FLIR C3 Compact Thermal Camera with Wi-Fi Review

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In FLIR’s series, there is a new additional thermal camera called FLIR C3 compact thermal camera, FLIR C3 is the next model after the C2 and both are having the same features but C3 contains the Wi-Fi connectivity to share the reports and images rapidly. It comes with a compact size and advanced features to produce fast and accurate thermal solutions in inspections.

The FLIR C3 thermal camera is suitable for building inspections to detect problems of electrical issues, water leakages, moisture intrusions, HVAC facilities, and maintenance. One of the best advantages of this FLIR C3 is that it is very small in size hence it can easily fit in any pocket and you can carry this with you every time during the inspections.

FLIR C3 Compact Thermal Camera with Wi-Fi Review


FLIR C3 is intended for professionals who need a pocket-sized thermal camera for their day-to-day inspection. It is great for their everyday tasks like electrical and structural inspections, HVAC maintenance, etc hence it is more effective and comfortable for professionals.

The features are invented for the professional level of cameras like FLIR E60 hence you can capture the high-quality images using your smartphones, tablet or any devices and directly view that using your devices. FLIR C3 allows you to send reports about the issues on the field from your mobile phone or tablet immediately to correct the issues.

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  • IR Sensor: 80 x 60
  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 1 x 4.9 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces
  • Frame Rate: 9 HZ
  • Field of View: 41° x 31°
  • Temperature: 14° to 302°F
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery

The Amateurs and hobbyists will choose the FLIR C3 for their simple home inspections such as checking the surrounding and moisture conditions. Its compact size makes them handy while performing the inspections.


FLIR C3 comes with the most advanced list of features and also it includes the special features that you need to work in the fields. With the following features, this C3 stands as the best thermal camera in the markets.


FLIR C3 is compact and lightweight hence it allows the users to carry this with them anywhere. For the regular inspections, the compact thermal camera like FLIR C3 is the best choice. Its compact design allows it to easily fit in your pockets hence you don’t need any bags to carry this.

Thermal Resolution

The FLIR C3 thermal camera contains an 80 x 60 infrared sensor which can detect the temperature ranges from 14 F to 302 F. This sensor can detect the inspections such as electrical, structural, HVAC and insulation, etc. It has less than 0.10 C temperature sensitivity that identifies an accurate difference in the area.

MSX Image Technology

This thermal camera includes the MSX image technology that gives important details from the default camera to the infrared image in real-time.

FLIR produces the system by integrating the photography with thermal technology to provide a detailed view.  

FLIR C3 compact camera

You can see the details while you are streaming the images using USB/Wi-Fi or viewing directly on the screen.

It easily detects the heat issues and also increases the usability of this FLIR C3 camera as you don’t need a separate digital camera. It includes details such as letters, numbers dates, and labels with the image. Using this, you can identify the issues and make decisions quickly.

Radiometric Capacity

FLIR C3 thermal camera has a high-quality microbolometer that comes with the 320 x 240 detector. This lets you capture the images up to 60ft from your targets with the accurate measurements.

This thermal camera stores the images up to 4800 pixels. This radiometric capacity allows you to capture the images at the temperature ranges from 14 to 302 F.

FLIR C3 Radiometric Capacity

The FLIR include the tools in every thermal camera that produces. The FLIR tool apps allow you to access the thermal and visual cameras, change the color palettes, and also you can create a custom and professional report.

The thermal images are stored in JPEG format that makes transfers the images and reports easily to other devices.

High-Quality Display

FLIR C3 comes with the 3-inch touch screen that provides the user-friendly operation while inspecting the images. The 45-degree field of view allows you to examine the large area at the same time and auto-rotation is useful to you for the simple view.

FLIR C3 thermal camera

This screen contains lots of color palettes like gray, rainbow, iron and rainbow HC to display the visual images, thermal images, MSX, and picture-in-picture. The gallery stores these images hence you can see them whenever you need it. Picture-in-picture mode provides the display of thermal images using the thermal box. It allows you to inspect the thermal data while you view the surroundings.

Measurement Modes

Professionals will not appreciate when you have to capture the measurements at the close range.

The close range measurements are captured by the fixed 41-degree lens that provides a large area view and it is very handy while taking images in the small space.

Measurement Modes

The FLIR C3 contains area box measurement that automatically finds the hot and cold spaces while inspecting the scene. This allows you to make adjustments to capture the thermal image of the object.

Strong Construction

You all know that FLIR C3 is very small even it has a great rugged design. 

It can withstand up to 6 ft hence it is suitable for the construction field or other dangerous areas. This thermal camera comes with a rubber cover that provides comfort while handling. FLIR C3 is designed to withstand the bumps, falls and scrapes during working in the environment.

Wi-Fi Capability

The Wi-Fi connectivity feature differentiates FLIR C3 from C2. It makes the wireless connection between your mobile phone or tablet and FLIR C3 thermal camera using the FLIR Tools App.

Wireless connection is possible over the peer-to-peer or network. The app can be used to download the images and mirror the camera screen. The Wi-Fi capability helps you to share the images and information to the owners or other professionals to make repair confirmation.

Wi Fi Capability

LED Flashlight

FLIR C3 comes with the built-in flashlight that can be used in dark spaces and it provides extra lighting during the building inspections. Using this, you can light up the object without adding shadows that will change the quality and information of the images. It controls the angle of the light hence you can quickly identify the problems.

Battery Life 

FLIR C3 runs using the rechargeable Li-Ion battery that is placed at the back of the camera. It provides 2 hours of continuous operating times and it stands over 24 hours. You can recharge it using USB cables or other power stations and it is recharged within one and a half hours.

Configurable Settings

Device Settings

It includes time, temperature, language, distance units, display brightness, orientation, and auto-power off options.

Measurement Parameters

In this option, you can set the distance, reflected temperature, and emissivity.

Lock Mode

When you move from one place to another, the camera displays different colors for the same temperature. If you want to compare two places or objects, it will difficult for you. With this lock mode, you can lock the temperature range for the particular color representation. If a particular temperature displays in red color, then it will display the red color in another place.

Color Palette

It includes various color options such as Iron, Rainbow, Gray, and Rainbow HC. You can change the color options based on the temperature ranges.

Special Features

  • MSX Image Technology
  • Rediometric Images
  • Measurement Modes
  • Picture in Picture IR are on visual image
  • Non-Radiometric IR-Video Streaming

Things Included

  • Camera
  • Lanyard
  • Power supply/charger
  • Tripod Mount
  • USB cable
  • Pouch
  • Manual


The FLIR C3 compact thermal camera can be used for close-range applications. If you choose this for your hunting or security purpose, it won’t help you too much, so it may disappoint you. FLIR C3 doesn’t come with the SD card, and its internal storage can store up to 500 images. If you want to store more images in the camera, then you should transfer the images to your PC or laptop. It comes with the USB cable and Wi-Fi capacity so you can share the images easily.


  • Compact Size
  • Provides many features
  • Durable Construction


  • Battery life decreases may after some usage

Best For 

  • Home inspections
  • HVAC
  • Electrical inspections
  • Utilities


FLIR C3 is an excellent thermal camera for daily use. It has a rugged exterior to withstand at the critical situations while inspecting. The C3 allows the professionals in the building, electrical and construction industry for inspecting using the detailed images. If you are looking for a small thermal camera for your home inspections, FLIR C3 compact thermal camera is the great choice for you.