EOTech MTM-PI Thermal Imaging Monocular Review

Written By Annalena Wood

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The EOTech thermal night vision devices are the most popular type of gears which can be used both at day and night time. All the products from EOTech will be equipped with the latest technology and precise control system. They have more than 40 years of experience in producing the most advanced and reliable electro-optical products.

One of the major key features of this thermal monocular is that the technology relies on infrared light emissions so the device can easily detect humans, animals, and even vehicles at great distances.

The EOTech MTM-PI thermal monocular identifies the target by smoothly detecting the heat signatures in your surroundings at any time no matter whether it is dawn or dusk. To know more about the equipment let’s move into the detailed review further.

EOTech MTM-PI Thermal Imaging Monocular


The resolution of EOTech Thermal imaging monocular is 320 x 240 pixels which are good enough for targeting the object and fixing the focus perfectly. If the pixel ranges are high the images will be clear even if the object is not very closer to the viewpoint. The 60hz frame rate is a good rate as it detects the target and picturizes very clearly for the users.


The lens is the most significant aspect of any thermal monocular, without lens nothing is possible for shooters, hunters, and other users. If the lens is fitted perfectly with a good range then what else to wait for? Just move forward and get the rocking experience. Here the EOTech MTM monocular has a 1x, 19mm lens system which is great and if you use it properly then there are a lot of benefits for you.

Detection Range

We all know that even if the object is distant it can be focused and spotted in our monocular, so with that feature the target can be easily achieved. But some of the monoculars come with extra points to spot the target easily and capture the images or record the videos simultaneously.

The EOTech MTM-PI Thermal monocular has a detection range of 450 meters so if the target is far away from 450 m it can be shown as closer to you for better results, thus your intention will come to the good end.

LCD Screen

It comes with an LCD screen for a larger viewing area with that you can be able to see what’s happening. This is optional so if you need just connect it through a projector and view on the LCD screen. Additionally, it comes with an optional 3X extender lens for increased performance.

IR or Visible Laser Pointer

It is available with either IR or visible laser pointer, the IR pointer will help you to see objects even at dark time. Mostly the hunters will go for the hunt at nights so this feature could be helpful for all the professionals. During the hunt, you can capture images or record videos with the help of record option and there is an optional cable that enables you to snap, download, and store hundreds of thermal images.

These laser pointers allow high-resolution observation as well as the target identification even if there is no light or low light. This monocular amplifies ambient light and it can be used during the daytime.


The EOTech MTM-PI thermal imager is not very heavy to carry so that I’m sure that this could be an amazing gear for your adventurous experience. It delivers an excellent thermal imaging capability which helps you to seek out the target quickly and effectively. This thermal imager has an ergonomic design which is both handheld or tripod mountable that features an integrated laser pointer.

In this video, it’s very clear that if you use this thermal product for nighttime it can definitely serve you the best experience. The roads are very clear to the viewpoint and the opposite cars are also visible to the eyes with the help of this thermal device.

All the MTM series have the capability of viewing at dark due to its night vision mode. So have it handy wherever you go for a hunt and enjoy its benefits.

Wrapping Up

I’m sure that you’d be clear about this EOTech MTM Thermal imaging monocular through this review. Before investing in a monocular or any other night vision devices just know its specs, benefits, and features. Make a worthy purchase and use it for a long time.

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