2021’s 10 Best Multifunction Process Calibrator {Editor’s Pick}

Written By Kim Goodwin

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A Multifunction calibrator is used for measuring, testing, and regulation techniques for verifying test installations and instrumentation. Most of the calibrator devices are handheld and no technician can go without a process calibrator for their fieldwork. The process calibrator is instrumental within the industrial sector; it comes with different magnitudes that should be attributed to normal measurement signals. Few of the calibrators are task-specific as it can be used in laboratories; the calibrator control unit has an easy to read display which clearly shows the temperature being verified. 

We’ve spent many hours on research to find the best calibrator; this guide is especially for those who wish to get the best process calibrator.    

Table: Top 10 Best Multifunction Calibrators

1.Fluke 754 Process Calibrator[ 5 ]
2.Fluke 726 Precision Process Calibrator[ 4.9 ]
3.PIECAL 830 Process Calibrator[ 4.8 ]
4.Fluke 753 Process Calibrator[ 4.8 ]
5.Fluke 725 Process Calibrator[ 4.7 ]
6.Fluke 725EX Process Calibrator[ 4.5 ]
7.PIECAL 820ELITE Process Calibrator[ 4.6 ]
8.PIECAL 820 Process Calibrator[ 4.5 ]
9.Extech PRC30 Process Calibrator[ 4.3 ]
10.Extech 412400 Process Calibrator[ 4.4 ]

Best Multifunction Calibrators – 10 Calibrators Reviewed

1. Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator-HART

The Fluke 754 is an excellent calibrator which can measure, configure, source, and document different process variables. It is packed with a lot of features like custom units, auto step, one point, and two points switch testing. The HART communication capability is well combined to offer an integrated communicating calibrator. It comes with a bright white dual display which helps to read both sourced and measured parameters simultaneously. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Altitude: 3000m
  • Input Voltage: 50 V DC

Powerful Calibrator

The 754 is a powerful multifunction calibrator which is ideal for calibrating, troubleshooting, and maintaining HART and other instrumentation. There is a built-in HART interface which performs day-to-day tasks perfectly with a separate communicator. Using this calibrator you can get more useful information and download lists, procedures, and instructions. 

Compact device

 With 63.35 by 136.37 by 244.96 millimeters and 1.23 kgs of battery, it proves to be a compact device. It also has a lot of advanced functions, its graphic LCD looks massive at 95 by 54 mm, and also there is a button to completely control the backlight this will help to save the battery life. 
The numeric keypad allows you to navigate the arrows and soft keys. The current and voltage buttons come handy so you can use it easily. 

I’d say that Fluke 754 is one of the best investments for a quality calibrator also it is user-friendly. It calibrates wide varieties of instruments like switches, transmitters, RTD, thermocouples, and much more that requires resistance source or voltage. 

Stand uptime

Actually, the battery life can withstand for 10 hours without any interruption thus measuring and sourcing at the same time. With this tool you can create and run automated procedures, then save the results, there are lots of custom units like auto step, square root DP flow testing and much more. 


  • Multilingual interface
  • Rugged and Reliable tool
  • Includes rechargeable Li-Ion battery


  • Has a limited memory

2. Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator

Fluke 726 is an extremely impressive product which is specially designed for the process industry that has broad workload coverage, extraordinary calibration power, and accuracy. This calibrator measures almost all the process parameters and can easily calibrate anything in your field. You no need to take a calculator in hand for measurement because the 726 will exactly interpret the results and store the measurement data for later analysis. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 650g
  • Battery life: 4AA alkaline 
  • Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Altitude: 3000m
  • Input Voltage: 24 V


This process calibrator comes with a bright backlit display so you can see the results even in the poor light. The reading will be measured in the form of mA, volts, RTDs, thermocouples, and resistance to test both sensors and transmitters. With this feature, you can store all the valid results and use them when needed. It provides an integrated pressure switch test that allows to capture the set, reset, as well as the deadband of the switch. 

Enhanced measurement 

Fluke 726 is a safe rated calibrator which has a custom RTD probe calibration just for obtaining the enhanced temperature measurement. There is a voltage input protection design; the main purpose of this design is to improve reliability. Also, there are advanced features like frequency totalizer and frequency pulse train source mode for flowmeter testing. 

The Fluke 726 multifunction calibrator delivers an accurate measurement and calibration source performance of 0.01%. It comes with two separate channels so it’s quite easy to measure, source, and view process signals adequately.

Memory Storage 

It stores up to 8 calibration results also the device returns the stored data for later analysis. The power transmitters use 24V loop supply for testing and simultaneously perform the mA measurement. It performs the calculation faster with the help of auto step and auto ramp features.


  • Precise measurement
  • Bright backlit display
  • Easy to use calibrator


  • Not much powerful

3. PIECAL 830 Multi-function Process Calibrator

The Piecal 830 Multifunction calibrator is small and easy to use calibrators which has a lot of advanced features within a single package. With this calibrator, you can measure temperature sensors, loop currents, voltage levels, frequency pickups & pressures. It quickly set three outputs plus automatic stepping & ramping. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 12.1 ounces
  • Battery life: 4AA alkaline 
  • Temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Altitude: 0.0 to 24.000 mA
  • Input Voltage: -30 to 60°C


The display will show you the exact sensor input, the current output and detects if there is any uncontrolled current in the loop because of ground failure, Corrosion Bridge or moisture. But this calibrator easily detects the hidden problems with patented Loop Diagnostic technology, with this feature you can identify the issues and check it out. This pocket-sized calibrator replaces the toolbox of single-function devices, dual channels allows for use of 1 calibrator. 


This calibrator checks all the loop parameters and simultaneously displays current, voltage and resistance to know about the condition of loop, it also identifies the issues with power supplies as well as loops with too many loads. It can automatically detect 2, 3, or 4 wires RTD’s and troubleshoot the sensor connections to find the broken wires with patented technology; the LCD screen indicates which of the four wires are connected to RTD sensor.

It is one of the technician’s friendly calibrator that comes with an intuitive EZ- DIAL double click menu which helps for easy installation. It is an isolated universal transmitter which can detect the common problems that other testers can’t find.

Swap out feature

As it is a universal transmitter for temperature, frequency, and pressure or millivolt you can easily set up the calibrator. If the loop is under your control then you may know that the transmitter is faulty, to avoid the issue turn on the Loopscope.


  • Evolutionary design
  • Easy to use
  • Detect hidden loop problems


  • Little tough to set up

4. Fluke 753 Documenting Process Calibrator

The Fluke 753 is one of the powerful multifunction calibrators which does the work of several tools like simulating, sourcing, and measuring temperature, pressure as well as electric signals within a handheld device. It has an easy to use multi-lingual interface; there are lots of advanced features like square root DP flow testing, auto step, custom units, one point or two-point switch testing and much more. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Altitude: 3000m
  • Input Voltage: -30 to 60°C

Two-way communication 

The Fluke 753 has a USB interface and a USB communication cable which supports two-way communication with DPC Track2 and other instrumentation management applications. It is a multifunction documenting calibrator that allows downloading lists, procedures, and instructions which are created with software or uploads data for printing, analysis, and archiving. 


It has a bright white dual display which is used for reading both sourced and measured parameters, this calibrator offers compatibility with DPC track2 and many other packages. With this feature, you can create and run automated procedures just to satisfy quality programs and record the document results. 

As we’ve seen above that this calibrator is a powerful tool which provides a lot of advanced features for you, so there is no need for a calculator or any other gadgets to do the measurements. Also, it has a longer battery life which is another special feature of Fluke 753 calibrator.

Hand-held Calibration tool

This hand-held calibration tool measures and sources pressure using Fluke 700Pxx modules, it is capable of measuring mA, volts, thermocouples, frequency, ohms to test all the transmitters and other instruments. The new improved graphical screen offers a lot of benefits; also it has Li-on battery longer life, USB port to complete the package. 


  • Rugged, hand-held device
  • Bright white dual display
  • Longer battery life


  • Not compatible with all packages

5. Fluke 725 Multifunction Process Calibrator

The Fluke 725 Process calibrator is simply powerful as it is equipped to test and calibrate almost all the process parameters. Are you looking for the best tool to calibrate transmitters? Then I’d say that Fluke 725’s split display allows viewing the input and output values simultaneously. It’s an easy to use field calibrator so you can make use of source functions to test and calibrate any process parameter. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 0.65 kg
  • Battery life: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Temperature: -10 to +55°C
  • Altitude: 30.000V
  • Input Voltage: 3000m

Simple Controls 

Fluke 725 is designed with simple controls, without menus just to make the operation easy. The small, streamlined shape makes it very easy to carry. With this equipment you can source mA while measuring pressure, it’s possible when you perform a valve and I/P tests. It has auto stepping and auto ramping feature for remote testing also 25% stepping for fast linearity tests.

Backlit display

The vibrant backlit display allows you to see the results even in case of poor light conditions. The device can measure/source pressure with the help of 29 Fluke 700xx pressure modules, also source mA with simultaneous pressure measurement to conduct valve and I/P tests. It is capable of handling the fast pulsed RTD transmitters and PLC’s with pulses shorter than 10ms.

Fluke 725 measures volts, mA, frequency, thermocouples; RTD’s to test sensors and transmitters, it supports flow meter testing with frequency and CPM functions. The power transmitters use a loop supply during the test with simultaneous mA measurement.


The frequency ranges from 2.0 to 1000.0 CPM and the sensitivity is from 1V peak to peak minimum, accuracy has a range of 0.025% different modules are available for vacuum, differential gauge, absolute, dual and high pressure.


  • Reliable design
  • Supports flow meter testing
  • Have simple controls


  • Not very accurate

6. Fluke 725EX Intrinsically Safe Multi-Function Process Calibrator

Fluke 725EX is one of the safe multifunction process calibrators which is mostly used in explosion endangered areas. The 725EX has simple controls, without menus so you can operate easily. It can process almost all parameters including volts, frequency, ohms, pressure, thermocouples, and using optional pressure modules. If you’re looking for the best multi-function process calibrator then this would be an excellent choice. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 0.85kg
  • Battery life: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Size: 130 x 236 x 61mm
  • Voltage: 30.000V
  • Current: 24.000 mA

Powerful Calibrator

It is powerful yet easy to use, the slit display allows to input and output the values simultaneously to calibrate transmitters. If you need to perform valve and I/P tests then you can source mA while measuring pressure. There is a pressure switch test function just to set, capture, reset, and deadband the values. 


The power transmitters use loop supply during the test and stores all the frequently used setups for later use. The 755EX is designed with auto stepping and auto ramping for remote testing and has 25% extra for fast linearity tests. It measures the pressure to 3000psi or 200 bar using the Fluke 700pEX modules for calibrating pressure transmitters and I/P devices. 

You can use this tool in a potentially explosive atmosphere which has two simultaneous channels which have the source and measure capability for calibration of transmitters. Its compact size allows you to carry anywhere.


The accuracy level of this calibrator ranges from 0.025% by using 8 intrinsic safe pressure modules; different types of modules are available for differential, vacuum, gauge, absolute, dual and high pressure. The voltage level ranges from 30V of 0.02% plus 2 counts (upper display), for lower display it ranges from 10V of 0.02 plus 2 counts. 


  • Simple, push-button user interface
  • Powerful tool
  • Rugged design


  • Tough to use in the field

7. PIECAL 820ELITE Multifunction Diagnostic Process Calibrator

The Piecal 820 is designed with a lot of advanced features which are ease of use, accuracy, signal compatibility, and the compact size these make it as one of the best value multifunction calibrator on the market today. It has higher resolution, more ranges, and standard lab accuracy makes it the greatest performing calibrators.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 12.1 Ounces
  • Battery life: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Temperature: -20 to 60°C
  • Resolution: 0.00 to 24.00 mA
  • Display: 0.315” (8.0 mm)

LED lights 

The Piecal 820 Elite Multifunction calibrator has auto storing Min/Max readings as well as three output set points for fast calibration of zero, midpoint, and span. A LED light flashes green for frequency sync and glows red light for invalid signal conditions and signal overload. There is an intuitive EZ-Dial double click menu which makes it simpler to set up than larger calibrators. 

Loop functions

The Piecal 820 Multi-function calibrator is compatible which combines all milliamp loop functions and sources for reading DC volts and mill volts, 9 RTD curves, ohms, and process frequency signals. If you need to troubleshoot connections then it has a continuity tester with the tone, advanced features include the automatic detection of 2, 3, and 4 RTD’s with automatic ramping and stepping. 

These calibrator measure temperature sensors, frequency pickups, voltage levels, as well as loop currents, thermocouple & RTD ranges with 0.1-degree resolution and better accuracy. It easily simulates pH probes into transmitters and analyzers.


This calibrator works with thermocouple types which are J,K,T,E,R, S,B,N,G,D,L, U (T DIN) and P (Platinel II). It comes with RTD types Pt 100 ohm (3850, 3902, 3916, and 3926) & 1000 ohm (3850). Piecal 820 power up the transmitters and loops with built-in 24V supply. 


  • Calibrate directly in temperature
  • Larger display with backlit
  • Can be used as a voltage calibrator



8. PIECAL 820 Multi-function Process Calibrator

The Piecal 820 stands unique from other brands by including a backlit display with larger digits, higher accuracy, rubber boot and many other ranges for flexibility. This is the best value multifunction calibrator which combines the signal compatibility, ease of use, accuracy, and compact size just to make the calibration process easier. It’s quite easy to carry this calibrator wherever you go. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 0.85kg
  • Battery life: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Size:130 x 236 x 61mm
  • Voltage: 30.000V
  • Current: 24.000 mA

Easy to Use

With the Piecal 820, you can check and measure all the necessary current signal instruments in a 4 to 20 milliamp DC loop. You can use at any access point in your loop, it also simulates a 2 wire transmitter or just make use of your Piecal 820 to power and then measure its output. This technician friendly calibrator is all about ease of use; also it is simpler to set up than larger calibrators. 

Calibrate using loop power

It can calibrate recorders, stroke values, digital indicators or any instrument that receive an input from a 4 to 20 mA loop. It also checks the controller outputs or measures the milliamp signal anywhere in the loop. Piecal 820 measures 0.00 to 24.00 mA signals with greater accuracy than a multimeter. There is a green LED that flashes in sync with the output frequency.

Using this calibrator you can quickly set any three outputs plus automatic stepping and ramping, it measures temperature sensors, loop currents, frequency pickups as well as voltage levels. This calibrator solves and detects all the problems.

Thermocouple Calibrator 

The Piecal 820 easily troubleshoot sensor connections and find the broken wires for that just connect thermocouple with a small thermocouple connector which measures in degrees C or F. 


  • Great Accuracy
  • Signal compatibility
  • Compact size


  • Battery life is short

9. Extech PRC30 Multifunction Process Calibrator

The Extech PRC30 Multifunction calibrator features 24V loop power, also has five user adjustable calibration presets, and the temperature output in Celsius, Fahrenheit, and millivolts. It displays output in terms of millivolts or temperature based on thermocouple tables. This device provides precision sourcing and measurements for current, voltage, and thermocouples (eight types). 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 0.85kg
  • Battery life: 4 AA Alkaline
  • Loop Power:24 V
  • Temperature: -10 to 60 mV
  • Current: 0 to 24mA

Backlit LCD

This calibrator has a palm-sized double molded housing and comes with a large dot-matrix backlit LCD. You can view the calculations in the LCD screen and process the signals; this high accuracy calibration function produces precise thermocouple outputs for use in calibrating controllers, transmitters, or recorders. 

Some of the Applications of Extech PRC30

· Field test and service
· Temperature control process Troubleshooting
· Process device calibration and simulation: Controllers, Recorders, Transmitters, Indicators, and Transducers
· Lab and Field Calibration of sensors, Thermocouple probes, panel meters, and testing tools

It provides high accuracy calibration function and has a standard banana I/O ports plus mini thermocouple connector. Using this handheld device you can measure the exact readings and produce the output.


It has a larger battery bank so that you need not worry about using for a long time; this calibrator has an extended work cycle. There is zero adjustments and auto-zero this can be useful when power is on and change mode. You’ll get an external power adapter with this package for a continuous work cycle. There is 100-240V AC universal adapter with 4 plugs for secure connection while the device is on. 


  • High accuracy calibration
  • Large battery bank
  • Five adjustable calibrations presets


  • Doesn’t produce precise results

10. Extech 412400 Multifunction Process Calibrator

The Extech 412400 Multifunction calibrator is one of the best equipment which sources and measures for thermocouple, mA, mV, and V devices. It is capable of measuring the source current, voltage, and thermocouple temperature signals. In Source/Measure mode, the meter can power and measure with 24Vdc loop power. 

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Weight: 12oz
  • Battery life: 6 AA 
  • Output:0 to 10.00V
  • Voltage: 0 to 24mA
  • Power: 24V

Memory locations

This calibrator comes with five memory locations for each calibration function which is used to provide stepped outputs automatically. When you switch to automatic mode, the outputs can be programmed to run continuously or in single-shot mode. It is designed with a convenient flip-up display with neck strap just for hands-free operation and runs on battery power or from AC adapter. 

Power Supply

The 412400 calibrator has a self-contained 24V loop power supply which drives the current loads up to 1000ohm. It has memory for 5 user-settable values of each type of fast calibrations. There are six complete AA batteries as well as calibration cable with spade lug terminals for offering the long-lasting stand uptime. 

There is single/ continuous step function for voltage and current, with this feature you can measure the readings easily, you can select the type K, J, or T thermocouple for precision calibrations in F, C or mV.


You can use the power button to turn the unit on or off, as soon as the unit is switched on, a short self-test will appear on the screen after which the LCD will stabilize. After switched on just connect the signal to be measured to the input jacks for current and voltage.   


  • Fives stored Calibration values
  • Excellent resolution
  • Measure 0 to 19.99V


  • Doesn’t produce precise results

Final Words 

All the above-mentioned products are the best calibrators in the market today; choose the one that suits you. With these calibrators, you can measure the source, voltage, and temperature readings precisely. 

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