Night Hunting in Idaho: Laws & Regulations


Heading to Idaho for a hunting trip this season?

Make sure that you are aware of the laws related to night hunting.

Here are the answers to some questions that you may have.

General Night Hunting Laws

Do you need a Hunter Education Certificate required for a hunting license in Idaho?

Yes. This is applicable for any hunter born after January 1, 1975. 

Can artificial lights be used for night hunting in Idaho?

Hunting any animal or bird with artificial light or spotlight is illegal. However, artificial lights can be used for hunting unprotected or predatory animals in private lands with permission. For public lands, necessary permission from the Fish and Game regional office is needed.

What are the predators and unprotected wild animals in Idaho?

The predatory animals are coyotes, jackrabbits, raccoons,  weasels, skunks, and starlings. Some of the unprotected animals are fox squirrels, porcupines, marmots, opossum, and Columbian ground squirrels

Is hunter orange required in Idaho?

Hunter orange is required for hunting pheasants while using an Upland Game Bird Permit. It’s also needed for sponsored hunts. The use of orange is encouraged in any situation where it will improve hunter safety without affecting the chances of hunter success.

Coyote Hunting at Night

Can coyotes be hunted at night in Idaho?


Is there a season for hunting coyotes in Idaho?

No. They can be hunted all-round the year.

Do I need a license for hunting coyotes in Idaho?

Yes. An Idaho hunting license is required.

Can I use night vision for hunting coyotes at night?

Using night-vision gear is allowed as long as it’s used with ambient light. In case any spotlight or artificial light is used, a permit is required.

Is using a spotlight allowed while hunting coyotes at night in private lands?

Landowners can permit night hunting in their lands. In such cases permit from the Fish and Game Department isn’t required.

Is there a bag limit for hunting coyotes in Idaho?


Deer Hunting at Night

What type of deer hunting licenses are provided in Idaho?

The licenses and tags allow the hunters to take mule deer and/or white-tailed deer.

Can deer be hunted during the night in Idaho?

No. The approved hunting hours are between 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.

What are the limits on deer hunting in Idaho?

During the controlled hunt season, a hunter can take only one animal in a year.

Can deers be hunted from a vehicle in Idaho?

The use of any water, land, or air vehicle is allowed only on designated roads and trails. For details refer to Idaho’s Motorized Hunting Rule.

What are the restrictions on weapons for deer hunting in Idaho?

Fully automatic firearms aren’t allowed. The weight of any firearm used along with all attachments, shouldn’t exceed 16 pounds. Also, no electronic devices can be used with a firearm or the scope.

Rabbit Hunting at Night

Can rabbits be hunted at night in Idaho?

No. The approved hunting hours for all upland game animals including rabbits and Snowshoe hare are between 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. 

When is the hunting season for Cottontail rabbits in Idaho?

It’s between August 30 2021 and March 31, 2022.

What are the limits on Cottontail rabbits in Idaho?

The daily bag limit is 8 and the possession limit is 24.


Now you know all about the main rules related to night hunting in Idaho.

So give it a go.

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