AGM Python 75mm Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Review

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

In terms of hunting experience, it is very difficult to perform quality events even in low light conditions.

However, experts in the field of hunting embedded thermal technology in the equipment to achieve better output, eliminating the biggest threat to the hunting industry.

Thermal imaging scopes were created in that order so that many hunters were able to accurately target the day and night of their choice.

These thermal riflescopes are designed to increase the ability of the predator in low light or pitch darkness.

There are various thermal oriented riflescopes available on the market that will greatly enhance your capabilities, but you should pay more attention to choosing the right one for you.

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

We are here to guide you to choose the appropriate thermal imaging rifle scope that comes with a blend of features.

AGM Python 75mm Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope is one the best option to enhance all your tactical applications.

Read the full review to know more about this long-range rifle scope from the AGM Python series.

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Magnification:  5X

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Magnification:  3X


  • Pixel Pitch: 17 micrometers

  • Magnification Type: Fixed

  • Sensor Type: Uncooled Microbolometer

  • Sensor Resolution: 336×256 pixels

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 75 mm

  • Display Resolution: f800x600 pixels

  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

  • Magnification: 5X & 3X

  • Brightness Settings: 8

  • Reticle: 6 options

  • Focus Range: 10 m to Infinity

  • Field of View: 4.3 – 3.3 degrees

  • Optical Coating: Coated

  • Battery Type: CR123, CR123A

  • Battery Life: 4 hours

  • Attachment/Mount Type: Weaver, Picatinny, MIL-STD 1913


The unit is constructed with quality and reliable materials which have aircraft-grade for tolerating high recoil.

To ensure the ruggedness of the construction this riflescope comes with a high-grade aluminum alloy housing.

For user convenience, the components have a compact design and lightweight characteristics, thus you can carry the thermal riflescope in one hand for a long time. You can place it in your pocket due to the compact construction.

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

The special characteristic of the AGM Python Riflescope is that the exterior body materials possess water-resistant, impact-resistant, and dustproof aspects.

By this well-built construction, you need not worry about the crack, break, corrosion, rust, and so on.

Thermal Core Sensor

The thermal sensor means a temperature sensor that measures the temperature level of the circuit.

When it comes to a thermal sensor in a riflescope, here it won’t measure the circuit temperature, instead, it measures the heat signature of the object that you target.

These are more sensitive than other circuit temperature sensors. This high sensitive range boosts the sensor to work well over a normal temperature range.

AGM Python 5x75mm Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope is fitted with a high sensitivity thermal sensor that has a resolution of 336×256 pixels.

With this aspect, it comes with a FLIR Tau 2 type uncooled microbolometer detect to ensure quality detection.

Optical System

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Similar to both Short Range Rifle Scope and Medium Range Rifle Scope from AGM Python Series, the AGM Long Range Rifle Scope has three variety of objective lens diameter.

That allows you to choose the suitable lens options to depend on the detection range. A 25mm lens is suitable for short-range detection that has limited visual options.

And the 50mm diameter of the lens is deserved for detecting viable objects even in low light conditions.

Lastly, 75mm is the best and prominent lens diameter which is also the primary option for this scope.

You can detect the fast-moving object even in any weather conditions and in pitch darkness.

Magnification Range

The primary task of a riflescope is to magnify the distance target and show it as the closest one.

This not only makes it easier to view but also helps you accurately track the target.

The magnification set by the manufacturer determines how many times the user should be magnified the image.

Maybe your scope has fixed type magnification then you can only zoom in once. Similar to the other two models of AGM Python series, the manufacturer designed dual long-range rifle scope with the same properties.

AGM Python Short Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope
With the digital zooming AGM Python detects wildlife in pitch darkness

The magnifications range and price limit are the only difference between them. One rifle scope model is configured with the magnification range of 5X and another one is equipped with a 3X magnification range.

I think it is correct that you choose a unit with a 5X magnification rather than a 3X. This is because two different riflescopes with the same characteristics and structure differ in the price range.

The scope with 5X range comes in $$$ cost and 3X model comes in $$$$. Now you can clearly understand what I’m saying.

Focusing Limit

AGM Python has increased the minimum focusing range from its primary models.

That means it’s equipped with a focusing range from 10 m to Infinity, thus you can view the target very clear even in a bad environment.

Though Python 5x75mm Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope has fixed type magnification, you can view the distance target in close.

Here are the 4 different range of digital zooming options as 1X, 2X, 4X, and 8X.

Images & Videos

To grants stunning performance, AGM Python features a high refresh rate of 60 Hz, Field of View of 4.3° – 3.3°, 45mm eye relief, 10mm exit pupil, coated germanium lens, -40° – +50° operating temperature and so on.

It has 6 types of reticle options to enhance the quality of output: 4 MOA Dot, Crosshair, Cross, Cross Center Dot, No Reticle, Line Dot.

Designed with a premium-grade display with a resolution of 800×600 pixels, you can enjoy the experience of your tactical adventures.

The device allows you to adjust the diopter range from -5 to 5 dpt and it permits to access the complete unit without using the device.

Can’t you understand? It comes with a remote control to manipulate the system from a limited distance.

Accessories & Attachements

The device is powered by CR123, CR123A type rechargeable batteries, thereby you can use 2 CR123A batteries or 2 CR123 batteries.

By this power system, your riflescope can continuously run up to 4 hours.

AGM Python Long Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

MIL-STD 1913, Weaver, Picatinny are the three mounting accessories that are used to mount the scope on the top of your rifle.

Magnification:  5X

Magnification:  3X


AGM Global Vision Python has some great hunting features a wireless remote control, user-friendly interface, variety of reticle patterns, internal menus, WiFi module, external video recorder, micro-USB for to increase operation time in critical situations.

By using this device that includes many features you can drastically enrich the hunting tactics, and improve target visibility.

Surely the Thermal Riflescope from Python series is a great companion to make your hunting experience as an adventure.

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