Pulsar XP vs XQ- Which is the best for you?

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If you’re a passionate hunter then you may know the importance of having a thermal scope. Without these gears, it’s impossible to aim your target. Professional hunters never neglect the pulsar brand. Pulsar is a high-quality brand, so whatever you purchase will last long. It is worthful gear to have while hunting. Pulsar produced two generations of the scope that are new and old.

In this article, we’ve given a detailed review of Pulsar’s most powerful products such as,

  • Pulsar XP
  • Pulsar XQ

Pulsar Brand

If you would like to purchase high-quality scopes, then you can go with the pulsar brand undoubtedly. Pulsar was founded in 1994 and launched binoculars, day vision scopes, and spotting scopes. By 2003, they produced ranger 5*42 and ranger pro 5*42 with digital technology. In 2009, pulsar produced digisight digital NV scope, which was the first NV scope on the market. After that, they introduced trail and helion series, which is the latest technology of the scope world.

Trail and helion can be classified into two core types that are XP and XQ.

Are you confusing about which one is perfect for you? Here, we’ve given an overview of these two models.

Pulsar XP vs XQ

Quality of Images

The main difference between the XQ and XP is the resolution of the sensor. XP and XQ come with 640*480 resolutions, and 384*288 respectively. Both sensors have the same pixel pitch still the XP is larger than XQ. If you want bright and clear images, you can choose one model from the XP series. The magnification of these devices are different, for 38 mm, XP delivers 1.2 X magnification, and for 50 mm, it offers 1.6 X magnification while the XQ offers 2.1 and 2.7.

The image quality of the Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF. Deer at 45m.

Zooming capacity

The overall output is based on your scope adjustments. Both XQ and XP provide a digital zoom option, but it may affect the quality of your pictures. XP allows you to zoom up to 8 X while the XQ allows up to 4 X.

When we compare the zoom capacity in both devices, the XP comes in the first place. As per our testing, we got slightly blur images from both devices, but the XP quality is commendable than XQ. In this situation, the lower resolution performs an essential role.

Field of View

The field of view is a significant factor to consider while you buying a scope. XP comes with a higher field of view, which gives more convenient hunting experience to you. If you buy the XP38 model, then you’ll get 28.6 while you’ll get 21.8 for XQ38.

Before you make a purchase, check out the extensive range of XP and XQ models.

When we take it generally, Pulsar launched two popular versions that are XP and XQ. Both devices deliver plenty of features to you. Are you looking for the best hunting scope? Then you’re in the right place. Here we’ve given a detailed review of the one best XP and XQ model.

Pulsar Thermal Scopes

Pulsar produced four different trail versions such as XP38, XP50, XQ38, and XQ50. Here we’re going to review the XQ50 and XP50, which are the best one model from XQ and XP series.

Distance up to1969 yards1969 yards
Frame frequency range50Hz50Hz
Weight19.7 ounce21.8 ounces
Battery typeRechargeable lithiumRechargeable lithium 

Pulsar Trail XQ50 2.7-10.8x42mm Thermal Imaging Riflescope

XQ50 is a top range riflescope in the XQ series, which comes with a 1800m distance range and 348*288 sensor resolution. The magnification range starts from 4.1 X to 16.4 X. It is the perfect choice for those who want to hunt during the night.

This scope can able to detect an animal up to 300m.

XQ50 delivers a wide range of field of view and fastest target acquisition, with that you can target up to 1850 yards.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Pulsar Trail XQ50 2.7-10.8x42mm Thermal Imaging Riflescope

  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Has stadia metric rangefinder
  • An ideal choice for any weather conditions
  • Compatible with video recorder and stream app


The high refresh rate of this scope is 50 Hz, which offers comfortable viewing even at the rapid motion.


This scope has high shock resistance, and its recoil rating is up to .375 cal so you can use it on the high powered firearms also.

Zeroing profiles

XQ50 comes with three separate zeroing profiles, and you can save it. It helps to swap the scope between your guns.

Video Recording

XQ50 comes with a video recorder and storage facility, which is an advantage for those who want to record their hunting pictures and videos. By using the mobile app, you can connect the scope with any android and ios devices.

Electronic Reticles

It has ten different electronic reticles so you can choose it as per your preference. It ensures the fastest target and clear sight pictures for you. It includes a variety of colors and brightness choices that allows you to customize the setting as per your hunting needs.

Special Function

If you want to connect the device with your smartphone, then you can use the stream vision software. Using your smartphone, you can also control the device while you’re away from it.

Battery Type

This scope has a long battery life, and it works well with -25 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees celsius. It powered by a removable 5.2A lithium battery, which is rechargeable. XQ50 gives a continuous performance for up to eight hours.


This scope is water, fog, and dustproof, which means you can use this scope at any weather conditions. It can able to submerged up to three feet under the water.

Pulsar Trail LRF XP50 640 – 1.6-12.8X Thermal Imaging Scope

It is the popular trail series in XP, which is an ideal choice for professional shooters and hunters. Its rugged construction ensures the durability of the scope, so you don’t have to purchase the new scope at least for the few years.

This scope uses the high-end uncooled microbolometer thermal sensor, which offers a detailed view of the image and a perfect field of view. It is located on the scope’s body, and it also helps to reduce the noise and temperature.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Pulsar Trail LRF XP50 640 – 1.6-12.8X Thermal Imaging Scope

  • Long battery life
  • The refresh rate is 50 Hz
  • Comes with ten electronic reticles
  • Attached with a picture in picture mode

High-frequency Rate

Like XQ50, this scope also had 50 Hz of high frequency that gives comfortable viewing even at any motion. 

Zeroing Profiles

This scope comes with three zeroing individual profiles and different types of reticles. These profiles ensure precise zeroing accuracy.

Electronic Reticles

XP50 had 14 different electronic reticles, two colors (black&white) and ten brightness settings. It allows you to change the settings as per your preference. Each reticle corresponds with MOA value.

Video Recording

XP50 constructed with a video recorder, which means you can capture your hunting images and videos. It automatically stores in internal storage, and through the wifi connection, you can quickly transfer it to your PC or mobile.

Mobile Friendly

The highlight of this XP50 is mobile compatibility. By using the free mobile application Stream Vision, you can connect your scope with all android and ios mobile units. You’ll get the images in real-time mode by the stream vision software. Also, you can use a smartphone as a remote to control the device.

B-pack Power Units

This scope powered by an easily detachable IPS5, 5.2A-h lithium battery, which is rechargeable, and it gives a continuous performance for 8 hours. If you want the perfect off-grid power solution, then you can go with CR123A and AA batteries.


Its waterproof protection helps to prevent the scope from the water, which means it is an ideal choice for any weather condition. This scope can submerge up to 30 mins and 3 feet under the water without any damage.

Special Functions

It is designed with an auto shut off feature, which means the device automatically shuts off while it is in a non-shooting position.

The elegant remote control comes with an encoder for the convenient hand-off operation.

The frost-resistant AMOLED display offers extraordinary performance even at extreme temperatures. 

Wrapping Up

Yes, it is time to wrap up here. At end of the day, you can choose the best riflescope as per your own hunting needs. If you want the large optics at an affordable price, then you can go with XQ scopes. However, every hunter’s needs are not the same. If your priority is to get a clear image, and digital zoom, then the XP models are the best option. Overall, the Pulsar provides the best and high-quality scopes.

Hope so, our article about the Pulsar XP Vs. and Pulsar XQ helps to choose the best one.

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