FLIR Systems First Mate II HM-307b Thermal Scope Review

The HM series handheld thermal imaging camera is one of the best innovations as it helps the mariners to see at night. If you have the HM-series camera on the deck then it would be easy to see your surroundings even if it is completely covered by smoke or fog.

This is one of the FLIR’s award-winning maritime thermal night vision technology which offers a lot of benefits to the users. In this review let’s deeply see about the features, specifications, and uses of First Mate II HM-307b Thermal Scope.

First Mate II HM-307b Thermal Scope

Specifications to Know

Detector Type320 x 240 VOx Microbolometer
FOV7° x 5° NTSC
Focal Length65 mm
Waveband7.5 – 13.5 ìm
Power ButtonOn/Off/Standby
Picture ButtonStill image capture and video to SD card
Zoom Button2x E-Zoom
Image ProcessingFLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement

Product Overview

With the help of First Mate II, you can see the target even in the dark as it provides go-anywhere thermal imaging to provide a clear vision in complete darkness and through smoke and fog. You can take it anywhere there are no limitations for carrying it. These night-vision scopes can be attached to any vessel thus it’s possible to run off batteries and display the video on a built-in screen.

These cameras are compact and lightweight which lets you see clearly in darkness. It comes with 4 rechargeable AA batteries, video output cable, operator’s manual, hot shoe charging and video output accessory. The First Mate II handheld thermal camera has 2X E-zoom and freeze frame functions for viewing the distant object clearly. These cameras are rugged and have an all-weather design.

Specific Features

This handheld camera has a built-in display which can be booted by less than 5 seconds, also it comes with an LCD video output of NTSC or PAL composite video. First mate II is submersible also.


The First mate II thermal scope has a 320 x 240 VOx Microbolometer which helps to detect the target easily. If you’re far away from the object this detector would help to fix the reticle in the right position and make the work easier.

A 2× Optical Extender for a 19 mm lens is attached to this thermal scope which doubles the range of performance with the wide field of view lens.

Power states

There are three power states which are on, off, and stand by. The initial bootup process between the off and on state will take about 90 seconds and the red LED light will blink. While booting just pressing the power button will turn the camera off. Once the bootup process is completed it will remain in the on-state.

Buttons and Controls

How do the power states of on, off, and standby works? It’s just because of the power button, all those operations are controlled by that button.

Capture button

Using this button one can capture the snapshots either in JPEG format or video clips, those files will be stored in the SD card. Just pressing and holding the capture button for three seconds will change the mode of the camera to video record state.

Still Frame Capture and Store

To capture the single still of the object press the capture button, thus the thermal image will freeze and stored on the SD card.


The zoom button will help to switch the camera between no zoom and 2x zoom. With this amazing feature, you can fix the target easily and get better results.

Wrapping Up

After researching for hours I’ve concluded that First Mate II HM-307b would be the best tool for hunting. Most of the professionals prefer this thermal scope for their better adventurous life.

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