Hti HT-19 Thermal Camera Review – (320 x 240 High Resolution Camera)

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The HTI-19 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera has professional quality with improved 320 x 240 resolution that is helpful to use around in an emergency, home, and office.

It comes with five color scale palettes and an accurate 2.5°F temperature reading. Thermal imaging normally displays the image in a range of orange, yellow, blue, red, and green. However, some cameras directly do something similar or grayscale correction. 

This HTI-19 IR Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is a great value for its price. It is one of the few thermal cameras that go for a price much less than $1000. 

The advantage of thermal cameras is that they do not require any light, simply imaging-based on the differences in thermal radiation produced by the environment and anything that could be moving around within.

Many smartphones have thermal options in them, and in modern times a dedicated thermal camera isn’t very costly.

Hti HT-19 Thermal Imager Review

The HTI-19 features a high resolution at 320x 240, a five-color palette that is displayed on the 3.2 “color screen, allowing a fast and accurate readout. The thermal camera’s measurements are 8.8x 3.6x 3.3 inches and its weight is 13.3 ounces. The HTI-19 includes an integrated 3 GB memory card where images can be stored. 


  • Relatively small
  • 5 color palettes
  • 3 GB build-in memory card


  • Based on customer reviews, HTI-19 can be noisy at low temperatures, and can only save images in JPEG format, with no choice in the RAW format.
SpecificationsThe Package Includes
Field angle: 26° x 34°/2.0mThermal sensitivity: 0.07° C320 x 240 IR Thermal Imaging Camera
Wavelength coverage: 8-14umRelative humidity: <85% RHUSB charging cable
Accuracy: +/-2% Emissivity: From 0.01 to 1.00A lithium-polymer battery
Working Temp: 0 to 45° CStorage Temp: -20 to 60° CA printed guide for users
Weight: 13.3 ouncesFrame rate: 9Hz

High Resolution: 

The HTI-19 Infrared thermal imaging camera comes with a resolution of 320x 240 and provides high usability.

5 Color Scale palettes: 

This type of new thermal imaging camera, with its 5-color palette feature, makes it more adjustable and easier to view and read.

The palette provides the choice of rainbow colors (Iron Red, Cold Color, Black and White, or White and Black).

Also, the 3.2-inch Color display screen makes thermal inspection accurate and quicker. This HTI-19 will accommodate with improved 300,000 pixels and a bright 3.2′′ color monitoring panel. This effect is given by the excellent combination of real-time thermal imaging and surface temperature.


This camera comes in lightweight and pocket-sized, so it’s easy for you to move around the field.

The ergonomic handle, strong grips and weight of less than 1 pound also make it easy to carry. It also comes with a nice travel pouch for transport and this camera is rechargeable.

Rechargeable Battery: 

1 Lithium Polymer battery comes with it. The camera battery will continue after a single charge for around 2 to 3 hours of continuous operation, and it is rechargeable.

100% Money-Back Guarantee: 

This feature also helped improve the customer’s confidence and drives service efficiency. It provides room for an efficient communication route between the users and the company, where feedback and opinions from the users reach the producers. With this feature, the new model HTI-19 Infrared thermal imaging camera with improved 320x 240 resolution has quickly become the user’s favorite thermal imaging device.

Functional Introduction of Hti HT-19 Thermal Imager

Best Used For 

HT-19 IR Infrared Thermal Imager used for different purposes. These cameras are most widely used in the following applications:

  • HVAC
  • Energy efficiency audits
  • Auto repair
  • Home inspections
  • Fire fighting
  • Farming
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • General moisture detection


MechanicalHVACFire Fighting
Facility MaintenanceFire FightingElectrical
Building DiagnosticAuto Repair

Final Thoughts

The infrared thermal imaging camera has great resolution and this will enable users to perform excellent thermal image capture jobs. The thermal tool has alightweight grip that lets users keep the camera upright longer than a bulky camera. 

ThisHTI-19 IR infrared thermal camera reviewlets you know exactly what to expect from the item, which certainly gives you the most confidence to purchase without having to learn more information.

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