3 Best Nightfox Night Vision Goggles of 2022

Written By Jared Whitlock

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If you are looking for surveillance or security goggles, you must have night vision binoculars in your list. Night vision binoculars re used for many reasons such as hunting, birdwatching, wildlife catching, and navigation.. It provides a wide field of view, high image quality, and deep depth perception.

These night vision devices are used for many effective applications such as hunting, birdwatching, wildlife catching, and navigation. In the military, it plays an influential role, which is used to locate the enemies even there is no light condition. 

Nowadays, the best budget night vision devices are manufactured by Nightfox. They produce high-quality digital night vision binoculars for distinctive tasks. Nightfox night vision binoculars will enhance your safety and effectiveness in any field of use. 

Why we choose nightfox?

Nightfox is a laser wear brand that manufactures high quality and cost-effective products. So compared to other brands, Nightfox is the best economical choice. 

They are experts in producing digital night vision devices for professionals and hobbyists. Added to binoculars their Night vision goggles are also the most recommended equipment for hunting day and night. 

To achieve high quality, they use premium materials, and their products have better perfection. You can buy the products through their website, or make a phone call for clarifying your questions about their products.

Nightfox Digital Night Vision Binoculars

What is a digital night vision?

Digital night vision is the advanced technology in the night vision, and it comes as affordable options. It doesn’t amplify light but it works through a digital signal. The only process held here is the electric signals converted into the image. Thermal Imaging look at heat, not at visible light; it is different from what we have looked at other devices. 

A digital night vision device is powered by infrared image sensors, and these sensors have a wide range of light-sensitive capacitors.

This image sensor is one of the standard tools in digital video cameras with night mode. When they are hit by light, each capacitor releases charged electrons, and these electrons fired into LED (Light Emitting Diode) and OLED displays, which transforms the energy into images.

Digital night vision device relies on CCD (Charge-coupled device), CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) and microdisplay.

Why buy a Digital Night Vision Device?

Digital night vision binoculars have a long life, and they can be used in day and nighttime. But analog devices can’t be used in the day time, because of the intensifier tube damage.

Digital night vision has a better video capturing feature, unlike analog. Digital night vision binoculars are cheap compared to other thermal vision technologies.

Digital night vision technology is a new consumer technology that can give the results of starlight technology with a lot of advantages.

Digital night vision devices are constructed with IR diodes and multiple image filters, so the image shadows are viewed in red, green, and gray color. The green filter gives the highest contrast for the images. The red filter is used to prevent your vision. The gray filter is used to minimize the amount of light.

Nightfox 100v night vision binocular

If you need a wide area digital night vision binocular then you can consider this nightfox model. It is equipped with a large screen so you can view the monitor while wearing glasses. It is constructed with a camera sensor that can provide the number of frames per second.

Nightfox 100V Widescreen Digital Night Vision Infrared Binocular
  • 18 months of warranty
  • 3x optical magnification & 2x digital magnification
  • High viewing range up to 100 meter
  • Six hours of battery life
  • Constructed with a sensitive digital sensor


This nightfox 100v has a wide range, and the top power level allows the viewer to see up to 110 yards at night time. By this viewing range, you can hunt in a low light environment, and you can see the nocturnal animals.

IR illuminator

This night vision device has a sensitive digital sensor that is used to detect the infrared light-emitting from the IR illuminator. It builts with IR illuminator that emit the infrared light, and it will provide a clear image to the viewer. It is featured with seven levels of IR illumination that are allowed to use in different environments, and the highest level is used to see the animals up to 110 yards.

Nightfox Instant Operation
Nightfox Instant Operation buttons


It has the highest range of 6x magnification, and 3x magnification is a fixed optical magnification, and 2x magnification is an adjustable and digital magnification. The high range magnification uses up to 330 feet, and it is enough for hunters.

Battery life & storage

It provides a long time battery life. It utilizes power through eight AA batteries and offered six hours of battery time. It also provides high storage and offers 32 GB memory, and you can bring back your video footage.


It has a wide viewing monitor with a screen resolution of 320×240, and an object distance is 20mm. This is an ideal feature of this device, other binoculars have limited screening space but, Nightfox assures the comfortable eyepiece within the viewing frame.

It is equipped with a revolutionary widescreen monitor so you can use this device while you are wearing glasses. The camera sensor with high frames allows you to view the object with clarity during day and night time.

Nightfox display
Innovative widescreen display

Additional features

This device has an instant startup, so you can get a quick start of the device. It has three buttons, one button for controlling the power, another button for levels of the IR illumination, and a button for zoom control of the digital device. It contains a focus wheel that is used to the quick focus of the image, and so you can always get a clear image without any effort.

You can set up this binocular for an extended period with the use of a tripod on the bottom. It comes with 18 months warranty, good pair, low price and very effective.

Nightfox 110R night vision binocular

Nightfox 110R night vision binocular is another choice from Nightfox. If you want to buy an affordable and high-quality night vision binocular then try this Nightfox 110R. It builds with the rubber cover that can be used to protect the device and ensure its durability. It is featured with large rubber buttons, and so you can easily find the buttons even at night.

This Nightfox also has a button for screen brightness, and you can use this binocular for a long period with the help of a tripod. It comes with 18 months warranty, very effective and high quality.

Nightfox 110R Widescreen Night Vision Binocular
  • High viewing range up to 150 meter
  • 7x optical magnification & 2x digital magnification
  • 18 months of warranty
  • Five hours of battery life
  • Has an LCD viewfinder display with 320×240 resolution


This Nightfox night vision is equipped with a 1.8W infrared beam that enables the user’s viewing range up to 165 yards, and so you can view the objects at day as well as night time. This wide range will allow the user to view the clear images at low light conditions.

IR light

It is equipped with powerful IR light that releases the infrared light, and it is used to see the clear objects. If you want to install the additional IR illuminator and use the Nightfox XB5, it will give the 1.8W infrared beam. Nightfox XB5 is the most powerful device for its IR range.

Nightfox 110R
Nightfox 110R – control button


Nightfox 110R features with fixed and digital magnification, 2x digital zoom (optional), and 7x optical zoom (fixed). This high zoom range is enough for the hunters.

Battery life

The battery life is very decent in this device. This infrared night vision binocular uses the four very powerful AA batteries that are not included with the binocular, and you have to buy it separately. They will be very helpful for the high level of infrared usage, and they run two hours on constant infrared usage and run five hours on lower infrared usage.

Nightfox 110R
Nightfox-110R Battery Life


This night vision device has a revolutionary viewing monitor and the traditional binoculars need one side adjustment of the equipment, but this Nightfox 110r does not need to adjust the side of the device. You will have a full screen. It has an LCD viewfinder display with a resolution of 320×240 and the object viewing range up to 20mm.

Storage & recording feature

One of the key benefits of this device is, you can record photos and videos on 110r and you have the option to transfer all the images and videos to your computer through a USB port. For storage, uses a micro SD card to save your videos and images but, you have to buy it separately.

Nightfox 120R Night Vision Binocular

If you need to buy a lightweight night vision binocular then Nightfox 120R night vision binocular is the best option for that. It has a powerful night vision, and it builds with dual infrared bulbs and sensitive digital cameras for your comfort.

The construction of the digital camera sensor allows you to view the range up to 150 meters in darkness. It has many customize options; many night vision devices have bright displays that are affecting your eye, but Nightfox 120R allows you to adjust the brightness. It comes with 18 months warranty, and it is ideal for hunters.

Nightfox 120R Digital Infrared Night Vision Binoculars
  • Extremely lightweight at only 0.7lbs
  • Included head strap and neck strap
  • High viewing range up to 150 meter
  • 18 months of warranty
  • 3x optical magnification & 2x digital magnification


It shows a powerful vision and has a 165-yard object viewing range so you can get a clear view even at night time. It also has a temperature level from 10C to 50C.

IR light

This Nightfox 120R is equipped with seven powerful levels of IR illumination. This powerful IR illumination will help to illuminate your surroundings at low light conditions.


This Nightfox night vision is designed with 3x fixed optical magnification that is ideal for hunting, fishing, and searching for objects and people up to 200 yards. It also has a 2x digital zoom magnification, and it allows you to zoom the target at any lighting conditions so you can get a clear view.

Powerful Night Vision
Nightfox 120R – Powerful Night Vision

Battery life

This device is built with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery; you can charge it via USB cable that is included with this package. A full charge takes five hours, and it provides five hours of battery life as per charge.


Nightfox 120R is designed with a modern widescreen monitor so you can use this device while you are wearing glasses. It is equipped with an LCD viewfinder screen with a high resolution of 320×240, and the digital camera sensor has a resolution of 640×480.

Recording features

It can record a clear video and takes high-resolution pictures. You can save all your footages on a micro SD memory card that is not included in the package. You have the option to transfer all your videos and images to the computer through the USB port that is included with your package.

Record and Playback
Record and Playback Features


Due to the 3x magnification, it includes a head strap, and so you can use this device hands-free. Also, it is included with a neck strap for protection.

Nightfox warranty & customer service

All Nightfox devices come with 18 months warranty for all the products as well as customer support. So, if you have any problems with your product then you visit your nearest branch, and they will solve your device problem. They will give top-notch customer support.

Final Thoughts

These binoculars are useful equipment for professional hunters, police, and navigator. Nightfox makes Night vision binoculars for people who need a security surveillance device at an affordable price.

All binoculars come with larger viewing displays, wide viewing range, high resolutions, better magnifications, and long-time battery life. They are designed with advanced features, high durability, and high quality.

We hope our Nightfox night vision binocular reviews are useful to find the best professional Night vision binoculars for your backcountry activities.

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