FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera Review

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FLIR is the leading company that manufactures lots of thermal imaging products with high-quality features.

FLIR assures that all their products give you better performance and quick results. FLIR sets the benchmark among its competitors by producing innovative thermal cameras.

FLIR continuously produces various models in the TG series. Now, it releases the latest model called FLIR TG267 is the most powerful spot camera.

TG267 is the budget-friendly thermal camera for most of the electricians. If you’re searching for the affordable thermal camera, full-filled features, FLIR TG267 thermal camera is perfect for you.

To know more about this, we’ve provided a complete review of FLIR TG267 with lots of studies and research.

FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera Review

FLIR TG267 is a  versatile thermal camera for the industries to find the problems.

It is also the non-contact temperature measurement that allows professionals to inspect the tools and identify the problems safely from a distance.

FLIR TG267 indicates large issues by visualizing the hot and cold places in the industry.

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  • IR Resolution: 160 X 120 pixels
  • Display Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Display: 2.4-inch LCD display
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <70 mK
  • Field of View: 57° x 44°
  • Frame Rate: 9 Hz
  • Temperature Range: -25 to 380°C

It contains the thermocouple probe that allows you to inspect the HVAC systems and provides accurate temperature readings.

The TG267 thermal camera is a great additional product in the FLIR’s TG series that helps the professionals to reduce the inspection time and repairs quickly.


FLIR TG267 comes with a list of advanced features that provide you the better performance. Let’s see some of the features which are mostly used by the TG267 thermal camera.


FLIR TG267 contains a better resolution of 160 x 120 pixels and enhanced thermal sensitivity that allows you to inspect electrical systems, buildings, HVACs, mechanical systems.

It provides you the quality thermal images so you can easily identify the problems and create quality reports.

With the thermal resolution, you can experience the difference that you make on the industries.

Design & Construction

FLIR TG267 thermal camera constructed with a compact and rugged design with many protective elements.

It withstands up to 2-meter and works at any environmental conditions. It is enclosed with the IP54, so it protects the camera from the dust and water damages.

It is built with the 2.4-inch screen which is larger than the other models and it displays the images of the problem clearly so you can easily identify the problem.

It allows you to inspect and capture images at the temperature ranges from -25° C to 380° C. TG267 looks very stylish with the black exterior and colorful display. 

MSX Technology

The MSX is the patented technology of FLIR that provides more details and quality to the thermal image.

It improves the clarity of the image while inspecting and adds visible elements such as words, numbers, outlines from the digital image to the infrared image.

MSX improves the quality of both thermal and digital images so you can identify the problem quickly.

Built-in Flashlight

FLIR TG267 comes with the built-in flashlight that allows you to inspect in the dark areas. With this, your eyes can able to see the objects through the display screen. It is a 6500K LED flashlight that can be switched on and off according to your needs.

Image Storage

TG267 thermal camera includes the 4 GB SD card that allows you to store up to 50,000 images.

The captured images can be stored in JPEG format and easily transferred to your mobile phones or laptop using the USB cable.

With this, you can monitor the maintenance of the system and clarify to your team that all the problems can be solved, and the systems work properly.

Bluetooth Connectivity

FLIR TG 267 contains the Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) connection, which is also known as a meter link connection.

With this, you can connect your smartphone or other devices with the camera using the FLIR Tools app.

It allows you to upload the thermal images and measurements while on the field. Other than this, you can transfer the images using the USB cable.

Battery Life

TG 267 comes with the 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides you the five hours of operation time.

You can recharge the camera using the USB cable or other charging systems, and it takes six hours to fully charge.

If you recharge the battery overnight, it won’t die in the middle of the operation.


  • Electrical Systems
  • Building 
  • HVAC
  • Maintenance Facility

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Final Words

The FLIR TG267 is the powerful handheld thermal camera that identifies the problems more effectively.

It helps the electrical technicians, building inspectors, HAVC technicians, and mechanical engineers to inspect the issues.

The TG267 provides you the crisp and clear thermal images so you can easily identify the problems and repairs them quickly.

If you are planning to buy a budget-friendly thermal camera for commercial use, we suggest the FLIR TG267 thermal camera.

We hope this review will help you to choose the best choice for your needs.

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  1. Any thoughts on the comparison between the TG267 and FLIR E4? Looking at the specs, the TG267 seems comparable in just about every way (except longer charging time), but nothing about operation that seems dramatically inferior. But the TG267 costs $500, while the E4 costs $1000; do you have any idea as to the price difference?


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