AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Thermal Clip-On System Review


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The AGM Global Vision is one of the brands that introduce a lot of hunting tools such as rifle scopethermal monocularthermal binocularsthermal gogglesthermal scopes, etc.

In this list, the clip-on scope is one of the important tools for hunting in the night time and adverse weather conditions.

The Anaconda 1x50mm clip-on scope from the AGM Global Vision is specially designed to shoot the medium-range target.

By using this scope, you can also shoot the animals that are damaging your farms.

The lightweight and durable construction of this clip-on scope ensures that it is a suitable one for outdoor uses.

clip-on thermal scope is an alternative option of the thermal scope.

AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Thermal Clip-On System

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste
Best for Medium-Range Shooting

Main Features

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Objective Lens: 50 mm
  • Refreshing Rate: 60 Hz
  • Video Resolution: 800×600 pixels
  • Brightness Settings: 8
  • Eye Relief: 60 mm
  • Temperature Range: -40° to 50°C
  • Battery Type: CR123
  • Battery Life: 5 hours


The housing of this AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Thermal imaging clip-on system is designed by this aircraft aluminum alloy materials; due to this material; it is defined as the durable and lightweight product.

The material used to design this clip-on system has the IP67 rating so that it is defined as the waterproof product.

The pupil diameter of this thermal clip-on system is 25mm. Due to the quality of the materials, you can use this clip-on system in all weather conditions.

The overall dimension of this clip-on system is 6.3×2.8×2.6 inches, and the weight is 0.94 lbs.


Usually, Clip-On scopes are used to view the target in the dark environment; due to this purpose, thermal technologies are equipped with the Clip-On scopes.

This AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Thermal Clip-On System is designed with the FLIR Tau 2 Uncooled Microbolometer for detecting the heat signature of the target.

Due to this feature, you can easily identify the object in dark and low light conditions.

By using this sensor, you can get the 640×512 high-resolution Thermal images of the target, the pixel size of the image is 17 µm; it ensures that you can get the detailed view of the target.

Image Frequency Rate

The Refreshing Rate of this AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Clip-On Scope is 60 Hz so that you can get the crisp and clear image of the target.

This thermal sensor is refreshing the image 60 times per second; due to this, you can clearly see the moving target.

The working temperature range of this clip-on scope is from -40 to 50°C; due to this temperature range, it will clearly capture the image of the target in all weather conditions and the storage temperature range of this clip-on system is -51 to 57°C; due to this design, it withstands in extreme temperature.  

Optical Lens

The clarity optical lens helps you to get the crisp and clear view of the target.

The glass type lens is equipped in this AGM Anaconda Clip-On scope, the front end of this lens is coated with germanium so that you can get a clear view of the target in heavy rainfall and snow also.

The diameter of the objective lens of this clip-on system is 50 mm.

There are 8 brightness settings available in this clip-on scope; due to this feature, you can set the brightness level to view the clear image of the object in all weather conditions.

This scope has the fixed type magnification range; the basic magnification range of this scope is 1x.

The eye relief distance of this scope is 60 mm, it will help to protect your eyes from injuries.


This AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Clip-On System is designed with the digital zooming feature.

AGM Anaconda 1x50mm color e zoom

The electronic zooming range of this scope is 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x; using this range, you can accurately see the long-distance target.

The electronic zoom tracking provides the high-level accuracy of the device.


This AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Clip-On System is designed with the OLED display; due to this display, you can see the 1024×768 high-resolution image of the target.

The field of view of this scope is 7.4° x 5.6°; it ensures that the display shows the wide range of your surroundings.

The diopter adjustment range of this clip-on scope is -5 to +5 DPT. 

Color Palettes

This Clip-On Scope is designed with multiple color palettes options; due to this feature, you can see the images and videos in various colors.

AGM Anaconda 1x50mm color

The Black Hot, White Hot, Sepia, and OEM custom color are the different types of color palettes of this Clip-On Scope.

You can choose these color palettes based on the environment, which shows a clear view of the target. 

Video Recording

This AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Clip-On Scope is designed with the video recorder; by using this feature, you can record your hunting experience.

The recorded video by this scope has the 800×600 high-resolution, so you can get high-quality videos.

The video of this scope is stored in NTSC and PAL format. The Sd card is also in-built in this scope so that you can store the recorded video in this SD card. 

Control and Sharing

A wireless remote controller is provided with this AGM Anaconda Clip-On Scope; by using this controller, you can control the power, brightness, magnification range of the scope.

You can also choose the color palettes of the scope. The external Wi-fi module is also equipped with this Clip-On System; it will help you to protect your scope with other devices for transfer the data from this scope to other devices. 

Battery Life

The 2 CR123 type batteries power this AGM Anaconda Clip-On System; these batteries are recharged by the 5V power supply.

By using this battery, you can continuously use this scope for 5 hours. The power supply range of this battery is approximately from 3.6 to 7.2V.

Final Words

This AGM Anaconda 1x50mm Clip-On System is a great additional tool for the hunting field.

Using this Clip-On System, you can get excellent performance and enhance your hunting experience with advanced technologies.

If the hunters are looking for a great attachment tool for their weapon, this AGM Anaconda Clip-On System is the right choice for their needs. 

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