Alabama Night Hunting Laws (Coyotes, Hogs, Deer and Racoons)

alabama night hunt

Hunters in Alabama state have the opportunity to hunt a range of different species, including feral hogs, coyotes, bobwhite quail, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, rabbits, waterfowl, mourning doves, and various other species. But the game check is mandatory to avoid any penalties or jail time. 

So, here are some Alabama night hunting laws that you need to know and follow in this state. 

General night hunting laws

The legal hunting hours for hunting resident game animals and game birds during the open season, including deer, are only daylight hours. These daylight hours are 30 minutes before sunrise time till 30 minutes after sunset time. 

You might be able to hunt game animals in the open seasons but only during the daylight hours, excluding feral swine, opossum, raccoon, fox, bullfrog, alligator, and pig frog under season. Waterfowl and migratory game birds are specifically for each of these species. 

Hunters can use bows and arrows, as well as firearms excluding fully automatic. And they can continue with their hunt on both public and private properties but during the legal hunting hours. All Alabama resident hunters age between 16 to 64 and must have a resident hunting license. 

You can go for exemptions, if any, by getting in touch with the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources. The fines and penalties can be severe, almost costing you up to $2000 for hunting without a license or permit. A full list of fines and penalties is given on this link.

Coyote hunting at night

In the state of Alabama, coyotes are categorized as game animals and furbearers. You can hunt them during the daylight hours throughout the year but not at nighttime. You will have to go for permits from Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries’ office to hunt them at night. 

Feral Hog hunting at night

You can hunt feral hogs at night using a light that you can carry with you. Plus, the state enables feral hunting hog over bait. 

Deer Hunting at night

No, deer hunting is not allowed at night in Alabama. You can do this only during the daylight hours, without any special conditions. 

Raccoon Hunting at night

You won’t find a raccoon out in the day because they are nocturnal creatures under any normal circumstances. But shooting them at night can be very useful, but you need to have proper light and voltage. You can use a .22-caliber rifle to kill a treed raccoon with a proper headshot. 

Rabbit Hunting at night

No, it’s not legal to hunt rabbits at night in the state of Alabama. You need to do so during the legal daylight hours. 


Can you bow hunt at night in Alabama?

You can hunt any game bird or animal during the daytime hours, excluding species with legal nighttime hunting seasons. 

Can you hunt predators in Alabama with night vision?

No, it is unlawful to use any equipment to enhance your ability to see in the dark and hunt wildlife. 


Use a thermal scope instead of any night vision equipment to hunt in the dark. Make sure you pick the right voltage for the lights on the hunt because the state laws are strict. 

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