ATN Thor 4 vs Thor HD


Thermal imaging scope is the best sighting device that can be mounted on a variety of small arms and heavier weapons. This is especially useful for hunters to improve the hunting experience it’s good to invest in the best thermal scopes. ATN is one of the best products which is widely recognized and used for different purposes. It includes binoculars, night vision rifle scope, night vision goggles, etc. Here we’ve given a clear comparison between ATN Thor 4 and Thor HD, have a look at it and pick the one that suits your needs.

ATN Thor 4 

The Thor HD thermal scope has become an essential gear for hunting. ATN Thor HD is the best choice for the inexpensive thermal imaging scope. ATN manufactured and managed to develop the night vision optic and thermal scope. Thor 4 HD is an advanced thermal scope on the market; it features Wifi with access record data, built-in E-barometer, and GPS Geotag. It is already the most popular model and a worthy product with a nifty feature such as smooth zooming and recoil activated video.

Thermal Resolution

One of the great features of the Thor 4 riflescope, it comes with an ultra-sensitive sensor, so the users can expect a clear and crisp image. Its resolution range is 640 x 480 so the pictures will be clear in any situation. You can use the Thor 4 even in low or no light situation with 1280×720 HD display, you can also zoom in using this scope.

Wi-Fi streaming and video recording

The next feature which stands out from Thor HD is video recording and live streaming. By a single click, one can easily capture images and record a video; it’s not required to switch over the system menu to change the recording mode.

Their 64GB removable SD cards automatically backup all your videos and photos, Thor 4 offer RAV or recoil-activated video, which records the video when it senses a shot. There are options for adjusting the duration of the video; you can set how long it records before and after the shot.

Refresh rate

A high refresh rate makes the image smoother, especially during movement. Thor 4 scope has 60HZ which tracks the moving target without any blur. these scopes used in law enforcement to identify threats. 

Digital zoom

After hours of testing, we came to know that 6x digital zoom in this Thor 4 is very easy to use; the zoom wheel on the left of the thermal scope allows us to get a better shot of your target.

One-shot zero

With this feature, you can eliminate the hassle in the sighting of your scope. One-shot Zero helps to take a shot easily, just adjust the reticle to hit the target and save the settings. The main use of this feature is, it gradually reduces the amount of time to spend on sighting in your scope.

Menu system

The menu system is pretty straight forward and has a different function; it is a user-friendly device so most of the hunters love this scope. The intuitive layout and minimal button input toggle the features on or off. The ATN obsidian app navigates and changes the settings directly from your tablet/phone effortlessly.

Recoil activated video

Are you a beginner for hunting? Don’t panic, Thor 4 thermal scope makes your life easier. The recoil activated video helps to review the footage whenever you need it. The thermal scope records while you take a shot and continue recording for a few seconds, at the end of the day you can view all your footages and replay the videos as you like.

Different lens option

The Thor 4 has different lens options, which are·

  • 4-40x
  • 2.5-25x
  • 1.5-15x
  • 1-10x

The lens is an important factor to consider while choosing a scope because it can affect the field of view and viewing range. With this wide range of options, you can pick the perfect lens for your needs.

Range on the 1.5-15x

ATN Thor 4 is the most popular among hog hunters. The 1.5-15x is the unit of range for the lens using which you can view both short and medium rage-range. Depending on your shooting distance you can choose a lens from the various optic options.

Detection range

It is possible to detect the target from 1050 yards and this device is pretty impressive when compared to other models.

Recognition range

You can detect the target or image range from afar, and you need to be within the detection range of 530 yards to recognize the human-sized object.

Identification range

The Thor 4 identification range is recording the exact nature of the target and eliminates the guesswork. You can use this model with the detection range of 330 yards.

ATN Thor 4 vs Thor HD

Specs comparison

Thor 4

Thor HD

Product preview

Thermal resolution

384x288 or 640x480

384x288 or 640x480

Video streaming

Dual streaming


Thermal refresh rate



Battery life

18 hours

8 hours

Eye relief




Obsidian IV dual-core T

Obsidian “T” II


The Thor HD thermal scope has become an essential gear for your hunting. ATN Thor HD is the best choice for the inexpensive thermal imaging scope. ATN manufactured and managed to develop the night vision optic and thermal scope. Thor 4 HD is an advanced thermal scope on the market; it features Wifi with access record data, built-in E-barometer, and GPS Geotag. It is already the most popular model and a worthy product with a nifty feature that has smooth zooming and recoil activated video.

Thermal imaging sensor

The Thor HD features a 384×288 thermal sensor with a 30Hz refresh rate. It helps to minimize blurring so you can aim your target easily. 

Digital detail enhancement

The ATN Thor HD uses an industry-leading image processing architecture and core processor smart optics by ATN. A range of environmental sensors combined with an array of image sensors to create a thermogram. The high-performance ARM processor is designed to quickly interpret data and microbolometer sensors. The resolution of the sensor is 1920×960 at 30 fps. Thor HD is easy to set up so you can easily change focus and get a clear shot in different situations.

High precision

The Thor HD helps to interpret environmental data so you can get circular data such as wind speed, altitude, wind direction, and relative humidity. The ballistic calculator gives a high chance for hitting your target. It also adjusts the incline angle so you can change the point impact quickly. With this powerful device, you can hit the target in a single shot. You can save the ballistic data and zeroing in the scopes which means the same data can be used in every rifle you use.

Video recording and image capturing

The Thor HD has a high-quality resolution of 1280×960, and it can also record video with high resolution. The scope features a gyroscopic image stabilization so images are crystal clear at high power, it doesn’t produce any blur images on the edge thus improving the ability of spot game. This device records the video to onboard micro SD cards at 30 fps, you can connect the micro HDMI SD to the computer and TV. The scope supports the SD card capacity from 4 GB to 64 GB.

Bluetooth and Wifi

You can download the ATN obsidian app for your device and connect it to your android phone or tablet. This app allows to stream live image on your phone and controls the scope, the recorded video and image will save on your gallery. You can connect either via Wifi or Bluetooth to always get connected with your phone or tablet.

Intuitive functions

You can zoom on a target and field of view narrows, it means you don’t need to see your target area before yet it gives a smooth zoom. The device has a minimal field of view loss or image distortion, and you will magnify objects for your hunting on the target area.

Great ergonomic

The Thor HD design provides smooth interaction with the user and the function, the tactile button allows us to feel all click is zero in, and the large button is easily operated with gloved hands. The great ergonomic feature provides a natural and smooth zoom.

Long battery life

The Thor HD core processor works fast and cools its battery gives continuous life hours up to 8 hours. The device also brings the extended 2000mAh battery pack and gives battery life hours up to 22 hours.

Recoil resistant

The Thor HD is built to overcome the pressure and recoil from high caliber weapons. It is an entry-level thermal scope and has a heavy construction of hardened aluminum alloys. The aluminum alloy is an impact-resistant electronic, which is used up to 300 win max cartridge.

Different optic option

The Thor HD has 3 different varieties of optic options. The main features of this scope are the focal length, magnification, size of the object length, the cost, and an angle of view.

ATN Thor HD 384 2-8x: It has a long focal length measuring 25mm with a better objective lens and an angel view of 12-9.5.

ATN Thor HD 384 4.5-18x: It is better spec with measuring 50mm objective lens and an angle view of 6-4.7.

ATN Thor HD 384 9-36x: It has the most advanced version, 100 mm measuring the objective lens, and an angle of view 3x 2.4 with the longest focal length.


When comparing ATN Thor 4 and Thor HD, Thor HD is the least expensive model yet it offers a great field of view and detection range. Thor 4 offers a good quality image and video so it will be easy to reach the target. We recommend ATN Thor as the perfect model because it offers the best value for money, check out our reviews to choose the best scope for your next adventure.

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