AGM Global Vision Anaconda-Micro Compact 1x50mm Thermal Imaging Clip-On Review

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AGM Global Vision has been producing night vision and thermal imaging weapon sights, clip-on systems, and thermal scopes for a very long time.

Their compact and lightweight design of weapon sights gained a great name in the industry.

A hunter should have multiple tools and gears with them as of this new century. So they always search and pick small and micro-sized optics for their game.

AGM understands this and created a Compact and Micro series of clip-on and thermal weapon sights.

AGM Global Vision Anaconda is one of their successful clip-on series. In this, they have established a Clip-on System of 50mm objective lens and 1x magnification. 

Now in the same series with the same objective lens and magnification, AGM developed a new Clip-on system but is of Micro Compact size as the hunting, shooting, and other tactical activities now need compact and pocket fit sized devices to carry on. 

Let’s review this New AGM Global Vision Anaconda-Micro Compact 1x50mm Thermal Imaging Clip-On System.

AGM Anaconda-Micro Compact 1x50mm Thermal Clip-On Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
Handheld and Clip-on

Main Features

  • Sensor: 384×288 pixels
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to – 50°C
  • Display: OLED 1024×768 pixels
  • Refresh Rate: 50Hz
  • Digital Zoom: 2x, 4x
  • Field of View, Angle: 7.4 – 5.6°
  • Diopter Adjustment: ±5 DPT

Thermal Detector and Display

AGM Anaconda-Micro thermal clip-on system designed with an Uncooled thermal detector of 17 micrometers pixel pitch. This thermal detector has 384×288 pixels resolution to capture almost every little temperature variation in the area.

The thermal sensor can detect, process, and deliver the temperature difference with a varied range of -25 degrees Celcius to – 50 degrees Celsius.

It uses a typical OLED display with 1024×768 pixels resolution. So sharp, contrast, and vivid thermal images are ensured.

You get ten levels of brightness settings to adjust based on your need. So, you can change the brightness of the display respective of target and ambient light.

The thermal sensor in this clip-on has a 50Hz refresh rate, so you get a vibrant and crystal clear image or view of your target every time.

Objective Lens

As the name says, this clip-on system has a 50mm objective lens, which is made of glass, and optical is coated to improve the quality.

The clip-on system offers fixed magnification with a range of 1x. It may be a disadvantage when you need to zoom in target more. But, to avoid this issue, AGM proposed 2x and 4x Digital Zoom with this weapon sight.

With the 24mm eye relief, you get the comfortable sight of your target without straining your eyes.

The lens offers 7.4 – 5.6 degrees Field of view to see your target from long distance at any angle.

The minimum focus distance of this glass coated objective lens is from 5m. You can adjust the diopter of optics between -5 and + 5 DPT.

Lightweight Design and Durable Construction

Like other weapon sights, AGM used Aircraft Grade Aluminum as a primary material to design this clip-on system.

This rugged shell is tested to shock and vibration with a range of 1200 g/ms. Also, the overall construction exceeds the IP67 water resistance test and protection standards.

The total weight of the unit without batteries is 0.41 kg. The overall size of this clip-on system is 167mm in length, 65mm in width, and 67mm in height.

Thus, you get a micro-compact thermal imaging weapon clip-on system to engage with long-distance targets of any size.

You can use the scope mount to clip this sight on your weapon. Additionally, you get a 5V USB cable to enable external power supply.

Image and Video

AGM Micro Clip-on system captures thermal images in JPG format, and recorded videos will be saved in AVI format.

All the captured and recorded media files will store in the temperature range of -40 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celcius on the 128MB onboard memory. There is 32GB optional memory is also available.

Battery and Power

Two CR123 batteries power up this clip-on device. When used, it offers almost 5 hours of working time that is high compared to other compact medium-range thermal imaging clip-on weapon sights in the market.

What is included in the package

In addition to AGM Global Vision Anaconda-Micro Compact 1x50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Clip-On System, you get a USB Cable (5V) for the power supply or transferring files, Wrist Strap to carry the device with you while moving, Operators Manual that helps to operate the system, and a Lens Tissue.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
Handheld and Clip-on

Final Words

The AGM Global Vision Anaconda-Micro Compact 1x50mm Medium Range Thermal Imaging Clip-On System has built in a way that it quickly switch your daytime optic into a powerful riflescope without requiring professional tools. 

The thermal scopes from AGM Global Vision are water and shock resistance, so the hunter can take them in any weather conditions and mount on weapons with heavy recoil available. 

AGM Anaconda-Micro Lightweight Clip-on includes a high-resolution OLED display that can take images and record videos wirelessly using the app. 

Clip this AGM Anaconda-Micro TC50 Sight to the front of your daytime optics to experience advanced thermal imaging and its capabilities that never need you to re-zero the optic.

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