Armasight Predator 336 Thermal Riflescope Review

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The Armasight predator produced the most advanced technological scopes, which are available on the market. Armasight comes under the FLIR brand, so you don’t have to worry about the quality, reliability, and performance of their thermal scopes. Predator scopes can be used in both military departments and law enforcement.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Armasight Predator 336 Riflescope

  • Brand: FLIR
  • Pixel format: 336*256
  • Display: LED VGA 640*480
  • Digital e-zoom range: 1 X, 2 X, 4 X
  • Magnification: 2* PAL/ 1.6* NTSC

Predator 336 is one of the affordable scopes and an ideal choice for those who’re looking for entry-level scope. If you are looking for the reliable spotting scope, then the Predator 336 2-8*25 is the best choice for you. It is an all-around scope, and it works as a thermal imaging scope and a weapon scope too.

Key Features of The Armasight Predator

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is one of the essential functions of the FLIR predator. The Armasight predator has an uncooled FLIR Tau 2VOx microbolometer.

It delivers high-end image quality even at adverse weather conditions such as haze, fog, smoke, and snow. This scope doesn’t emit RF energy and visible light.

Digital Detail Enhancement

FLIR predator comes with the second generation digital detail enhancement and active contrast enhancement. With this feature, you will get images with high contrast and excellent edge sharpness. The image enhancement assures the high-end pictures, it also reduces the blur edges of the image.

This scope is also equipped with Information-based histogram equalization and Smart scene optimization that improves the contrast and figures the image correction.

High Precision

It uses software algorithms and chart technology that assures a high level of accuracy in targeting. Luckily, you got the digital reticle platforms that deliver the high contrast performance. Ordinary ballistic drums can’t achieve its boresight retention and target accuracy. Instead, it turns its high-precision into the e-zoom function that allows you to customize the power settings. 

This Predator 336 comes with two-pixel formats that are 640*480 and 336*256. It ensures optimum standard images.

Versatile Mounting

The Predator 336 is designed to mount with a different type of equipment such as hunting and military weapons. The installation process of this predator is very simple, so you don’t have to spend more time on it. It is equipped with MIL/STD 1913Picatinny / weaver rail. This Predator depends upon the quick-release locking mechanism, which helps for the fast installation.

By using the tool-less attachment, you can immediately remount the rifle so it’s easy to maintain the exact shooting positions and consistent eye relief.

The integrated side rail is used to adapt the additional recording device. The multi-pin mechanism offers rangefinder display video in imagery. It allows you to access the external power source too.

The highlight feature of Armasight Predator is the thermal core that delivers the exact readings up to 950 yards, so you can quickly achieve your target. You’ll get a smooth digital zoom of four power and six power, by its glass lens. This scope allows you to connect with an external video display via NTSC/PAL video port. You may also connect to the digital recorder and scope’s accessory rail.


The predator 336 is constructed with aluminum alloy materials, which is very light to carry. It comes around 1.4 lbs amount of weight, which is one of the lightest thermal scopes on the market. It can endure a broad array of operational temperatures. The O seal and nitrogen filling ensure the fog proof and water-resistant protection for all weather conditions. It is one of the best durable scopes that provide long term reliability.

Intuitive Function

If you would like to purchase the compact thermal scope, then you can pick the Predator 336. It is one of the lightest and small models among other thermal imaging scopes.

From the direct buttons and direct combination functions to electronic menu sections, the predator offers functions in a simple way for the user.

It gives different features and services for the users. Predator 336 has color selectable six digital reticles that are Dot 4 MOA, cross center dot, Line dot, clear, and crosshair reticles. These reticles include red, black, white, and cyan colors. 

Finally, its wireless remote control helps to activate the thermal imaging mode. It also has the optional digital video recorder, so you can record your hunting video using this.

Unique Functions

Most of the FLIR predator has a user-controlled manual non-uniformity correction or flat-field correction. It works as the mechanical shutter between the lens and the camera sensor. Its non-uniformity correction or flat-field correction helps to reach the uniform images.

Silent Shutterless NUC (SSN)

If you’re looking for the noiseless thermal scope, the predator 336 is one of the ideal choices. It is featured with a user-controlled non-mechanical flat-field correction that helps to decrease the noise while you’re using the scope. It increases the time between mechanical shutters hence reducing the image noise too.

Palette Options

There are different types of thermal palettes available in this scope so you can choose as per your hunting preference. It comes with several color options, but black hot and white-hot are mostly used options.

In Palette, Rain mode is selected so you can see the difference in the next picture.

Battery Life

The predator 336 is powered by two CR 123 batteries, which gives a continuous performance for up to 4 hours. There is a convenient and straightforward way is available to check the battery status. Its excellent battery performance and the wireless remote control make this scope as the best.

25 mm Lens

It can capture the infrared light and gives better quality images when compared to the 19 mm lens. You’ll get enough wide field of view for your hunting.


There are a lot of higher resolution scopes available, but the predator works well with the 336*256 sensor. You’ll get the sharp images while you’re away from your target. By using the LED display, you can quickly identify the object. It offers 200 to 300 yards identification range to view the large animals while gives 100 yards for small animals.


The Predator is available in three types of magnification range that are 1.6* NTSC, 2* PAL magnification, and digital zoom. Most of the users won’t use the digital zoom functionality because it decreases the image quality. Digital zoom allows you to adjust the magnification from 1 X to 4 X. It is convenient to use.

You’ll get a clear animal image even in the long-distance by using 1.6 X and 2 X magnification.

Final Verdict

When we take it generally, the Armasight produced lightest and compact thermal imaging scopes. The FLIR 336 gives plenty of features, and it is the perfect choice for both day and night. If you like to hunt during dawn and dusk hours, you can choose this predator 336 undoubtedly. The FLIR thermal scope application allows you to customize the scope as per your needs. Military marksman and law enforcement mostly prefer it. 

We hope so, our review of the Armasight Predator 336 thermal imaging scope is helpful for your next buy.

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