AGM Global Vision Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular Review

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Thermal Monoculars are acted as one of the game-changing tactical devices.

In the early 2000s, these are specifically had been used only by highly trained persons in law enforcement and safety departments for professional applications.

But after the evolvement of technology and requirements, thermal monoculars are widely used for the most personal and professional applications like electrical inspection, surveillance, home inspection, rescue mission, HVAC estimations, hunting, hiking, automotive diagnosis, and so on.

After 13 hours of continuous research with 12 different models, I’ve concluded that the Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular designed by the AGM Global Vision company is one of the qualified thermal monocular for you tactical purposes.

Here’s the detailed review of the AGM Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular. Let’s move on to the review!

AGM Global Vision Secutor TS Thermal Monocular

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
Magnification:  2.4X
Magnification:  3.7X


  • Overall Dimension: 250 x 70 x 82 mm
  • Sensor Resolution: 384×288 pixels
  • Display Resolution: 1024×768 pixels
  • Detector Type: 17m Microbolometer
  • Lens System: 50 mm; F/1.0
  • Eye Relief: 40 mm
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Field of View: 7.5° x 5.6°
  • Magnification: 2.4X & 3.6X
  • Digital Zoom: 1X, 2X, 4X
  • Focusing Range: 10 m to infinity
  • Imaging Palette: 11 palettes
  • Diopter Adjustment: -5 to +5 dpt
  • Battery: Two CR123A 3V Lithium
  • Operating Time: UP to 5 Hours
  • Interfacing: S620 Connector


With the aim of providing a compact and ultra-lightweight thermal imaging monocular, the AGM constructed Secutor TS Thermal Monocular with standard and lightweight materials.

All the components of Secutor TS are lightweight and compact to provide a handheld thermal device.

Along with that, it’s built with a rugged Aluminum housing to ensure the safety of the device.

Similar to other thermal monoculars from AGM, the body of the Secutor TS has an IP67-rated water-resistant aspect.

Thus you don’t worry about the damages caused by bad weather. Not only that, but these materials have the shockproof feature to protect the monocular from getting broke/crack.

AGM Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular

The capability to run the thermal monocular is provided by the Two 3V CR123A Lithium-Ion batteries that can continuously run up to 5 hours.

Monocular or Riflescope

Actually this Secutor TS is designed to fit for dual application. Normally you can utilize it as a thermal monocular with a single hand.

Or you can use it as a thermal riflescope to fit in front of the rifle. This is the method by which you bring the thermal monocular into a dual-purpose device

For the mounting purpose, the unit comes with a Picatinny Rails with its package. Thereby you can utilize this Picatinny rails or Weaver rail to mount it on the rifle.

Due to the construction of this riflescope with premium-grade materials, that are rugged, tough, sturdy, ultra-lightweight, and weatherproof.

Thermal Sensor

The AGM Secutor TS is the thermal imaging monocular/scope that is designed to provide 24 hours of operation even in any weather or environment or peripheral conditions.

To deliver clear images without missing the details, the monocular is configured with a perfect thermal sensor with a resolution of 384×288 pixels.

Along with that, it’s equipped with a standard stadiametric rangefinder to provide the approximately measured distance of the object of known.

Features of Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular

  • Designed with ultra-lightweight and compact
  • Has waterproof, shockproof, impact-proof aspects
  • It provides HD display with high-resolution images
  • Included with Picture-in-Picture mode
  • It offers 5 different zeroing profiles 
  • Allows to make manual or automatic calibration
  • It utilizes high-quality stadiametric rangefinder
  • Operated by two 3V CR123A batteries
  • Comes with an external Wi-Fi module (optional)
  • Has integrated MIL-STD-1913 rail in the unit

Optical System

There are three different objective lens modification options to fulfill your expectations: 25mm, 50mm, and 75mm.

For short-range detection, you can choose the 25mm objective lens.

If you’re the person in the safety department then you can choose the medium-range lens with a diameter of 50mm for the missions.

And for your long-range detection, the 75mm objective lens is a perfect solution for your tactical purposes.

Slightly different, the monocular offers two different ranges of magnification as 2.4X and 3.6X. To get a closer view it allows you to gradually increase the digital zooming from 1X to 2X to 3X.

Image Performance

The images developed by the AGM Global Vision Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular is perfectly detailed.

The microbolometer with the value of the 17-micron pixel pitch is one of the reasons for the quality and clarity of the image.

To offer shake-free and blur-free footage of fast-moving objects it comes with a refresh rate of 50 Hz.

AGM Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular

It’s complicated to detect the object in the dense forest in the pitch darkness. For providing better viewing and wider detection range even in these conditions the Secutor TS comes with a FOV of 7.5° x 5.6°.

Like other models from AGM, the Secutor TS is designed to get focus from 3m to infinity range.

For viewing the experience of your adventure, the dual-magnification monocular consists of HD display with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Reticle & Zeroing

It has totally five reticle options, each option comes with the four different colors of white, black, green, or red.

Furthermore, 5 different ballistic zeroing profiles are added with this thermal monocular to easily make the next move.

Besides, it comes with the digital boresight which permits you to adjust both windage and elevation.

Other than reticle, it has 11 different thermal imaging color palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Rainbow, Red Monochrome, Ultramarine, Violet, Sepia, Ironbow, Ice, Fire.

Final Words

Obviously, thermal monoculars are less expensive and provide a better generation aspect than a quality thermal scope.

I hope this review will help you make your decision to purchase a
thermal imaging monocular that suits your requirements.

If you have any queries or doubts about AGM Global Vision Secutor TS Thermal Imaging Monocular or any other monocular, please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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