FLIR TG165 Thermal Imaging Camera Review [Best for Leak Detection]

tg165 thermal camera review

Flir, the worlds leading manufacturer of thermal imaging infrared cameras has introduced another product, the TG165, it’s their pioneer product in imaging IR thermometer. When it comes to thermal imaging, Flir is unmatched. And their latest products has just cemented their position.

The TG165 is equipped with Flir’s newest innovation, the micro thermal camera which provides thermal image resolution of 80 x 60 pixels, and is only priced at $499, more than a reasonable price for the functions and reliability you’re getting from this product.

This product functions just like any other thermal imaging cameras, which is to capture the infrared that all thing exist emit. Depending on how hot the target is, the infrared becomes stronger – so by just looking at the intensity of the infrared, you will have a rough idea of what the temperature of that thing is.

With an IR thermometer, you don’t even have to be in contact with the target to get a reading of its temperature, while thermal imaging on the other hand will show you how much the environment affects the target’s temperature.

One example would be, an IR thermometer will show you exactly how hot a circuit breaker panel is, let’s just say 120°F, while a normal thermal imagining camera would only show the intensity of the heat the panel is emitting, while showing the surrounding items to be cooler.

Instead of the normal gauging of temperature with a standard thermal imagining camera, with the Flir TG165, all you need to do is point to the subject and wait for the temperature reading to come through.



One thing Flir did was to describe this product as “imaging IR thermometer” rather than the normal thermal imaging camera, which at first may be a mistake, but once you’ve handled this product, you will know what they mean.

The TG165 is designed by Flir with innovation in mind, being one of the first of its kind. This product is basically the combination of both an IR thermometer and a thermal imaging camera, but its readings are much more accurate

When it comes to image resolution in IR thermometers, nothing has the Flir 165 beat, and will continue to do so. It’s equipped with a dual laser system that allows you to toggle it on and off, which is perfect for assisting you in your aiming.

Compared to other products, this also has a wider field of view, a much durable and sturdy body, and a wider range of temperatures, and that’s just some of the more advantages that this product is equipped.

How it Works

Even though it’s advertised to have a thermal imaging camera, which has a 80 x 90 pixel resolution, you do not get as much data points compared to one of Flir’s another products.

This product is equipped only with a single IR thermometer which records the targets temperature, and this is where a 24:1 spot ratio gets utilized the most. The Flir TG165 only utilizes their thermal imaging sensor strictly for imaging only, while another IR thermometer is responsible of getting the target’s temperature, which is perfect to get accurate images and reads.

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