EOTech MTM-V2 Mini-Thermal Monocular Review

Written By Annalena Wood

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As we all know that thermal monoculars are fast becoming the most popular night optic, this single eye unit is the versatile device of all other nighttime devices. You can simply attach it to the rifle and can be mounted in front of a red dot sight that is night vision compatible such as EOTech’s.

It’s quite easy to fit in the pocket and can switch back and forth between your eyes to have the best experience. In this review let’s deeply research about the specs and features of EOTech MTM Thermal monocular.

EOTech MTM-V2 Mini-Thermal Monocular

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • Battery Life: 4 hours
  • Weight: 11.5oz
  • Waterproof: Up to 3′
  • Stationary Detection Range: 400m
  • Mobile Detection Range: 500m


This thermal monocular is handheld and lightweight so that you can carry it wherever you go for hunting wildlife or any other adventure. Due to its long detection range, the target can be easily spotted and captured. The images you take or video you record will be crystal clear so that it can be even helpful for future use.


The zooming range is 2x which is better for viewing the target and fixing the point from wherever you are. Even though you zoom the lens to maximum it will not affect the clarity of the image or video, only the high-quality images will be produced. The adjustable focus is another added advantage for this mini thermal monocular, it’s not necessary to change the focus point because the automatic focus in this system will do that job perfectly.

Facial Recognition

The EOTech mini thermal monocular can recognize an object by focusing the face, the scope will mark the focus point on the face. With this added feature most of the professionals would feel easy and free to access the monocular. Facial recognition has been used in various fields including military, commercial, government sectors, etc.

Visual Laser

With the help of visual and IR marking laser, the shooters can maximize the lens and zoom on their target easily. Most of the hunts will happen during the night time so to enhance the visibility the visual laser has been fixed to the mini thermal monocular. The IR laser will help you to move confidently in the dark and show the target clearly to the vision, without these amazing features the EOTech mini thermal monocular could not be the demanding product in the market.

Additional Features

With all the above essential features there are some other interesting things which are included in this box which are USB download cable, helmet mount, and night vision filter. If you’re in the middle of the forest then it’s essential to have safety equipment so there’s nothing to worry about that because all those gears are attached to this package. The battery life will extend up to 4 hours so you can go free.

Wrapping up

Get the best thermal monocular after reading our detailed review and have the best experience in your adventurous life. Make a worthy purchase and fulfill all your hunting needs.

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