Best Testo Thermal Imagers of 2022 Reviewed

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The Testo Company is one of the well-known thermal imager manufacturing company that manufactures an extensive-ranging of well qualified and tested thermal imaging cameras. With the experience in the technology of measuring sector above 50 years, the Testo company stands still due to its ultimate quality, well qualified and tested germanium lens, ling term guaranty, and high range of detecting technology. This type of Testo manufactured cameras is best suited for the wide range of applications.

The Testo thermal imager is the most attractive and impressive outcome which allows the spanning usage over different industries. The Testo manufactured thermal imaging camera constitute the ability to extend over several ranges of thermal imager series from Testo 869 to Testo 890 series which tends to make sure about the budget and quality requirements.  All the series of the Testo thermal imaging cameras are highly designed with the perfect engineers and well qualified trustworthy materials which tend to provide the comforting zone over the product usage.

List Of The Best Testo Thermal Imaging Camera Units

The Testo thermal imaging series is a quite simple and classy design which is simple to construct and use. Most of the Testo thermal imager constitutes the larger sized display screen, extreme sensitivity, high dynamic range of flexibility, and larger resolution ranging which helps to ensure the best quality measure of the device. All the Testo imaging camera are designed based on the various sectors such as mechanical, electrical, HVAC engineering, structural, research, and development areas.

Testo 870-1 Wider Angle Lens Thermal Imager

This Testo series is well known for its fixed focus in capturing the images with the use of the inbuilt wider angled lens of 35 degrees. It is featured with the one button controlling unit, which is an ideal solution for various kinds of commercial purposes and inspection of thermal imaging. It is more popular for its extreme range of resolution and sensitivity to provide the correct amount of power and flexibility in an affording range.

It consists of a large LCD display of 3.5 inches which provides the resolution range of 160 x 120 and 100mK of sensitivity. This Testo series is inbuilt with the 1.6 GB memory and customized software settings to hold up to 2000 images. It helps to display the IR images only which further trace out the hot and cold spot imaging automatically. This device is easy to use which weighs only up to 2.5 pounds.Testo 870-1 Wider Angle Lens Thermal Imager

Testo 870 1 Wider Angle Lens Thermal Imager

Key Features – LCD display, wide-angle lens, IR images, flexibility, and sensitivity.

Pros – ease of use, light in weight, large storage.Purchase This Product on

Testo 870-2 Hard Shell Case Thermal Imager

This thermal imager series comes out with the storage case of hard type material which helps to detect up to 20000 range of pixel quantity. The sensitivity ranges up to 100mK in which it automatically traces out the hot spot and cool spot imaging.

This compact design is easy to use and includes the hard case to secure the device in a safe manner. It consists of the inbuilt digital camera of 3.1 megapixels, which helps to capture both real and IR images. This one button controlled advanced series constitute the ability to store above 2000 images over the 1.6 GB of internal memory.Testo 870-2 Hard Shell Case Thermal Imager

Testo 870 2 Hard Shell Case Thermal Imager

Key Features – Hard case, sensitivity, internal memory, IR image, one button controlling unit.

Pros – ease of use, one button controlling device; capture real and IR images, high resolution, and dynamic pixel quality.Purchase This Product on

Testo 875i-1 ABS Thermal Imager Model

This thermal imager model consists of the visual camera with the resolution of 160 x 120 pixels which is designed with the well-qualified material named as Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. This product consists of sensitivity range of above 50mK, which is inbuilt with the LCD screen display of 3.5 inches. It has the capability to withstand the maximum temperature range of above 662 degree F which is well qualified in image blending.

This Testo series is designed with the adjustable lens, which is ideal for estimating the solar intensity by means of the inbuilt solar mode option. It automatically detects the hot spot and cold spot which is well groomed in displaying the image analysis report by means of pre-defined software. This product comes out with the measure of the 10 inches in height, 6 inches in length and 4 inches in width and weighs only up to the range of 10 pounds. It is highly mated with the 2 GB of internal memory, which is capable of storing large range of images. It includes protective lens glass, which is versatile in image inspection processing.Testo 875i-1 ABS Thermal Imager Model

Testo 875i 1 ABS Thermal Imager Model

Key Features – LCD display, high internal memory, inbuilt solar mode, high versatility.

Pros – protective lens, large storage capacity, withstand high a range of temperature.Purchase This Product on

Testo 875i-2 ABS Deluxe Thermal Imager

This Testo series uses the visual camera mated with the LCD display of 3.5 inches ranging which uses the LED lightings for optimal illumination of both optical thermal imaging and the digital pictures. It is the one button controlling device, which works over the 32-degree wide angle lens and the advanced telephoto lens of 9 degrees. It constitutes the capability to withstand the high-temperature ranging, which is specially designed with the well qualified ABS material. The inbuilt solar mode helps to save the sun exposure for each value of thermal images.

The Testo 875i-2 thermal imager series helps to provide the resolution of 160 x 120 pixels with the sensitivity ranging up to 50mK. It is the large storage capacity device which includes the inbuilt internal memory of 2GB for storing the captured images. The high protective lens glass is used for the image blending isotherms which tends to offer the customized reporting of captured image with voice annotation. It additionally includes the spare battery and external charger connectivity for emergency situations. This product comes out with the measure of 10 inches of height, 4 inches in width and 6 inches in length which weigh only up to the range of 12.5 pounds.Testo 875i-2 ABS Deluxe Thermal Imager

Testo 875i 2 ABS Deluxe Thermal Imager

Key Features – image blending isotherms, customized reporting software, LED lightings.

Pros – Extra connectivity, ease of use, and large memory storage.Purchase This Product on

These products have been chosen as the best among the other brands available with respect to the customer ratings and reviews.

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