Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular Review

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Thermal imaging monoculars, which include all the amenities of a thermal camera and thermal scopes, were initially utilized by law enforcement personnel and security agencies for certain purposes.

In the current era of increasing demand and expectations, these thermal monoculars are currently being used for a variety of personal purposes, such as scouting, hunting, hiking, electric leak detection, moisture detection, surveillance, home inspection, HVAC estimations, automotive diagnosis, and etc.

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The Prodigy PRO Series Thermal Monocular from the Bering Optics is designed with a lightweight and compact structure to provide comfortable viewing to the user.

Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular is equipped with a combination of superior mechanism and updated thermal technologies.

As well as, thermal imaging monoculars from the Prodigy line are extensively used in most of the professional and semi-professional applications.

Come let’s go into a complete review of the thermal monocular.

Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular

Bering Optics 348 x 288 Prodigy-Pro Thermal Monocular


  • Dimensions: 7.5 X 2.7 X 2.7 in
  • Sensor Resolution: 288X348 pixels
  • Pixel pitch: 25m
  • Magnification Range: 2X – 4X
  • Field of View: 12 degrees
  • Angular FOV at 1.0X: 16° X 12°
  • Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
  • Sens System: 35mmF/1.2
  • Display Resolution: 640X480 pixels
  • Display Type: VGA LCD Display
  • Eye Relief: 14mm
  • Range of Detection: 500 m
  • Focus Range: 3m to infinity
  • Power Supply: Lithium-Ion Cell
  • Humidity: up to 93%
  • Battery Life: Up to 6 Hours


An ergonomic construction of the Prodigy PRO is fulfilled with a polymer body that is completely rubberized to provide maximum grip to secure the device from falling.

As well as, the eyecup of the monocular is also built with wide-winged rubber thus you won’t get hurt even if you’re in a long detection session.

For protecting this tactical device from the damages like corrosion caused by the extreme weather, the body of the materials features the IP66 rated water-resistant.

Besides, there is also a shock-proof and dust-proof aspect to keep the device safe.

Thermal Core

Like the Bering Optics Prodigy X Thermal Monocular, the Prodigy PRO version is also equipped with the thermal core sensor with a resolution of 288X348 pixels.

Not only that, but it’s also fitted with a refresh rate of 50 Hz, which means you can receive the better output result even in pitch darkness.

Due to the core resolution, the device delivers clearer images and videos in any peripheral conditions. And it includes 25 m pixel pitch to deliver high-quality output.

Control Buttons

The device has four different buttons on the top of it that are simply called the control buttons of the monocular.

The first button is a power button that is used to power-on and power-off the unit or you can use it for the standby mode.

The second one is a zoom button used to switch the zoom range from 2X to 3X to 4X. And the next button is used to adjust the brightness level of the monocular.

The final and fourth button of this control unit is used to make thermal imaging polarity adjustments.

By these four control buttons, you can easily manipulate the activation and functions of the Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular.

Highlights of Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO Monocular

  • Has Ultra-lightweight and compact construction 
  • Configured with automatic shutter based thermal sensor core
  • Possesses 4 thermal imaging color polarity modes (Black Hot, Red Hot, White Hot)
  • Built with 35mm large focus-free objective lens
  • Constructed with manual contrast and brightness adjustment options
  • Included with hottest area detection crosshair
  • Has an integrated accurate eye relief focusing mechanism
  • Featured with Weather-resistant(IP66), shockproof and dust-proof 
  • Equipped with 1/4″ tripod socket to mount the device
  • Built with Wi-Fi capability to enrich user interface facilities

Optical System

The major difference between the two superior series from the PRODIGY is the objective lens diameter.

The PRODIGY-X model thermal monoculars are equipped with a 19mm lens system while the monoculars from PRODIGY PRO come with a wider lens with a 35mm diameter.

Except for the Wi-Fi connectivity the Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular consists of all the quality features like other monocular models from the PRODIGY line.

This thermal monocular is equipped with the perfect magnification range from 2X to 4X, thus you can view the target more closer even if you’re far away from it.

Image Process

With the Field of View of 12 degrees and 14 mm eye relief, you can get the wide focus range to detect the target with its heat sensing technology.

Along with the ordinary FOV, the thermal monocular has an angular FOV of 16° x 12° at 1.0X.

It’s one of the focus-free thermal monocular units from Prodigy, that offer a focus range from 3m to infinity.

With its 348 x 288 pixels of core sensor, you can capture stunning images and record outstanding video footage.

It features automatic shutter calibration in image processing to help you in your busy hunting sessions.

The total of 3 different thermal imaging color polarity modes as White Hot, Black Hot, and Red Hot are included with the Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular.

The VGA LCD type display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels is fixed with this monocular to provide you the stunning experience of your tactical experience.

Power System & Interface

Monocular is powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries capable of running continuously for 6 hours.

It has a power-saving mode to prolong the battery life, which enables when the device is continuously idle for 5 minutes.

Also, it has an auto screen off system to ensure the life of the device, that shut off the device’s screen when it’s inactive for 3 minutes.

It’s composed of a 1/4″ tripod socket system to mount it in a rugged tripod.

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Final Words

The Bering Optics 2×35 Prodigy PRO 348×288 Thermal Monocular upgrades your hunting experience to the next level.

Not only this is for hunting purposes, but also this thermal imaging monocular is great for all the tactical performances.

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