FLIR MD-625 Heat Seeking Night Vision Camera Review

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The M-Series Thermal camera is one of the best editions from FLIR products. These thermal imaging cameras are specially designed for the marine. In this type, there are a lot of options available in the sensor and resolution of the camera for a wide range of views. 

These types of thermal cameras are mostly used for the search, rescue, and security purposes of marine. The FLIR-625 Thermal camera is an affordable choice in the M-Series.

You just mount this camera on the surface of the ship and survey the surface of the ocean in day and night. After declining the hundreds of thermal cameras, we choose this is the best one for ocean surveillance.

FLIR MD-625 Heat Seeking Night Vision Camera Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Thermal Resolution: 640 x 480
  • Refresh Rate: 30 Hz
  • E-Zoom: 1x to 4x
  • Output: Video
  • Field of View: 25° × 20°
  • Display: LCD Screen
  • Detection Range: 2700 ft
  • Operating Temperature: -13°F to +131°F


The strong and durable materials are used for the design of this thermal camera.

The housing is specially designed to protect the camera from sand, dust, water, wind, salt mist, shock, lightning, and vibration.

The size of this camera is 6×7 inches, and the weight is approximately 3 lbs.

Thermal Sensor

The VOx Microbolometer type sensors are used in this thermal camera; it offers the 640×480 high-resolution thermal image for the clear view.

The high-quality thermal technology is used in this camera, so it will easily detect navigation aids, floating objects in the water.

Using the 0.35 lux high sensitivity mode is able to detect the object within a second, and you can easily get all details about the image.

Image Processing

This marine thermal camera has the FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement System for image processing.

Due to this, you can easily identify the objects up to 130 yards. The output video format of this camera is NTSC or PAL, and the refreshing rate is 30 Hz.

Adjustment Range

By using the Joystick controller, you can adjust the angle of the camera.

You can pan the lens of the camera from -30° to 30° per key, and tilt the lens from -27° to +34°, when you fixed the correct angle of the camera, you just locked in at installation. Due to this adjustment range, you can survey under 360° of your surroundings.

Sensor320×240 VOx Microbolometer640×480 VOx Microbolometer640×480 VOx Microbolometer
FOV24° × 18°25° × 20°18° × 14°
Focal19 mm25 mm35 mm
E-zoom2X2X, 4X2X, 4X
Detection1500 ft2700 ft3900 ft
Size7 x 11.2 inches7 x 11.2 inches7 x 11.4 inches
Weight9 lbs9 lbs11.5 lbs


The controller of this thermal camera has the Heated LCD Screen, and it is designed by the high-quality materials to get high-quality visual experience. This LCD Display has the 640 X 480 resolution to get a clear and high-quality image.


The magnification range is most important for a clear view of long-distance. The magnification range of this camera is 2x to 4x; by using this range, you can detect the objects up to 2700 ft. These zooming options help to detect the objects in night time also, so it is a perfect choice for day and night use. 


The video is the output form of this FLIR Md-625 Thermal Night Night vision camera. The NTSC or PAL is the video format in the 30 Hz range; the F-type BNC with the BNC to RCA adapter is used for video output. 

Temperature Range

Due to the design of this Thermal Night Vision Camera, it will easily be adapted to all hard situations. The operating temperature range of this camera is -13°F to +131°F, so you can use this to anywhere, and the storage temperature range is -40°F to +185°F; due to this temperature range, it is the perfect choice for ocean survey. 

Connectivity and Power

This Md-625 thermal camera has ethernet connectivity, so you can connect this device with multiple control stations.

Apart from the joystick, you can control this camera on your phone, control station of the ship, etc. Due to this feature, you can control this camera from anywhere. 

The PoE injector is required for the power source of this camera, and the PoE injector needs 12-24 VDC for the power. The power consumption range of this camera is 4.8-12.5W.

Color Palettes

This night vision thermal camera has 7 color palettes for video detection. Black hot, White-hot, Red hot, Fusion, Rainbow, High-resolution detail and low-light video are the options in the color palettes of this camera.

Due to these options, you can get a clear view of all climate conditions, and it gives the opportunity to capture the vision based on your applications. 


The whole package of this camera has a camera head with 11-inch pigtails, 25′ Ethernet cable, 25′ Analog Video Cable, Operator Manual CD, and PoE injector.

The 25′ Ethernet cable is used to control the camera in the control station, and the 25′ analog video cable is used to capture the video output. By using the manual CD, you can find how to operate this camera. 

Applications of Md-625 Thermal Night Vision Camera

This thermal camera has a wide range of applications, you can use this for

  • Covert Surveillance
  • Enforcement Operation
  • Search and Rescue
  • Threat Detection
  • Operations and onboard Security
  • Patrol and Port Security
  • Oil Spill Management
  • Firefighting
  • Iceberg Avoidance
  • Sun glare

Final Words

Using the Md-625 Thermal Night vision camera, whether it is day or night, you can spend a lot of time in the water without any fear. Due to the features, this device is more useful for marine patrol, security, etc.

This thermal camera is also recommended for the person who spends more time in the ocean like marine enthusiasts. We hope our review will help you to purchase the best thermal camera for marine.

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