Bering Optics BEAST-C 336 Thermal Clip-On Attachment Review


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Bering Optics started their creation in night vision in the year 1998 with a Gen I night vision binocular. It is the foundation for the night vision devices of various popular brands.

Bering Optics has become an independent brand after a few years. Before that, they were woked on OEM projects that provide great experience and Bering served as a solid foundation for the development of new night vision products. 

In 2009, Bering Optics decided to bring their products to the market under private labels independently. 

When their customers demanded a batch of small edition products with added features, particular enhancements, and modification in individual products, Bering Optics started creating customized models.

Now, there are hundreds of product in the line of Bering Optics that includes night vision & thermal imaging optics, telescopic & red dot sights and an extended series of various clip-on and mountable accessories to be added with the products.

BEAST series of Bering Optics has two versions, such as BEAST C and BEAST R.

We have already reviewed BEAST R 336 and tested its performance and features. So now, we are going to test and review Bering Optics BEAST-C 336 Thermal Clip-On Attachment.

Bering Optics BEAST-C 336 Thermal Clip-On Attachment Review

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Main Features

  • Thermal Sensor: 336 x 256 pixels
  • Operating Temperature: -40° C – 50° C
  • Refresh Rate: 30Hz
  • Display: AMOLED of 800 x 600 pixels
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <50mK
  • Detection Range: 1000m
  • Recognization Range: 300m
  • Identification Range: 170m

Thermal Sensor

BEAST C thermal clip-on comes with a FLIR TAU 2 Core thermal detector of 336 x 256 pixels resolution and 17 micrometers pitch. 

The range of temperature this BEAST can detect, identify, and the process is between -40° Celcius and +50° Celcius.

The 30Hz refresh rate of this thermal sensor offered sharp and vibrant images of our targets even through smoke, fog, and smug.

To match the quality of the sensor, this clip-on designed with an SVGA AMOLED display of 800 x 600 pixels resolution. 

Both sensor and display resolution are improved in the BEAST series of Bering Optics to offers great image quality with precise details and target accuracy.

FLIR TAU 2 core has a high thermal sensitivity of <50mK and 98% humidity, so you can detect the targets up to the range of 1000 m, recognize up to 300 m, and identify up to 170 m. It shows you can use this clip-on system for both medium and short-range hunting or shooting.

You get both automatic and manual shutter image calibration with this device. The brightness of the scope can be adjusted manually based on the environmental and lighting conditions.

The mage polarity can be switched between 3 levels of Back Hot and three levels of White Hot, and it also has a Colored Hot.

Objective Lens

This BEAST C 336 thermal clip-on system comes with a 50mm F/1.2 objective lens that makes sure you get a clear view of your target even from a long distance while zooming.

Though this thermal attachment offers you an only fixed magnification of 1x, the digital electronic zoom available in the system ensures you got a closer view of your target without compromising the quality.

As mentioned that this attachment can be used for both short and medium-range tactical actions; the field of view and angle of the lens has improved to 6.5 x 5.0 degrees.

With the wide-angle and high thermal sensitivity, you can detect human-sized targets in the range from 5 m to infinity. We have tested the device with both humans and deer, and we get a clear detection image with thermal details.

The diopter adjustment is -3 to +3, which is low compared to AGM clip-on attachments, but it will not affect the detection.

Target acquisition and precise details are requirements of any hunter who search for a weapon sight to buy. 

To achieve the desired target and fulfill the demand of customers, Bering Optics has developed a Precise internal lens focusing mechanism into this attachment.

So, sharp and vivid thermal images and videos with accurate thermal details are assured.

Design and Power

With the name BEAST, this thermal clip-on is truly a BEAST with premium features and controls. To support the overall functions, it has a design with Military Grade material, so it weighs 19.9 oz, which may be high. But a high-end professional clip-on system with extended features should match the durability, so these are designed this way.

The total length of this entire unit is just 8.27 in also the width and height are 2.95 in respectively. With this size, it can be easily stored and taken anywhere. But for the long-range recreational activities, it is recommended to use a wrist and shoulder wrap to carry it.

BEAST is powered by two CR123 rechargeable batteries that can offer 4 hours of operation time continuously.

When tested the battery life, it works for almost 3.5 hours, but while recording, we could operate it less than 3 hours. 

Features We Liked in BEAST C 336

The entire unit is Nitrogen-purged to make the device waterproof. And its waterproof ability is tested, and it exceeds IPX67. It shows the device is weatherproof and can be used in any environmental conditions.

If you need, you can center the screen concerning the viewed reticle, which is a unique ability of this BEAST C.

To avoid the unexpected power-off, BEAST comes with a Battery status indicator. So the user will know when to charge the device.

The type of mount it used is Quick-Release Weaver Mount, which is a common and highly available type. 

To get the best out of this clip-on system, try paired with 3.0x-12.0x daytime optics. You will why it named BEAST.

A hunter should have different types of weapons and guns, so when they look for a clip-on or attachments for their arms, they always need that an attachment should compatible with standard recoil types, so they don’t want to buy a new one.

Bering Optics take this in the account and created this clip-on system, which is compatible with heavy recoil weapons, including .300 WIN, .338LM, and .50 cal.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
Best for Detection and Navigation

In a Nutshell

This Bering Optics BEAST-C 336 Thermal Clip-on is an exceptionally lightweight and compact attachment. 

You can mount it in front of any daytime scope, only using a clip-on mount by making the transmission quick that even re-zeroing is not required. 

The clip-on is designed with the premium Germanium optics and paired with an advanced Vanadium Oxide (VOx) uncooled thermal sensor. 

The BEAST-C 336 Thermal Clip-on comes with an intuitive menu that is easy to control. Additionally, these control buttons are built with the tactile elements so the user can operate it no further, looking at the buttons. 

The clip-on is nitrogen-purged and is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. 

The switchable image polarity and other menu-driven options assure optimum performance. 

BEAST-C 336 Thermal Clip-on Attachment is always ready for action in any lighting and environmental conditions, including smoke, dust, haze, fog.

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