Fluke PTi120 VS FLIR C3 Review

Written By Kim Goodwin

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Are you ready to invest a thermal camera for your electrical or building inspections in your home or industries? Then you have to find the best quality camera with excellent features and a reasonable price. There are plenty of products available on the market.

Below we will compare the two thermal cameras Fluke PTi120 VS FLIR C3 to help you to find the best thermal camera for your needs. Both brands are very popular in producing thermal cameras on the market.

They produce a lot of models for professionals and homeowners. In this review, we have provided a comparison between two particular models Fluke PTi120 and FLIR C3. Let’s see the battle.

Fluke PTi120 Review

Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager is a fully radiometric infrared imager that helps you to inspect electrical panels, motors, pumps, HVAC systems, or temperature differences, and it performs in various fields. It enables you to identify the repairs before affecting the necessary components.

It troubleshoots the industrial problems quickly and easily so you can solve the problems immediately without any crucial damages. PTi120 is very small in size, so it is easy to carry every day without a struggle. It comes with the rugged design, so it withstands the dirt, water and lasts up to 1-meter drop.


LCD Display

Fluke PTi120 thermal camera comes with the 3.4 inch LCD touchscreen display that allows you to see the captured images. You can identify the problems using the detailed thermal images. It contains the six color palettes so you can see the thermal images in different colors.

Fluke PTi120 is also equipped with the IR Fusion technology that allows you to blend the infrared images using the visible light images to varying degrees. It provides you the thermal data and details of the visible light images.

Auto Focus

Fluke PTi120 contains the LaserSharp Auto Focus that uses the in-built laser distance meter to provide both accuracy and speed. The laser-driven target detection allows you to concentrate on the target when the camera focuses on capturing the high-quality, accurate image.

Using the LaserSharp Auto Focus, you can capture high-quality images of your target with the push of a button. It allows you to take infrared images via the common barriers and perform the same inspection several times according to your maintenance. The in-built laser distance meter calculates the distance between you and your target and displays it on the LCD display.

Multi-Sharp Focus

MultiSharp Focus captures multiple images at different distances and combines them into a single accurate image. With MultiSharp focus, you can reduce the need for taking individual images of targets. It reduces the time to capture multiple images, and it captures the images even in the sunlight.

Auto Storage

With the Fluke PTi120 thermal imager, you can save your time to sort the images. By scanning your QR code or barcode, your images and all your date and time-stamped information will store in your folders. You can send through Wi-Fi or directly upload the images to your PC or laptops using the USB cable. Therefore, you can easily find problems before they become damaged.


  • Building Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Industrial Process

Fluke PTi120 VS FLIR C3 Review

FLIR C3 Compact Thermal Camera Review

FLIR C3 is a pocket-sized and full-featured thermal camera that allows you to perform fast and accurate inspections in various fields. The C3 is the upgraded version of the C2 with the same features, but with the additional Wi-Fi capability, you can easily transfer the images and reports. 

The C3 is very compact and contains many features, so it is great for the building inspectors to identify the problems of water leakages, moisture intrusion, HVAC, electrical faults, and maintenance. The main advantage of the FLIR C3 is that it is very compact and can easily fit in any pockets, so it is very convenient to carry with you for every inspection. It contains all special functions that you need to use when out of the field, so it is more effective and comfortable for the professionals.


Pocket-sized Design

FLIR C3 compact thermal camera allows you to carry it with them in the field while inspecting. It is lightweight and very small, so you don’t need any bag while carrying this. Its tiny size allows it to fit in any pocket easily.

Strong Construction

FLIR C3 compact thermal camera is constructed with the rugged design to withstands the falls up to 6 ft, so it is ideal for construction sites or other dangerous areas. It contains a rubber exterior that provides simple handling while it has the internal components.

MSX Image Technology

The FLIR C3 thermal camera comes with the MSX image technology that provides important details from the in-built visible light camera to the infrared image.

The FLIR combines the photography with thermal images so you can stream the images via the Wi-Fi or USB cable, and you can directly see on the LCD screen. It includes information like date, numbers, letters, and labels. It helps you to identify the location of the heat problem. With this, you can find the problems, create reports, and make conclusions.

High-Quality Display

The 3-inch touch screen provides quality thermal images and user-friendly operation while inspecting. The touch screen displays the thermal images, visible images, MSX, picture-in-picture, and if you want to view the gallery, it will display the previously stored images. With the thermal box, the picture-in-picture mode allows displaying the thermal images on top of the normal images.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Wireless capability is the advanced feature of the FLIR C3 thermal imager that connects your laptop or smartphones with the FLIR mobile app. The mobile app allows you to capture the images to the camera and download the images. It is a very useful feature to share the images with the homeowners or other professionals while inspecting.

Final Words

In this review, we have compared and reviewed the two thermal imaging cameras from two different brands. Both the cameras are pocket-sized and lightweight, and they are suitable for inspecting the building, electrical, HVAC systems, and others. But most of the professionals use the Fluke PTi120 thermal imager and both the professional and homeowners using the FLIR C3 compact thermal camera. We hope that the Fluke PTi120 VS FLIR C3 review will help you to buy the best thermal camera according to your requirements.

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