HTI HT-301 Mobile Phone Thermal Imager Review

HTI HT-301 Infrared Thermal Imager

Nowadays most of us can’t imagine our life without a smartphone, it is an essential gadget. so using the HTI Ht-301 thermal imaging camera in your smartphone is like updating your performance with your smartphone.

The Dongguan Xintai instrument co.Ltd manufactures HTI thermal imaging cameras. This imager is made with the most powerful thermal resolution accessory. You can quickly connect this thermal imaging camera to your smartphone using the USB port.

This thermal imager has a compact design, so you can easily carry the imager everywhere. This thermal imager comes with long battery life. This thermal imager comes with an IR resolution of 384 x 288 and it detects the temperature range in -20 ° C ~ 400 ° C.

The Dongguan Xintai instrument co.Ltd produces innovative thermal imager and it gives the solution for technological issues and everyday problems. This company produced more thermal products like sound level meters, thermal imaging cameras, and thermometers.

HTI HT-301 Thermal Imager Review

Menu Functions

Notable Features


This thermal imaging camera comes with a compact design that easily fits in your pocket. HT-301 quickly fits in any smartphone using a USB port, but it can’t fit in any iPhones. The thermal imager has an advanced lens and it fitted on the imager face. You can easily hold the imager in your hand and it quickly finds the tight spots compared to other products.

Higher thermal resolution

HTI Ht-301 comes with 384 x 288 IR thermal resolution and this imager measures the energy losses, surrounding heat and electrical spots. The framerate of this imager is 25 Hz, so you can easily take real-time images and videos. the framerate of the HT-301 is faster than other thermal phone accessories.

Color palettes

The HT-301 contains six different types of color palettes, the black and white color provides clear and accurate real-time images. The three different types of rainbow colors enable you to view pictures in the spectrum of color more efficiently.

Color Palette

Gray and iron color is useful for wider analysis.


You can easily save the images and videos on your smartphone for later viewing risking the quality. When you’re seeing the images in real-time the imager provides clarity and more accuracy.


The HTI HT-301 thermal camera offers 348 x 288 resolution and it can increase image accuracy.


The lens gives flexibility if you’re viewing various objects. The 13mm provides you a deeper aspect that has a flexible focus ability.


This thermal image does not have batteries, it directly attaches to any android devices which have a USB port. This thermal imager charges by the USB port to ultra comfort.

Dimension and Material

The HT-301 is made with high-quality materials and the dimension of the imager is 0.2″ x 0.2 ” x 0.1″.The weight of the mobile thermal camera is nine ounces. The HT-301 has a protective coating that blocks abrasions and scratches from destroying the imager. This thermal imager withstands all weather conditions and is durable.

Menu function

Thermography settings

This thermal camera has flexible settings such as distance, humidity, correction, emissivity and Amb temp.


It has 6-color palettes, you can choose it based on your environment.

Other function settings

This thermal camera has many other functions that are optional temperature measurement range, Temperature unit switching, language selection, and visible light.


  • Electrical
  • HVAC checks
  • Animal hunting


The electrical faults are one of the major problems in home and buildings, these problems are hidden to the natural eye so you can use HT-301 because quickly you can view hot spots on thermal images.

HVAC checks

You can use this thermal imager in HVAC inspection. It easily detects and identifies the pipe leaks and water pipes leaks. The HT-301 can quickly identify the actual heat of the pipe transmitted by the surface.

Animal hunting

The HT-301 is a long-distance thermal imaging camera that can support you to catch animals immediately in the night.

HT-301 vs HT-201

Specs comparison



Product preview

HT 201
HTI HT 301 Infrared Thermal Imager

Thermal resolution

320 x 240

384 x 288

Frame rate

9 Hz

25 Hz

Field of View

26°x 34°


Focusing mode




6.9 x 4.1 x 2.4 inches

12 x 24 x 15.6 inches


40 g

40 g

Both thermal imagers were produced by Dongguan Xintai. The HT-301 comes with 384 x 288 IR resolution and the HT-201 provides an IR resolution of 320 x 240. The frame rate of the HT301 is higher than HT-201 and both thermal imagers were equally powerful but the HT-301 is an advanced version in HT series and it has more advanced features than HT-201.

Final words

This HT-301 is an advanced thermal imager and a perfect tool for home inspections. This thermal imager is simple to use and it has a manual focusing mode. This thermal imager helps to detect the water leaks, as well as pipe leaks problems.

This infrared camera has high resolution and takes high-quality images with color options. It is a compact design, so you can carry it anywhere and its perfect fits in your pocket. Our articles assist you to pick the HT-301 for your needs because it provides high-quality thermal images with advanced features.

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