FLIR Systems PATHFINDER IR II Fast Video Kit Review

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Are you looking for the night vision system for your car or other vehicles? FLIR Systems PATHFINDER IR II Fast Video Kit is there for you, which guides you while traveling at night time. FLIR is the most popular brand which provides thermal imaging products in the market. In this case, PathFinder II is one of the thermal night vision systems that provide a great solution for night travelers.

FLIR systems PathFinder II is the most powerful thermal night vision system available in the market at a reasonable price. We have provided a complete review of the FLIR Systems PathFinder II Fast Video Kit. We hope this review will help you to know the features and functionalities of the PathFinder. Let’s go for the review.

FLIR Systems PathFinder II Fast Video Kit Review

PathFinder II Fast Video Kit helps you to see the roadside hazards or risks clearly in the complete darkness, and it gives an alert to the nearby people, vehicles, and animals. Basically, the headlights illuminate 450 feet ahead, but the PathFinder detects the heat without the need for the help of the light, and it allows you to see the distance up to four times of the road.

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  • Thermal Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Lens Diameter: 19mm
  • Field of View: 24 x 18
  • Refresh Rate: 30 Hz
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 80° C
  • Power Requirements: 12VDC
  • Dimensions: 2.6 x 3.4 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight: 0.6 lb

It provides you the ability to avoid the accident that happens through the smoke, dust, fog, etc. The PathFinder II operates its infrared video to capture the walkers and animals and displays them on the monitor. It also installs with computer and gaming devices easily. 

Rugged Construction

The PathFinder II Fast Video Kit comes with the rugged construction to withstand any condition. It contains the built-in heating element and housing lens window that is highly impact-resistant, and you can replace the window if needed. The FLIR Systems PathFinder II camera is IP69 rated and hermetically sealed, so it withstands dust and water intrusion.

Thermal Resolution

The PathFinder II Fast Video Kit has a 320 x 240 thermal resolution, 24 x 18 field of view and 19mm integrated lens that allows you to provide a better view of the objects. The PathFinder II is a night vision thermal camera designed for vehicles that provide accurate visibility to the drivers in any environmental situation. It is specially designed for roadside applications; it combines the infrared thermal imaging with durability, so it provides you a comfortable ride on the road at low-light conditions.


FLIR Systems PathFinder II camera operates the 12 VDC input power, and it contains the standard NTSC or PAL video output that fits with the displays or monitors to provide the perfect view. You can connect the PathFinder II with the actual vehicle head and you to make sure that the right input is available. If the head unit doesn’t have the right input, there are a lot of adapters available for BNC to HDMI and many more configurations online. It has a female BNC jack output. Most of the users used these adapters with the PathFinder II but not sure that any third-party adapter will work.

Easy Installation

Installing the FLIR Systems PathFinder II Fast Video Kit is very simple. First, you should find the mounting location. The FLIR recommends that the mounting distance must be between 19 and 31 inches while measuring from the ground level, and the height is 25.5 inches. To get the perfect view of the walkers and animals, you

should mount the camera in the center of the vehicle. Finally, you have to make sure that the camera is mounted possibly for the road and center of the image is aligned with the horizon. To function the camera, you should install the PathFinder II ECU additionally to the camera body because the camera doesn’t work without the ECU. The ECU is not a weather-resistant, and you must mount it inside the camera’s cabin.

Final Words

With the driver night vision camera system, you can see the vehicle, people, animals, and other hazards on the roads at low-light conditions or any other weather conditions. The FLIR PathFinder II Fast Video Kit is one of the best night vision thermal cameras for the vehicle on the market. It provides you the perfect solution, whether the day or night, and it allows you to see through the smoke, dust, and fog. After reading this review, you will get a clear idea about the PathFinder II Fast Video Kit and make a valuable purchase.