Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binding Machine Review

Fellowes Thermal Binding Machine

A Thermal Binding machine is a long-lasting and durable form of binding, and it can bind various documents in one minute. The glue utilized to seal the spine makes your papers very clean and gives a professional look. However, adding or removing pages is not so easy, and it is feasible by re-heating the spine.

Thermal binding is fast, easy to use binding method that provides clean and professional documents. It is the perfect choice for large presentations, textbooks, or annual reports.

As the covers spike passionately, the binding agent in the spine becomes enough to clear the sides. When breezy, the binding becomes part of the page, which ensures a strong connection. There is no puncture or difficulty within the layer coils or combs.

The maximum heating rates are 45 to 120 seconds. Machines can produce more than a few pieces of art at a time. This innovative type of organization is one of the best and most desirable options for binding our credentials.

If you are looking for a thermal binding machine that professionally binds documents or something, then Fellowes Binding Machine Helios 30 Thermal is the best choice.

Fellowes is one of the most popular brand names around the office and ranging from laminators, shredders, mouse pads to the wire, comb, or thermal binders. The Fellowes Helios 60 is one of their new extensions to the office environment, and it is quickly gaining in popularity. It produces excellent results in a short time with minimal effort.

Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binding Machine



Brand Fellowes
Weight 7.95 pounds
Dimensions 9.4 x 20.9 x 3.9 inches
Size Helios 30
Color Charcoal Metallic/Silver

The Fellowes Binding Machine Helios 30 Thermal produces an easy and quick way to bind presentations up to 300 sheets. Thermal binding is the easiest way to create professionally confined documents. It is suitable for use in offices, homes, or schools.

The Fellowes Helios 30 thermal binding machine is an attractive, compact, and user-friendly device, moreover features an easy-to-use control panel. The machine can be folded flat for easy storage after the binding process.

This device utilizes special thermal binding cards with glue on the spine that is related to glue of hot glue gun.

The Helios 30 warms up the heating element when plugged in, and this whole process takes one to three minutes. You can take your report or paperwork and put it on a thermal binding cover when the engine warms up.

The cover is placed in the machine when warmed up. Next, the device warms up the cover to lay the melted glue on it. Then, the glue soaks into the back of the paper as expected. This process takes just a minute, and later the glue cools down, then the cover can be removed. The document is bound if the glue solidified.

Modern design:

The Helios 30 thermal binding machine’s sleek and new design allows it to suit any office or home setting. It can be easily transported or stored with the ability to fold flat.

This device also comes with an LED control panel, auto shut-off to overheating protection or accidental burns, and document thickness detectors. The audio and visual indicators signal you when the device is ready for work, as well as when the process is completed.

Heatshield technology:

The built-in heatshield technology allows the interior of this thermal binding machine to stay warm, melt the glue but stay cool on the outside. It’s safe, not to mention that you don’t want to use a heat-radiating machine all day.


If the maximum width is 3 cm, the thermal binding machine can bind the documents up to 300 sheets.

It takes three minutes for the machine to expand and heat up to bind the paper, which is “satisfying” related to other devices.
Still, the time needed to bind the manual document is 60 seconds, which is less than other devices.

Moreover, the integrated holder helps to hold the binding folder well at the beginning, and the binding result is very great to provide a professional look.

The folder should cool another 60 seconds after the binding process. But, the holder equipped for this design can only support DIN-A4-sized documents, not smaller documents.


The small performance instructions assigned to the tool are very easy to implement and easy to understand.

Also, this Helios 30 thermal binding machine has an internal timer, which automatically turns off the tool if not utilized for 30 minutes.

The Internal clamps of this device hold documents in place without moving during the thermal binding process.
The Helios 60 thermal binding machine is recommended for binding folders about 600 pages / 6 cm thick.

Highlights Of Fellowes Helios Series Binding Machine

  • Binds up to 300 sheets
  • 1-3 minute thermal binding cycle
  • Auto shut-off safety feature
  • LED control panel
  • Heatshield safety barrier

Safety tips:

It’s recommended to be cautious when setting up and using your thermal binding machine to avoid accidental damage.

Ensure to use the following safety tips:

  • Always keep the covers closed whenever you’re not using the device
  • Before you start punching, ensure to remove the staples and other metals from the sheets
  • If you do not plan to use it long enough, unplug the machine from the socket
  • Keep the engine away from dirt, water, or heat sources
  • Do not forget to place your fingers where you are not injured during the binding process
  • Place your binding machine apart from children
  • If you ever encounter a problem with the machine consult the technician
Pros Cons
» Binds multiple documents
» Folds flat for storage
» High performance
» Ideal for medium work
» Lightweight and simple to use
» Relatively slow warm-up
» Not suitable for long-term binding

Final words:

Thermal bindings look professional compared to other types of bindings such as wire binding, channel binding, coil binding, and comb binding. This is the easiest way to bind documents in a short time. Depending on the type of work, you will need to sample out the betting device for you. Moreover, a binding machine is quite an expensive machine and investing wisely is advisable.

If you need a very simple, affordable binding machine, the Fellowes Helios 30 is one that will be a great asset to your office or home business. It is also a great option for school reports.

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