AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope Review

AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Thermal imaging scopes are designed to be easily manipulated by an accurate shooter from the normal person.

Due to improved technologies and developed features, these have become increasingly accessible, and there is no doubt that they are better now than ever before.

Thermal Riflescopes are the primary equipment not only in the hunting field but in all tactical actions carried out by the user.

These riflescopes, designed to detect the target accurately and quickly, are made with thermal technology to make it work even in pitch darkness.

Thermal scopes are used intensively not only in safety features but also in a variety of personal applications.

If you want to own the night, you must choose a good thermal imaging riflescope combined with multiple features.

Here we provide a review of AGM Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope, one of the best quality thermal riflescopes in the market to assists you.

Come on over to the detailed review.

AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 

AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Magnification:  3X

AGM Python Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

Magnification:  2X


  • Sensor Type: FLIR Tau 2

  • Pixel Pitch: 17 micrometers

  • Sensor Resolution: 336×256 pixels

  • Magnification: 3X, 2X

  • Digital zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x

  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

  • Display Resolution: 800×600 pixels

  • Brightness Settings: 8

  • Focus Range: 5 m to Infinity

  • Optical Coating: Coated

  • Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm

  • Field of View: 7.8 – 5.9 degrees

  • Diopter Range: -5 to 5 dpt

  • Battery Type: CR123, CR123A

  • Battery Life: 4 hours

  • Operation Temp.: -40 -to 0 Celsius


Constructed with tough and durable materials the AGM Python medium-range thermal riflescope provides ruggedness for the complete system.

And the housing is made up of premium-grade aircraft aluminum alloy, to ensure the safety of the device.

All the materials and interior electronic components are light in weight thus it grants an ultra-lightweight thermal riflescope to use in a single hand.

Due to the compact and lightweight structure of the riflescope, you can carry the unit in standard pockets.

You don’t hesitate about its withstanding capacity, though the device made with lightweight materials, it has the ability to tolerate high recoil.

Thermal Senor

All the developed temperature control components are operating finely with the help of temperature detection, which is the foundation for all.

Typically, temperature sensors are utilized to measure the temperature of circuits manipulated by diverse devices.

In thermal scopes, they aren’t used to measure the temperature of the circuits, but rather to measure the temperature of the detecting objects.

Here we have the thermal sensor with the resolution of 336×256 pixels for measuring the temperature of the object that you detecting.

Furthermore, a FLIR Tau 2 type uncooled detector is equipped with this medium-range thermal riflescope unit to renders quality detection at both night and day time.

Magnification System

Magnification is essential to assists you to accurately reach your target. Although high magnification indicates the object with a good resolution, it reduces the Field of View (F.O.V.) over a certain distance.

To eliminate such problems, experts use a thermal riflescope with a selected magnification limit.

At this point, I wish to clarify one thing about the manufacturer and his product. AGM has engineered two different thermal riflescopes in Python Medium-Range Series.

Both products have the same specification and features except the magnification. Even the price range difference between the two devices is negligible.

The riflescope with the code 3093455006PY51 has 3X magnification and 3093555006PY51 code product has 2X magnification.

Both a 3x50mm model and 2x50mm perform well in any peripheral conditions and both designed to withstand any weather conditions.

Objective Lens System

For providing a better visual experience the device comes with a three variety of objective lens diameter.

The 25mm lens is used to short-range detection, the 50mm (primary option in this model) diameter of the lens is widely utilized for medium-range object detection.

And at last, a 75mm long-range lens is used in most tactical applications like hunting, rescue missions, wildlife attacks, and so on. All three are very precise and decisive in their respective limits.

This thermal riflescope is configured with Field of View of 7.8° X 5.9° and comes with a high refresh rate of 60 Hz to offer high-quality pictures.

Focusing Range

By the Germanium lens construction, you can get the focus limit of a minimum of 5m to maximum infinity.

You can clearly detect the target by gradually increase the digital zoom from 1X to 2X to 4X to 8X.

The 45mm eye relief and 10mm exit pupil are included in this lightweight thermal riflescope.

Images & Videos

With the aid of four different reticle options named Cross Center Dot, Crosshair, 4 MOA Dot, Line Dot, Cross you can shot the session with flawless operation.

This footage can be comfortably viewed in the HD type display that has a resolution of 800×600 pixels.

While viewing the footage/images you can adjust the brightness level with the 8 different settings.


By using two CR123A type Li-Ion batteries (3V) or two CR123 type Li-Ion batteries (3.0V to 3.7V), you can power this medium-range IR thermal rifle scope. Both types are rechargeable.

If you want to drastically increase the power of the device, connect it with other external power supply via micro-USB.

The unit comes with the additional accessories as Weaver, MIL-STD 1913, Picatinny to mount the thermal scope onto the rifle.

For easy and effortless operation during the worst environmental conditions, it allows users to access the entire unit in a single click, which means it provides a remote control option to manipulate the riflescope System.

Magnification:  3X

Magnification:  2X

Final Words

One should always consider the thermal objectives that can be acquired for tactical applications and for certain personal applications.

That way we are sure that AGM Global Vision Python 50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope will be the right choice for your medium-range detection.

We promise that our review will resolve any concerns or hesitations about purchasing the AGM Python products.

Make your hunting experience an adventure.

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