FLIR LSX Thermal Imaging Monocular Review

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Since the early 2000s, manufacturers have been increasingly involved in the manufacture of optical devices such as spotting scopes and night vision gears.

In the late 2000s, due to advances in technology and an increase in demand, they began to promote thermal imaging products like binoculars, laser, cameras, clip-on systems, goggles, scopes, and much more.

Initially, these thermal imaging devices are utilized only by Government and Private security agencies for safety, surveillance, and rescue applications.

After that, these devices are provided for civilian usage with added features and affordable price.

Nowadays people use thermal equipment for several professional and semi-professional applications like shooting, hunting, surveillance, military training, home inspection, rescue missions, wildlife detection, industrial testing, leak detection, and personal safety purpose.

Here I’ve delivered a comprehensive review of FLIR LSX Thermal Imaging Monocular that is the second model from FLIR’s LS Series.

It’s time to dive into the review.

FLIR LSX Thermal Imaging Monocular


The LS-Series is made with the intention of ensuring that you will have a quality product with plenty of aspects that suits your needs.

It allows the user to finely detect the target under any circumstances and quickly reach out to the target without any hassle.

This LS-Series, a blend of enriched thermal sensor and all of the upgraded features, actually provides an excellent experience in the field of hunting and surveillance.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Dimensions: 6.70″ x 2.31″ x 2.44″ Field of View: 17° x 13° NTSC
  • Sensor Resolution: 320 X 240 pxl Detector Type: VOx Microbolometer
  • Display Resolution: 640 X 480 pxl Laser: Red Laser Pointer
  • Display Type: LCD Display Polarity: BlackHot/WhiteHot/InstAlert
  • Magnification Range: 4X Video Refresh Rate: < 9Hz or 60 Hz
  • Thermal Sensitivity: < 50 mK @ 4X f/1.0 Digital Zoom: 2X and
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 19 mm Detection Range: 570 meters
  • Waveband: 7.5 – 13.5 µm


The LSX Thermal Monocular is constructed with tough and sturdy materials with quality housing, to ensure the ruggedness of the device.

And the outer body is built with waterproof materials that block the entry of water and other debris to protect the monocular from corrosion.

Not only that but also it comes with a shockproof aspect, thus the thermal device won’t damage even if it falls from 3 feet.

Due to the mixture of these characteristics, you can detect even in any kind of weather, terrain, peripheral, and field.

All the components fitted in this mononuclear have very low weight and compact structure, which makes it an ultra-lightweight and handheld thermal monocular.

Because of this compactness, you can carry this monocular in your pocket and you can use it with a single hand (you won’t get pain).

Thermal Sensor

Around 96% of hunters, and experts in the field of tactics, use thermal products to catch the target.

This is because thermal technology devices have the ability to detect a target even in low visibility or pitch darkness than night vision technology.

To deliver a clear image the LSX tactical handheld monocular is equipped with a quality thermal sensor with a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels.

And it comes with a thermal sensitivity range of < 50 mK @ f/1.0 for offering high sensitive detection in the long-distance objects.

Furthermore, to find accurate targeting, this tactical monocular has the waveband range from 7.5 µm to 13.5 µm. Thus you can get a particular target with the aid of its movement both night and daytime.

Objective Lens System

A 19mm diameter of an objective lens designed with Germanium material is fixed with the monocular to offer a stunning visual experience.

As well as its premium-quality eye relief is equipped with rubberized materials to prevent your eyes from getting hurt while long term detection.

To get a clear view even in the bad environment that contains smoke and dust, the thermal monocular is configured with a VOx Microbolometer detector with a resolution of 336 x 256 pixels.

With this high-grade and expensive detector, the user can accurately point the target by the monocular and catch it with the help of additional devices.

Magnification Range

Often predators will keep a certain distance from wildlife to protect themselves. At that point, the monocular offers a magnification aspect to view closer the target from a long distance.

As well, FLIR LSX Thermal Monocular comes with the magnification range of 4X to allow the user to magnify from the basic level.

Furthermore, it has two different digital zooming options like 2X and 4X to view the target in any environmental conditions.

There is a red laser pointer fitted in this monocular to pinpoint the target which helps you to easily attack the prey in a dense forest.

By this, a target you decide will never be missed. Additionally, the thermal monocular is configured with standard On-Screen Symbology to deliver satisfactory performance.

Perfect Thermal Detection

The images are captured with the high resolution and along with that videos are recorded with a perfect refresh rate. The FLIR LSX model has two refresh rate range as 9Hz NTSC and 60Hz.

To detect the target in a wider area, LSX thermal monocular offers a FOV (Field of View) of 17° x 13° NTSC.

And the unit comes with three different polarity modes that are Black Hot, White Hot, and InstAlert (selectable).

This tactical thermal monocular is designed with an LCD display with a high resolution of 640 X 480 pixels.

Apart from detection, with this display, you can view the whole session of your hunting or any other work that is done with this thermal monocular.

Power and Interface

This powerful and easy to use thermal monocular is powered by the durable Lithium-Ion batteries.

With the Li-Ion cell, the monocular can continuously operate up to 5+ hours, and provide a long-lasting aspect.

Due to the combination of all the features, the user can detect the target even remotely without any difficulty, ie., it has the detection range of 570 meters.

It has the USB port and USB RCA cable with the package to transfer the NTSC composite video to another device. And this video output has the switchable option to PAL via user GUI.

Final Words

Our detailed review of FLIR LSX Compact Thermal Tactical 4x Monocular will definitely guide you to choose the best thermal monocular for your tactical and other applications.

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