FLIR E4 Thermal Camera Review [Best for Home Inspection]

flir e4 thermal camera review

This product from Flir, the E4 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera that has 80 x 60 infrared imaging resolution, and also with Multi-Spectral Digital Imaging or MSX design enables you to safely and effectively diagnose the status of anything be it mechanical, electrical, or industrial.

This product can provide you with thermal imaging to allow you to see any underlying issues of the subject, whether it’s overheating, has some leakage, and even power surges.

This device is equipped with one of Flir’s patented MSX technology which can easily take and send vital information from the inbuilt digital camera, and then combines it with the thermal image, allowing you to experience high resolution and quality radiometric image.

The E4 is the latest addition to the many thermal imagining camera that has a progressively better resolution, meeting all your needs and requirements with efficiency.

With it’s innovative design and updated tech, this product makes for one efficient and a budget friendly replacement for your outdated infrared cameras.



The E4 is equipped with a 640 x 480 resolution digital camera that allows this device to simultaneously store infrared and MSX images, while having a two percent accuracy with a temperature range of up to -4 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.

If this product’s battery starts to fail on you, you need not to worry as the lithium ion battery in a E4 is easily replaceable with a four hour battery life. One more important feature that this product has is its LCD screen display which allows the user to easily access data and information overlays.

One important feature that you can get when purchasing a Flir product is their exclusive MSX technology, which provides a clear and detailed thermal imaging. The information that the digital camera is providing is then overlayed with thermal images, providing you with images with perfect clarity.

The MSX system provides you with the necessary information that will help you locate the problem, from numbers, texture, and every other relevant data that you might need.

Flir has been focused on providing consumers with a budget-friendly thermal imagining camera without sacrificing accuracy and functionality.

This cheap yet reliable product will be a great partner for you and will do its job properly when checking out for mechanical, industrial, wiring, and any other problems. The Flir E4 will effortlessly identify if there’s any power loss, if moisture has invaded your appliances, problems of overheating, and even structural issues.


> Equipped with MSX technology that provides clear imaging and data.

> Budget-friendly

> Crisp and clear thermal imagining detail and quality

> Great replacement for an outdated IR thermometers

> Simple navigation system

> Able to be equipped with accessories

> Durable case


> Only has around 4 hours of battery life

> Compared to higher-range models, this product has a much lower resolution

> Repairs can be costly, especially if your warranty has expired

> This product isn’t compatible with non-Flir lens.


If you’re in the market to replace your old IR thermometer or looking for a reliable budget friendly one, the Flir E4 would be the one for you. It’s a cost efficient way of identifying any problems with your mechanical, electrical, and industrial problems.

The E4 is one of the cheapest product available in the market while being equipped with the latest technology to accurately identify problems.


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