ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope Review

Thermal riflescopes provide excellent hunting experiences for the professional hunters as well as novice hunters. You can’t experience the perfect hunting without the riflescope, so it is an essential tool for hunting. Nowadays, it is a difficult task to choose the standard high-quality riflescope for your needs among the lots of brands and models. To help you, we’ve introduced the powerful riflescope from the ATN brand that is ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope.

If you’re planning to buy a riflescope for your hunting, then you have to spend some time to research and study the features and functionalities of the models. In this review, we’ve provided the complete review of the ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope with lots of research and studies. If you want to know all the features and performance of the  ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x, read our complete review.

ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope Review

ATN is the top leading brand that manufactures plenty of thermal imaging products on the market. It produces highly developed and thermal technology products at a reasonable price. The latest ATN Thor 4 contains the classic ergonomic design with modern technology so you can get more interesting hunting adventures.



  • Thermal Resolution: 384 x 288 Gen 4 sensor

  • Display Resolution: 1280 x 720 HD display

  • Magnification: 7-28x

  • Frame Rate: 60 Hz

  • Temperature Range: 960 yards

  • Battery Life: 18+ hours

It is suitable for all types of rifles and perfectly mounted on it. It allows you to see your targets clearly using the latest thermal technology. It provides an accurate view of the target even in the bad weather conditions. It is specially designed for the hunters to detect their targets from the long-range distances.


ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope comes with many highly advanced features and innovative thermal technologies to provide the excellent performance.


The ATN Thor 4 384 riflescope comes with the solid and lightweight construction, so it allows you to hunt for a long-time. Due to its lightweight, you can carry this wherever you go, and it won’t add any extra weight to your riflescope. It is made of hardened aluminum alloy, so it withstands all the harder situations.

Thermal Resolution

The ATN Thor 4 384 7-28x comes with the 384 x 288 resolution of ultrasensitive 4th generation sensor that allows you to capture the crisp and clear images from the distance ranges. With the improved resolution, you can get an accurate view of the small targets from the long-distance. This high-resolution thermal sensor provides you the reliable and clear thermal images.


ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x riflescope provides you the 7-28x magnification to get a clear view of your target. The thermal resolution is integrated with the magnification to provide a wide field of view. It allows you to see the surrounding area of your target so you can be aware of the unknown hazards.

The ATN Thor 4 384 contains the 60 Hz of image frequency rate that allows you to capture the rapidly moving objects without blurring the image. It refreshes the image to enhance the quality of the image. Once you’re using a 60 Hz refresh rate, it is very to difficult to using a low refresh rate. 

Built-in Video Recording

ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x riflescope is built with the video recording capability. If you want to share your hunting experience with friends, family, and audience, you can record your hunting with high-resolution. The ATN Thor 4 384 provides the 1280 x 960 pixels of video resolution at 30/60 frames per second. It allows you to record the video by pressing the button. You can store the recorded videos in the 64 GB of internal memory and transfer them to your PC/laptop.

Smart Rangefinder

The ATN Thor 4 384 comes with the smart rangefinder that provides you the distance of your target. It is an easy and fast method to estimate the distance of your target. Once your reticle is ranged, it automatically adjusts the size and height then displays your target distance. It allows you to make an accurate shot with the riflescope.

Ballistic Calculator

The ATN Thor 4 384 comes with the ballistic calculator that provides you the wind speed and direction, humidity, range, angle, multiple-weapon profiles, and temperature of your target area. It allows you to hunt responsively by making sure that your shots hit the target each and every time. It is one of the important factors to make an accurate shot placement.

Recoil Activated Video

The ATN Thor 4 384 thermal riflescope comes with the RAV that automatically records your hunting and stores them into the SD card. When you start hunting, it automatically records after some seconds, so you don’t worry about the footage of your shots. If you forget to press the record button, don’t worry about that it automatically switch to RAV.

Wi-Fi Streaming

The ATN Thor 4 384 riflescope contains the Wi-Fi capability that allows you to connect the riflescope with your mobile phones or tablets. After the connection, you can share your videos and images on social media, and it comes with the Bluetooth 4.1 that connects with your Android/iOS devices. The ATN Thor 4 is integrated with the Obsidian app that allows you to stream the videos to your mobile phone or tablet while recording on your riflescope. It is suitable for both the Android and iOS device users. With this app, you can also change the settings of your riflescope.

Battery Life

The ATN Thor 4 riflescope comes with a reliable battery system, so you don’t worry about the battery dying in the field. It provides you the more than eighteen hours of continuous operation time.

Final Words

The ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope is a standard powerful riflescope that allows you to hunt in any weather conditions even in the complete darkness. It is the perfect choice for those who need a budget-friendly riflescope with high-quality. If you’re an entertainment hunter and want to stream your videos on social media, it produces high-quality video streaming capability. Are you a professional hunter and want to get more enjoyable hunting experiences? We suggest the ATN ThOR 4 384 7-28x Thermal HD Riflescope that is the right choice for you. We hope that our review will help you to know more about the ATN ThOR 4 384 and make a valuable investment.

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