SOLOMARK Night Vision Hunting Binoculars Review

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If you’re a professional hunter who loves hitting the target, night vision binocular is the essential tool for you for the excellent hunting adventures. It captures the image in the dark place and it provides a clear view up to 1,300ft distances hence you can easily detect the targets. Having the best binocular will brings a lot of excitement for your hunting adventures.

The night vision technology is used in the army to find and target the enemies at night time and it has been used in various trades like surveillance missions.

Night vision binoculars are the best tool to see the far objects in the darkness. With the high-quality night view binoculars, you can watch animals, landscapes, and objects in dark places. If you’re a bird watcher, then you should know how night vision binocular is important to you.

There are a lot of digital night vision binoculars available on the market. But Solomark night vision binoculars rank among the other brands with its excellent quality and video and images. It is the perfect choice for beginners who start their hobby with a low budget. Let’s see the complete review about Solomark night vision binoculars.

​SOLOMARK Night Vision Hunting Binoculars Review

Solomark night vision binocular becomes more popular due to its high-resolution and affordable prices. It produces varieties of night vision binoculars with excellent features and quality.

The Solomark night vision binoculars are work differently than the usual night vision goggles. Solomark night vision binoculars are affordable than the Gen 1 goggles and it is versatile during the night and day time.



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  • Screen Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Dimensions: 12 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Magnification: 3.5 – 7x
  • Field of View: 9°
  • Detection Range: 1300ft

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This powerful night vision device comes with a lot of features that make you excited when you go hunting at night time. It has the high-resolution sensor hence it can detect the object up to 328ft. This binocular provides you more advantages while hunting and you can change the brightness level for your specification.

Infrared CMOS Sensor

It comes with the Infrared sensitive CMOS sensor that is used in traditional night vision goggles instead of intensifier tube. This is one of the important reasons why the cost of Solomark night vision binoculars is affordable than the traditional night vision binoculars.

The image intensifier tube is more expensive to manufacture but the whole CMOS sensors are very cheaper than them. The image sensor is used in the Solomark goggles to capture the visible and infrared light and also it processes the signal to capture the bright image. The fully multi-coated optics increase light transmission and reduce the glare of the image.

Magnification & Digital Zoom

The Solomark provides you the 3.5x-7x magnification in the darkness and this optical clarity can help you to see the objects clearly. If you want the close-up view of the object you see, the solomark provides you the excess of zooming capabilities. The 2x digital zoom is essential when you want to see the full view of your target and the ability of zoom helps you to view the objects in the close view. The night vision goggles expand the visual size from 1x to 7x which enhances your vision greatly for every target detection.

Image & Video Quality

This is another function you don’t get in the traditional night vision binoculars but present in Solomark night vision binoculars. It captures the high-quality images of the objects you see that are very close to the real figure. If you’re hunting on the prowl, then it is more relevant to you.

Solomark has the night vision binoculars with video recorder that can capture high-quality images and videos. It helps you to capture the images and record videos immediately and easily upload them on the TV screen or laptop hence you can view them later.

There are a lot of night vision binoculars available on the market. Most of the products provide better results but the Solomark night vision binocular provides excellent zoom capabilities. By pressing the button, you can capture the pictures and record videos.

Detection Range

It is built with 3W LED 850nm infrared illuminator that allows you to view the objects up to 1300 feet in the complete darkness.

The Solomark binoculars have a greater range than the Gen 1 binoculars. Most of the Gen 1 binoculars are struggled to view the objects beyond 100 yards but you can view up to 1,300 feet using the Solomark binoculars.

Users say that during the day time or the full moon night the range is more than others but the biggest objects are visible from a half-mile distance.

If you want to identify the small targets clearly at nighttime, you need to be closer to them like traditional goggles. The average detection for night hunting where you can identify the targets positively is 100 yards. It is not better like Gen 2 and 3-night vision goggles but it is a great improvement for Gen 1 devices.

Day and Nighttime Use

Traditional night vision devices can be used only at nighttime. But the Solomark night view binoculars are versatile that can be used at any time. They provide the same functionality at nighttime like the night vision goggles and show the dark environments via the two eyepieces.

The Solomark binoculars provide excellent magnification in the daytime. You can use this as normal binoculars for bird watching, football game watching from stand or wildlife. You have to make sure that the IR cape in on during the daytime use.

Storage Capacity

The captures images and videos can be stored in the removable micro SD card that has 4 GB storage capacity but you can extend up to 32 GB. No need to worry about the storage space, you can move the images and videos to your computer or laptop using the USB cable.

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Digital night vision binoculars are invented to improve your hunting adventures. If you’re looking for the best night vision binoculars for hunting, Solomark is the better option for you. It is built with high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting for extended use. It is more versatile than the others hence it can be used in many applications.

The Solomark night vision binocular is the ideal tool hunting, bird-watching, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. The best part is more affordable than the traditional night vision binoculars. This makes it worth the investment for most beginners, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts.

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