FLIR E8-XT Handheld Infrared Camera Review

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Are you working in the construction field to perform building inspections, electrical, air conditioning, heating, and ventilation inspections?

Thermal imaging cameras will be the right equipment for the above fields as it produces clear images even in low light conditions and detects the issues. 

FLIR produces lots of thermal imaging cameras with the most advanced technologies. Each product in the FLIR series has excellent features to provide effective performances in various fields.

With these, the FLIR E8 compact thermal imaging camera is the best handheld thermal camera intended to produce high-performance for everyday use. 

FLIR E8-XT Handheld Infrared Camera Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • IR Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 9.6 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 1.27 pounds
  • Field of View: 45° x 34°
  • Frame Rate: 9 HZ
  • Temperature: -4°F to 1022°F
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery

If you want to identify any crucial issue in the system, FLIR E8 identifies easily and alerts the user hence they can repair the problem.

It comes with a robust design that suits both construction and home inspections.

FLIR E8 is an excellent tool to identify the problems in the electrical, mechanical, and construction fields.

The E8 XT is lightweight and well-balanced and it can detect the target up to 2 meters.

This is the most durable thermal camera among the previous models in the FLIR series because of its durability.


Compared to the previous FLIR thermal imaging cameras, E8-XT has the most advanced features which help the professionals in their field and also ease your work while handling repairs, maintenance, and home projects.


FLIR E8 thermal camera has the 320×480 infrared resolution with 76,800 pixels and it exceeds RESNET standards.

It comes with a high-quality microbolometer detector that is very important in thermal imaging technology.

The high resolution provides more accuracy while capturing thermal images, it provides excellent visual quality to identify the details in the images.

E8 -XT is the best single-handed thermal imaging camera available in the market that produces quality images with high accuracy.

When you need to do the plumbing works in your home, it provides better results from particular distances with the accurate temperature measurements.

It helps you to identify the leakages and weak points in the systems to avoid danger and future issues hence you can repair them quickly.

Multiple Modes

The FLIR E8 compact thermal camera comes with the multiple measurement modes such as center spot, area box, auto hot, or auto cold spots.

It contains the color alarm that indicates blue when the readings go below the set temperature and indicate red for the above set temperature.

It provides accurate results in all the modes with the help of fast temperature detection.

Multiple Imaging Modes E8-XT thermal camera captures and stores the visual, thermal, and MSX images with more precision.

It provides JPEG images that hold the radiometric information up to 500 images. This thermal camera has a large field of view 450×340 on a 3-inch screen. 

Using the 9 Hz frame rate, it provides the images in iron, gray, and rainbow color palettes on a browsable gallery.

It provides picture-in-picture viewing mode that helps you to capture the images in critical places like heat issues in the electrical wiring box.

Temperature Range

FLIR E8-XT works from -40 degrees to 4820 degrees Fahrenheit. Using this temperature range, it captures all the scenes and objects that you want to see regularly.

With the high accuracy level, the E8 thermal camera is perfect for home, commercial uses, and even firefighting.

While taking readings using this camera, be sure your measurements are accurate hence you can detect any issues but there might be differences in the temperature.

One button Operation

With the focus-free lens and single button, FLIR E8 thermal camera makes the quick navigation.

You can make changes in all the on-screen settings, image modes, measurement tools and the saved JPEG images with just click of the one button.

The button has a large design and easily accessible also you can operate with the gloved hand.


FLIR E8 thermal camera is lightweight, compact, and durable. It is weighted 1.27 pounds hence it is comfortable to carry every day.

This handheld design fits in your hand without being heavy in your day-to-day life. It has a rugged construction so you can get a good grip in your hands with the rubber encasing to the built-in lens cap.

It has a built-in camera to produce the quality images hence you can use that as reference images or combine with the infrared images.

FLIR E8 comes with a fixed focus system that makes you comfortable and never allows adjusting the camera to focus your objects for capturing the accurate images.

MSX Image Technology

MSX technology gives accurate details of the image while you examine the thermal images.

It is known as Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging that enhances the digital camera settings in the infrared images to produce excellent clarity.

This helps you to work faster as you can spot the issues and where it occurs quickly to avoid dangerous problems.

This technology produces the all-round thermal image with letters, numbers, textures, labels and other details to help the users to identify where the problem occurs instead of comparing with multiple images.

By making the target identification process easy, MSX technology allows you to make a detailed conclusion.

Wi-Fi Capacity

One of the best features of this FLIR E8 is Wi-Fi connectivity. Using a network or peer-to-peer setup, you can share the details and images quickly from your mobile devices.

This is very useful when you need any conversion to share; the FLIR’s software includes this system. It is not a barrier to the location hence the information passes rapidly and the proper actions can be done perfectly.

Battery Life

FLIR E8 infrared camera is built with the standard, quick-release lithium-ion battery that lasts up to four hours on a single charge.

This camera doesn’t contain the external charger hence you can recharge the battery when it runs low. The battery is placed on the base of this camera and it can be recharged using the USB cable.


FLIR provides the most extensive warranty compared to the other brands available on the market.

All the thermal cameras that are produced from FLIR have 10-5-2 protection.

With this protection, E8-XT has five years of warranted battery and 10 years of the detector.


FLIR E8-XT infrared camera replaces the previous models with the more advanced thermal imaging solution.

It comes with a low price yet produces excellent quality images in good packages.

If you’re searching for the advanced infrared thermal camera, FLIR E8-XT is the perfect one for you.

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