Night Hunting in Kansas: Laws & Regulations

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Planning a night hunting trip in Kansas?

You need to be aware of the main hunting laws.

Here are our answers to some of the common queries that you may have.

General Night Hunting Laws

What are the requirements for night hunting in Kansas?

All hunters need to have a valid hunting license. Other than that, all hunters born after July 1, 1957, need to pass a hunter education program. An accredited program from other states is accepted in Kansas.

Can spotlight be used for night hunting in Kansas?

Spotlights or artificial lights can be used for hunting coyotes. However, the use of these lights isn’t allowed for locating, spotting, or hunting other wild species.

What are the legal firearms for hunting in Kansas?

Centerfire rifles and handguns can be used. Fully automatic weapons are not allowed. For muzzleloaders, bullets used should have a minimum diameter of 0.40 inches.

Also, 0.17 and 0.22 cartridges in rifles and handguns can be used to take trapped furbearers or coyotes.

Can optical scopes be used for night hunting?

Scopes or range-finding devices that project no visible light can be used. Devices that electronically amplify visible or infrared light beams can’t be used.

Is the use of artificial light allowed for hunting furbearers at night?

Battery-powered, handheld flashlights, lanterns, and hat lights can be used.

Coyote Hunting at Night

What is the opening date for the coyote hunting season in Kansas?

Coyotes can be hunted all year round. However, the use of special equipment, like artificial light, thermal scopes, and thermal imaging is restricted 

Can coyotes be hunted from a vehicle at night?

Yes. But, shooting, or pursuing any other animals from a vehicle isn’t allowed.

Is the use of thermal imaging allowed for hunting coyotes in Kansas?

The use of thermal imaging scopes and equipment is allowed during the period specified by the Kansas Department of Wildlife. This is between January 1 to March 31, 2021. Then again, they can’t be used from a vehicle. A separate permit is required for the use of night vision equipment.

What is the possession limit on coyotes?

There are no limits.

Feral Hog Hunting at Night

Can feral hogs be hunted at night in Kansas?

Sport hunting of hogs is illegal in Kansas. For that, a permit from the livestock commissioner is required. However, landowners are allowed to shoot hogs within their property without a permit.

What is the hunting season for feral hogs in Kansas?

There’s no specified season.

Deer Hunting at Night

Is deer hunting at night allowed in Kansas?

No. The authorized hunting hours for deer are between one-half hour before sunrise to a half-hour after sunset.

Is blaze orange required for deer hunting?

Wearing blaze orange is compulsory during the open firearm and muzzleloader season. This is applicable to hunters and their assistants. An orange hat and at least 200 square inches of blaze orange garment are needed. Of these, 100 square inches are to be worn on the front and 100 square inches on the backside on the upper part of the body.

Rabbit Hunting at Night

Can we hunt rabbits at night in Kansas?

The rabbit hunting hours are between one-half hours before sunrise to sunset.

What is the season for rabbit hunting in Kansas?

Rabbits can be hunted all-year-round across the state.


There you have it. We have answered the major questions related to the hunting rules and regulations in Kansas.

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