Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone Review

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The brand of parrot products is almost 20 years in the market and they designed some best drones. At the same time they have been working on a drone to upgrade and easy to use

So they keep in mind to focus on their features to add, like the way they designed this ultimate Anafi thermal drone, let’s see the continues with our article.

Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone Review

Parrot Anafi thermal Drone

The Anafi thermal was an updated version of the Parrot with Anafi folding quadcopter has been launched in the previous year. The latest Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone has a 4K HDR camera, 21 MP Sony sensor beside. The FLIR Lepton thermal sensor, allowing to control the feature to catch and store the RGB thermal pictures.

The drone can be used with the Pix4DModel application to create 3D images, They added FLIR camera characters like 160 x 120 pixels with the capacity to inspect the temperature scale of 14F / -10C TO 752 F / 400C in Parrot Anafi. The sensor is fixed by the 4K RGB camera at a three-axis maintaining the bower. The Parrot Thermal Drone can control the camera.


  • Excellent Picture quality
  • Long hours of Battery Life
  • Value for money


  • Sometimes the app will not work

Uses of Drone with Thermal Camera

Drones are a very useful device just blended with the thermal camera it became more powerful, now this device can inspect the heat-emitting objects.

Nearly all substances emitting the heat, which is overlayered, and human. The Temperature variations collected from these materials are converted into helpful pictures and footages to help the thermal camera user wish. In the end, the drones with thermal imaging cameras are precious in the backing following fields

Security Uses

The combination of thermal cameras and drones are used by most people. Essentially in security purposes, to identify the exact location and collects the information has anything is odd. With the help of drone the thermal radiation, ease locate the person (the emitting energy will differ from person to person)

Best Choice for Photographers

The parrot Anafi is the best choice especially if you’re a photographer.

It has a unique feature, it can fold all sides of the frame the small drone makes big changes with a huge convenience after the drone fit the box, and via USB-C, so you don’t need to take an extra charger often.

As usual, the thermal camera plays an important roll in the drone. It has a special angle, 4K HDR recounting with multiple zooms. The second lense is set under the thermal camera whatever the thermal software will shoot the thermal footage.


The moto of Anafi mainly designed for convenience to work for both professional, (in all spots) beginners; it helps to take an effort in a crucial condition.

The Anafi drone was the small case among a double up.

Anafi Drone

It has excellent flexibility and high-power speed, the Anafi thermal drone opens and started to work in within three seconds.

The placed software; it provides tremendous power. The drone flies above the velocity of 55km/h then capture the scenery and analysis the view; where we cant reach

It can stand against the wind velocity up to 55km/h, on the other hand, it can keep work constantly despite in the crucial surroundings

With the USB charger, we can recharge our Anafi thermal drone battery from any origin energy like vehicles, engine systems. The Anafi thermal drone has a 3 supreme commander, secure and stable WiFi connectivity (2km).

That suggests that crews will be at a safe range from dangerous or inaccessible sectors when working with the drone

Accessible to everyone

The functional design is very useful to use for automatic works, so the controller can easily turn the RGB opening to thermal imaging, rather both can improve to study with the pictures.  The app providing a live time examining in the scenery; the tools are: In screen, it presents the calculation of temperature toward the pictures within a single touch. We can stop the motion to analyze the specific spot in the image

There are three different types of frameworks are ready to proceed in the work they are:

Relative: The relative crew presents the range of calculations in pictures. This picture will appear as a gradient color range, presenting the scale from the cold to warm temperatures
Absolute: Most of the customers automatically choose the calculation scale for the value angle, like the way they can get a calculation value.
Spot: This method is practiced to quickly recognize the thermal irregularities when the warm and cold places are hidden.

The thermal camera capture the photos and footage these are stored in a 16GB memory card on the drone. These photos and videos can export and share, within seconds through the app and system. The framework crew can change and divide the particular part, or else the examine calculation will be present in the display.

Safety Features

  • Study the flight altitude
  • Listing a flight zone by setting up a virtual fence
  • Building a flight path with the plan characteristic. This route can be repeated many times to measure a changing situation or to record the before-and-after of operation
  • Opening the ‘Return Home’ (RTH) role. Single tab press of a key, ANAFI drone automatically turns to its take-off point; acknowledgments to the accuracy of its GPS and its ‘Precise Home’ optical memory capacity.
  • Finally, ANAFI Thermal’s smart battery

FreeFlight App

The Anafi drone commands are available in the FreeFlight 6 application, they are assuring the opportunity for everyone, it helps to guide the customers on each section of works. FreeFlight 6 app to detect heat loss and isolated subjects. The FreeFlight 6 app to inspect the heat loss and separate the problems.  For Parrot, they are making the drones to help for rescue, technical issues.

Parrot ANAFI Thermal Drone Vs DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Drone

Final Words

The Parrot Anafi thermal drone is very easy to use and an excellent feature like we already told. The only dislike is it not intended to withdraw the barriers; means it can make a higher clash compared to other brands but it has a unique landing sensor so we can take a perfect picture before something ahead.

But overall it’s the perfect drone to choose especially when it comes to aviation specialists, it flies up to 25 minutes and captures the brilliant like this way it helps to assume the pieces of information So you can choose the Anafi thermal Drone without a doubt, hope we present the valuable information in this article.

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