FLIR Systems TONIGHT PathfindER Kit Review

FLIR Systems TONIGHT PathfindER Kit Review

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Are you looking for a thermal imaging camera for safe night driving? Most of the accidents happen in the night time, the PathFinder LE system from FLIR is specially designed for your vehicles.

The thermal sensor of this product is capturing the thermal image and converting it into 2-dimensional images and shows the image in the monitor inside the vehicle.

So you can clearly view your surroundings into the dark. This PathfindER LE is the most helpful device for a drive in the worst weather conditions. Purchasing a PathfindER is one of the sophisticated and important instruments for your vehicle.

FLIR System PathfindER Kit Review

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Sensor: Uncooled microbolometer
  • Image Resolution: 320×240
  • Focal Length: 19mm
  • Field of View: 24 degrees
  • Spectral Band: 8-14 micro

Vision Enhancement System

You can use this high-performance PathfindER LE for your safe driving; it offers better situational awareness than the traditional headlight of the car.

The vision enhancement system of this thermal camera offers a clear view of the unfavorable weather conditions. This system shows the object based on the heat temperature, and it does not reflect the lights as you see in your eyes.

The vision enhancement system in the PathfindER LE thermal camera shows the hot area in white color and cold areas in black color.

Heating Element

The in-built heat element is designed in this PathfindER LE thermal camera; it will protect your device from the ice build-up in the cold weather conditions.

This setting is automatically turned on when the temperature is less than 4-degree Celsius and turns off when the temperature is more than 6-degree celsius. 

Operating Temperature 

You can use this PathfindER Kit under -40 to 80-degree celsius, so it will show a clear view in icy weather conditions. Due to this temperature range, you can also safely drive into the dense fog. 

Thermal Sensor and Display

The uncooled microbolometer type sensor is used in this PathfindER Kit. Due to this latest solid-state design sensor, you can use it for a long time with automatic image optimization. The image quality of this thermal sensor is 320×240 pixels. 

flir pathfinder display

The thermal sensor is connected with the PAL or NTSC monitor into the car; it will display the Black and white thermal images that are detected by the sensor. The monitor requires 75-ohm input energy to display the video or image. 

Interface Cable

The standard 20-foot cable is used in this Kit; it ensures that the PathfindER LE is perfectly connected in your vehicle.

The one end of the cable has two open power leads, which helps to connect with the PathfindER, and the other end has the BNC video connection that will help to connect with the monitor of your vehicle. 

Automatic Shutter

The automatic image correction feature is integrated into this PathfindER LE kit; the internal calibration shutter is connected through this feature.

It will activate automatically in every 2 minutes of the initial startup and the large temperature changes in the environment. The images freeze for half a second at the time of this function.

During this calibration, the frozen images are shown in the small white box of the screen.

PathfindER LE Installation

This is the smallest imaging system, so you can easily fit the grills and other small areas of your vehicle. The internal heating elements offer a clear and high-quality image in the cold weather conditions.

PathiFndIT LE Installation

It is connected with a standard cable. Make sure that the windshields and other glass materials do not block the mounting location of PathfindER. 

You have to contact the installer or the dealer from the FLIR System to install the PathfindER Kit. If you aren’t able to contact them, then we recommend contacting the reputed audio or video installation shop, which has experience in the mobile video system integration. 

The wire connections require special care with the integrating techniques; the improper installation leads to camera damage. Some exterior changes may be required for your vehicle for the installation.

Moreover, you have to combine the display unit of your car with the multi-functional display unit. 

Final Words

The FLIR System TONIGHT PathfindER Kit is the best solution for safe travel in the night time. By using this product, you can avoid accidents in the night time.

The thermal sensor of this camera shows the thermal images and videos of your surroundings, but it does not show the clear image of the object. However, using this PathfindER kit, you can identify the object in your way. We hope this review will help you with your purchase.

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