lights for hog hunting that come with longer battery life.

Make sure to balance the battery life with the overall weight of the device. The best way is to carry backup batteries that can be used when needed.

Hunting Lights FAQs

What color light is best for night hunting?

We have already discussed that red light is the best choice when it comes to hunting hogs and other animals. Within distances between 100 to 150 yards, a green light is also a good option. It’s brighter than red light but much less bright than white light. But when you are hunting at larger ranges, white light is the best choice.

How much brightness is sufficient for hunting lights?

In reality, the brightness is not just about the light output in lumens. It also depends on the ability of the lens to focus the beam. Two hunting lights of the same intensity can generate different types of lights depending on the quality of the optics.

With the advancement of LED technology lights delivering over 1000 lumens are available in the market. For hunting, a flashlight with a range between 250 to 500 lumens will be good enough. For long-range shooting, you can look between 600 to 1000 lumens. If you pick hog hunting lights with variable intensity, you get a lot of flexibility to optimize the performance.

What is the difference between lumens and LED wattage?

The thing is, lumens indicate the total light that the bulb emits. On the other hand, the figure in watts indicates the total power consumed by the bulb. The power consumption depends on the bulb technology. For example, a 9 Watt LED bulb will consume less power than a 60 Watt incandescent bulb. But the LED can be much brighter in terms of light output.

Once you have decided the number of lumens you need, you can compare the wattage to pick the most power-efficient bulb.

What are the common beam types in hunting lights?

For flashlights, there are three different beam types determined by the reflector that surrounds the lens.

Flood Beam: This is also termed a fixed beam. The larger beam angle covers a wide area, making it a good choice for hiking or as a work-light.

Spot Beam: This is a narrow beam with a beam angle of around 45 degrees or less. It can penetrate through longer distances in complete darkness. Spot beams are best for highlighting a particular area or your target. 

Adjustable Beam: In these beams, the beam angle can be adjusted from wide to narrow. This makes them a versatile option for a wide range of activities.


That completes it.

We have listed the top ten wicked hunting lights along with a comprehensive buying guide for you.

So which is the best one for you? 

To make choosing easy, we have classified each of the lights depending on their best feature. Out of that, here are the three best options.

As our Top Pick, we have the Nitecore P30. Excellent optical performance and great features make this ideal for serious hunters.

The Vastfire hunting light emerged as the Best Value Choice. Quite simply, it’s one of the brightest and most reliable lights in the affordable category.

The Streamlight TLR-1 HPL emerged as the Editor’s Choice in this segment. Solid build quality and top-notch brightness make it an excellent choice for pitch-black conditions.

The rest of the products are good performers in their own way. You can also check them out depending on your preferences.

Looking for something more advanced? Check out this review of the top thermal scopes that we listed out.

Now that we have provided you with the best options, it’s your call.

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