Trijicon IR PATROL M300W 19mm Thermal Imaging Monocular Review

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When the night vision technology started serving the hunting and gaming industry, the view of nocturnal activities has changed. These innovative technologies made everyone to enter the wild to begin hunting and shooting. As of now, these devices are being a skill to every hunter or shooter.

A shooter at 19 century only takes his weapon to the field, but a shooter these days have many essential gears to take with them.

thermal monocular is one among those essentials that offer the shooter a clear identification and detection of his targets.

We can see that most of the shooters nowadays prefer thermal monoculars that can be used as rifle mounted and handheld.

It helps them to use it as a thermal scope when mounted and as a monocular when not attached.

Most of the thermal monoculars these days come with rifle bases to ease the task of a shooter. With that, you can buy and mount it on your weapon, and there you are now ready to go on your field.

This review is to explore Trijicon’s one of best releases in thermal monoculars line that can be mounted and comes with a rifle base, Trijicon IR PATROL M300W 19mm Thermal Imaging Monocular. We know, Trijicon has released thermal monoculars in four different variations that can be used as riflescopes. 

Let’s dive into it.

Trijicon IR PATROL M300W 19mm Thermal Monocular

Trijicon may be a pioneer in the weapon sights industry. But it has to fight with popular manufacturers like ATN who gained recognition and popularity within a short period.

Whoever the competitors, Trijicon, is still being an unbeatable brand in the market. Their IR series of weapon sights are being used by most of the long-range professional shooters. It has a huge fan base for their rifle scope models.

With that in mind, our experts have tested this IR PATROL M300W Thermal Monocular/riflescope.

Technology: 12-micron pixel pitchEnhancement:
Digital Contrast
Type: Uncooled VOXFrame Rate: 30 and 60 Hz
Resolution: 640 X 480 pixelsVideo Output: Analog RS-170

Thermal Sensor

Thermal monoculars with 12-micron pixel pitch technology Uncooled VOX type sensor is now familiar in most of the brands. With this high-speed 640 X 480 px sensor, we can see any rapid actions.

The reason why most of the weapon sights come with uncooled thermal imaging sensors is to capture high-speed movements and tiny temperature variations also.

As most of the thermal imaging cameras, scope, and binoculars using this thermal sensor type, we did not want to brief about this.

Display: Monochrome Digital OLEDMaterial: 6061 Aircraft-grade Al
Startup Time:
5 Seconds
Clip-On: Wilcox Flip Mount
Storage Temp: -45°C to +75°CWaterproof: Up to 1 meter
Eye Guard: Included
Objective Lens:
19mm GASIR Lens
Certified To: Tested MIL-STD-810G

Thermal Monocular

About the device, it takes 5 seconds to startup. But, now, we have weapon sights that startup within 3 seconds. It is not a concern unless you are in a rush. 

This Trijicon monocular has a Monochrome Digital OLED display that supports the VOX thermal sensor in a better way. With this, you can use the device in any lighting condition. 

The Edge Detect Tactical Mode in this monocular is one of the advantages of it. This is nothing but the projection of a fraction of the other modes’ brightness. This feature protects the shooter against night blindness because of light from the screen.

This IR PATROL thermal monocular uses Digital Contrast Enhancement. So we got high detailed thermal images. With a 60Hz refresh rate, we get crystal clear video output in Analog RS-170 format. This thermal monocular can store captures images in -45 to +75 C temperature range.

The GASIR lens mostly used in Trijicon rifle scopes. The 19mm GASIR lens in this monocular offers as easy sighting, and we don’t feel any stress on the eye even after using it for a long time that is because of its field of view.

Manual focus is comfortable to adjust based on our requirements. 

About the design, it uses the same 6061 Aircraft-grade aluminum for housing that most of the rifle scopes and thermal scopes use. The device is entirely nitrogen-filled to offer waterproof up to 1 meter.

It comes with a Wilcox flip mount that suits most of the Picatinny rails for attaching and detaching quickly. You get an eye guard with a package.

Our Review of Trijicon IR PATROL M300W Thermal Monocular

We could not find any details about its detection and identification range. So we tested it without any data, it offers great detection up to 600m. We could find and identify a coyote running behind a tress and brushes.

Its thermal sensitivity is not to the level of IR HUNTER, but it boasts a decent detection over big targets.

We got clear images of targets, but when the magnification set to 3X images were getting blurred. It is specially designed for tactical situations and actions. So we don’t recommend this for long-range shooters. 

Trijicon IR PATROL M300W thermal monocular is a compact and powerful scope that has an ergonomic design with an icon-based menu system that provides advanced IR technology with intuitive controls.

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