Night Hunting in Arkansas: Laws & Regulations

Arkansas night hunting

Heading to Arkansas for a night hunting trip?

Here are some of the laws that you need to take note of.

General Night Hunting Laws

Is a Hunter Education Certificate required for a hunting license in Arkansas?

Yes. This is applicable for all those born after January 1, 1969. Certificates issued by other authorities that meet the IHEA-USA requirements will be accepted in Arkansas.

What type of hunting license do I need for night hunting in Arkansas?

The licenses are classified into different categories based on Resident and Nonresident types. You can visit for the details.

What types of hunting gear are illegal in Arkansas?

The use of electronic tracking or telemetry equipment is prohibited. Also, the use of smart rifles or computer-aided hunting equipment is illegal.

Are there any hunter orange requirements in Arkansas?

Yes. It’s required for hunters and all those accompanying them in the modern gun or muzzleloader deer, bear, or elk seasons. The minimum requirement is 400 square inches of hunter orange, chartreuse, or blaze camouflage color above the waist. A head garment of the same color is also required.

What is the legal time limit for hunting in Arkansas?

The time limit is between 30 minutes after sunset to 30 minutes before sunrise. However, some furbearers can be legally hunted beyond this time period.

Coyote Hunting at Night

What is the authorized time period for hunting coyotes?

It’s between sunrise and sunset from January 1 and December 31.

Can Coyotes be hunted during the night in Arkansas?


Is there any bag limit on coyotes?


Are dogs allowed for hunting coyotes?

Yes. But it’s not allowed during the turkey season. 

Deer Hunting at Night

Can I hunt deer at night in Arkansas?


What is the authorized time period for deer hunting in Arkansas?

In 2021, the hunting season is classified into three categories based on archery, muzzleloaders, and modern rifles. The opening dates for the seasons are between September and November. Keep in mind that Arkansas has 20 deer hunting zones. The hunting dates and bag limits vary for each zone.

What are antler-point restrictions for deer hunting in Arkansas?

Ideally, any legal buck should have both the antlers shorter than 2 inches. They can also have three or more points on one side of the rack. However, there are some variations of the rule in a few hunting zones.

Feral Hog Hunting at Night

Can night vision be used for hunting feral hogs?


Is a separate hunting license needed for night hunting of feral hogs in Arkansas?

Hunters with licenses for hunting bear, deer, or elk during the proper seasons can hunt feral hogs. They can be killed or trapped in private lands all year round.

Rabbit Hunting at Night

What are the bag limits on rabbit hunting in Arkansas?

The daily limit is 8 rabbits and the possession limit is 16 rabbits.

Can rabbits be hunted during the night in Arkansas?


What was the season for rabbit hunting in Arkansas?

The season in 2020-21 was between September 1 and February 28.

What are the hunting hours for rabbits?

The hunting hours are between 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset.


So these are some of the major laws and regulations for general as well as night hunting in Arkansas.

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