Seek Thermal Reveal Review


Thermal devices became a basic and standard product to use in homes and industries. Seek Thermal Reveal thermal camera is a notable vital and modest pocket-friendly camera with perfect resolution, but it’s the best one available today. In case if you are a sheer examining a block, a lineman inspecting a hot spot, a woodsman setting up a traping or an owner needs to do some precaution before something happens, Seek thermal reveal expose the faults, which need to be fixed.

About Brand

Seek thermal products are manufactured by engineers, their motto is to offer the products at low-cost with high-resolution thermal devices and for commercial core, consumer core, and internet core of stages.

The one who spend their 40 years of experience in the thermal industry, started by military-professionals-grade thermal technologies. Seek thermal developed its software and took the technology one step forward in the thermal market.

Seek Thermal Reveal Review

The seek thermal reveal is small and compact. It’s easy to carry like even you can keep in a shirt pocket. Analyze the process and then measure the difficulty and classify the irregular locations.

The seek thermal reveal is a modest handheld thermal imager that connects the clear understanding of a great torchlight in a single enduring device. It has a much quality limit like 40 degrees F to 626 F, it reveals the problematic area and looks up to 500 feet away. It discovers the tendency in homes, industries, technical offices. Seek thermal discover energy loss like stop leaks, pressure leaks, incapable system. 



  • Model:  RW – AAA

  • Resolution: 240X320

  • Field of View: 36  X 27

  • Viewable stage: 500 ft

  • Detection range:  -40 to 626 F

  • Thermal sensor: 206 x 156

  • Battery: Lithium battery

  • Lens: Chalcogenide Lens

  • Longwave infrared: 7.2-13 Microns

High-Resolution Thermal Sensor

The Seek Thermal Reveal imager blends supreme thermal intuition among 206×156 sensor, The regenerate battery is running up to 10 hours, and a wide colored screen. The resolution sensor has enough reach; furthermore upon the scale behind. After capturing the image, reveal allows transferring the image in a memory card, in case if we needed to remove or upgrade.


The seek thermal reveal holds within cardinal technology and it helps to see the pictures alike in a caliginous place. It has a great 300 lumen LED torchlight to prevent in a critical situation, has it covered and sealed with a rubberized material.

Seek Thermal Reveal detects the scale up to -40 degrees – 629 degreesF. This long-scale detection makes our inspection works easy and in different situations. Even it can detect the heat and energy loss almost 500 steps beyond.

Types of error detected:

  • Hard and Protector
  • Wings engines 
  • Drive Pipes
  • Voltaic links


This revealer comes with functional design. The thermal imager cap is diagonal equally, it can spot our target easily ensuring in the display like the way we will not lose anything.

Over holding a switch key JPEG picture is copied and saved on a Micro memory card. The strainer button permits to present a picture with highlights by various colors.

HVAC Systems

The HVAC systems have a huge number of users in business and mechanical plants. It controls the blocking and wastage issues and improves the ability

  • Compacting   
  • Loop(coils)
  • Wings and blowhard
  • Canal work and records.

Major Source in industries 

Still many factors and commercial industries depend on a steam heating system here, the thermal imaging cameras working as a major part of this work because it can reveal the breakages, leakages, etc.,

Every steam water heater needs a boiler system, and constantly the energy point became the inability.

Benefits and Uses

  • Long-lasting, All-In-One Tool
  • Hardy, rubberized envelope, automatic commands to operate and fight
  • Detect Place and Construction 
  • Instantly detect the power loss also HVAC concerns
  • Certainly, detect the Automatic and Voltaic Material
  • Identify also evaluate the issues cause immediately
  • Cautiously investigate a worksite in the daytime either shadow day 
  • Focus on tasks – these are the things can’t help you but make you see 
  • The focus of your view will stay even on any obstacles you hit
  • Can make a Document for our Thermic Uncovering 
  • Preserve thermal photographs straight to memory (MicroSD) card.


The small thermal camera rubberized toolbox is convenient to work in a construction site and helps to prevent severe situations. It helps to inspect the buildings, peoples (public) safety, fire, and rescue. If you’re looking for the handheld small rubberized thermal camera then it’s the best option to choose, Share your thoughts with our comment sections.

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