Leupold LTO Tracker VS FLIR Scout TK Review


Sighting technology is the mature part of the thermal imaging devices. A thermal monocular makes this simple when you sight the objects at long distances.

Are your arms got tired of operating the riflescope for the magnified view of your target while hunting or shooting? A thermal monocular makes this simple with the thermal technology in the compact and lightweight design.

If you want to purchase a thermal monocular in the market, you have to study lots of things because it is very difficult to buy the best one among loads of products.

To overcome this, here are the two best inexpensive thermal monoculars Leupold LTO Tracker and FLIR Scout TK for you based on your needs.

Moreover, if you want the best one among these two, we go for a comparison between Leupold LTO Tracker and FLIR Scout TK.

To review and compare both of the characteristics and functionalities. Firstly, Let’s see about Leupold LTO Tracker.

Leupold LTO Tracker

If you have the right equipment for your hunting or any other activities, then no need to be worry Have a thermal imager to detect the unusual heat signs while you hunt.

Leupold offers a wide range of thermal imaging devices which will be useful if you are in law enforcement or the rescue team or you are the hunting lover. You can find high-quality products in the Leupold brand for your needs.

Leupold is a compact and effective device for hunting or spotting the animals in low-light and darkness. Leupold tracker is handheld equipment that is built with less weight and great features for hunting or spotting objects.

The monocular pick the heat signatures or the blood trails of the animals while hunting or spotting in day and night.

A thermal monocular is very comfortable to carry with you and you can use it quickly whenever you need to detect or track your object while hunting.

Leupold is an affordable thermal monocular when compared to thermal imaging devices. Hence you can use it as a great alternative for thermal imaging devices if you want to track the animals in the darkness.

This thermal monocular is precious for home safety and also it lets you view what hides behind you in the yard and helps you to protect from the dangerous animals.

High-quality Display

Leupold comes with the High-quality 390×390 resolution screen that displays the images clearly when you view the objects. This helps you to easily identify your targets in a small and dark environment.

LTO Screen is not much big but still, that displays all the objects clearly whether it’s a person, a tree, etc. This thermal monocular refreshes the image 25 times per second. It produces images like the same as a real movement.

Leupold thermal monocular also has a fixed reticle hence the focus doesn’t change. You can zoom up the screen that can be used while you need a closer view of the long-distance objects.


Leupold thermal monocular comes with a sensitive 320 x 240 infrared sensor. It detects your targets from the distance up to 750 yards using the heat signatures of the object.

Moreover, you can find the objects from the 1500 yards distance when it is around 50° F outside. If you don’t want to be too close with the animal you take a shot, this will make it easy.


Leupold thermal monocular is 5.8 inches long and built with the compact design hence it easily fits in any hunting equipment and takes less space while carrying. It weighed less than 10 ounces hence you don’t need to struggle; it won’t add any weights to your hunting equipment while on the field.

You can hold this comfortably with one hand while watching the surroundings. It is water-resistant and the housing is completely protected from the dust and can endure in water up to 1 meter without any damage.

Leupold thermal monocular doesn’t endure recoil from the high-quality weapon. Some users have used it on their equipment with soft recoil like a pistol. This monocular is not designed to mount on the rifle of any size.

Battery life

Leupold LTO is designed with the one C123 battery that has 10 hours of a lifetime and lasts up to your operation. This type of battery is very useful because it is immediately available at any time hence you can replace them easily.

This Leupold is charged within 4 seconds. It is designed to shut down automatically if you didn’t use it for 15 minutes. If you have to stay a long time in the field, it saves you from the died battery.

Other important features


The LTO comes in a very useful 6x digital zoom that allows you to zoom your targets for quick and easy identification. This 6x zoom makes your image little blur but that is to be expected when increasing the size of the original image to 6 times. However, this is a helpful feature while hunting at long-distances.

Wide-Angle View

This monocular takes photos and displays them in a wide range using this feature. This provides better identification of objects and even recognizing them at longer distances.

Color Palettes

Leupold thermal monocular contains 8 color palette options and allows you to choose any of these colors by clicking the button.

The eight-color palettes are white, black, hi-white, hi-black, green, red, orange and copper. This lets you customize the display setting hence you can see the heat signatures by the color you choose.


Three pushbuttons are placed on top of the LTO monoculars and they are used to control the several features. The left side of the button allows you to change the color palettes and the center button is used for the zoom in and out. Using the right-side button, you can able to on and off them while you need it.


The Leupold thermal monocular comes with some accessories such as a case and a spare battery. The case preserves the battery from the impact. Using the spare battery, you can always have a backup power when you needed.


FLIR Scout TK is a compact-sized thermal monocular that helps to identify your objects in low light and night environments. It exposes your surroundings and allows you to see people, objects, and animals more than 100 yards. FLIR is designed with the thermal technology to detect the heat signatures of the object.

FLIR Scout TK is the most affordable product in the Scout series and it has logical menu settings that help you with the easy operation. This thermal viewer built with the camera that allows you to capture the pictures and record videos of the objects you targeted.

The captured images are stored in the external memory and you can transfer them into your PC or smartphones. FLIR Scout has microbolometers that help to detect the heat signatures of the objects.

This thermal viewer is also an excellent tool for home safety and private safety at the low light conditions. It lets you protect your home or business at night time and also help to search for your missing pets.


FLIR Scout is built with the 160 x 120 pixels of the display resolution and this resolution is expanded to the 640 x 480 LCD screen resolution. This helps to produce high-quality images and videos of your targeted objects.

This Scout comes with a solid 20-degree lens that ensures the vision of the field and produces clear images of the long-distance objects.


This FLIR thermal image viewer contains the advanced thermal sensor called VOX microbolometer. This sensor stands as the best for its lightweight and compact size. However, this is the best thermal monocular because of its excellent quality even it doesn’t have a high-resolution thermal sensor.


FLIR Scout thermal monocular has a great user interface that helps you to operate easily. It has four buttons for controlling the device. The power button is used to on and off the device, it takes 5 seconds to startup. Next, the camera button is used to take both photos and videos with the short press and long press of a button.

The brightness button displays brightness and the thermal palettes button is used to change the colors based on your preference.

The USB port helps you to transfer the pictures and videos that you capture from the monocular to your PC or laptops easily.

Color Palettes

The color palettes have 8 different colors that help you to change the colors of your pictures and videos in your preferred colors based on your needs. 

Battery Life

FLIR Scout comes with the rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that has five hours of a lifetime and lasts up to your operation.

This thermal monocular is the IP67 water-resistant hence this thermal imager can withstand in water up to three feet and it is fully dustproof.


Scout TK has the capacity to store 1000 photos and it records the videos for four hours. You can upload the pictures and videos via the USB Port to your computer or laptops.

Leupold LTO Track VS FLIR Scout TK

If you individually do a side-by-side comparison with the key product specification of Leupold LTO Track and FLIR Scout TK, it is shown that absolutely LTO is the best of this comparison in most of the features.

Leupold LTO Tracker

  • Frame Rate: 30 Hz

  • Display Resolution: 240 x 204

  • Sensor Resolution: 206 x 156

  • Detection Range:  600 yards

  • Startup Time: Less than 3 seconds

  • Battery Life: 10 hours


  • Frame Rate: Less than 9 Hz

  • Display Resolution: 640 x 480

  • Sensor Resolution: 160 x 120 Microbolometer

  • Detection Range:  100 yards

  • Startup Time: Less than 5 seconds

  • Battery Life: 5 hours

The Scout TK thermal monocular comes with built-in a video recording feature with lens caps and has the digital detail improvement for the image processing. If you think that video recording is necessary, FLIR Scout TK is a suitable thermal monocular for you because LTO doesn’t have this feature.

Final Words

A thermal monocular is mainly invented for those who go for hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoors activities. But it also used for home security at night times to search your missed properties hence this is a useful device for your daily use.

Leupold LTO Tracker and FLIR Scout TK are the best affordable thermal monoculars on the market. In this review, we’ve compared both products according to their features and performance. We’ve given an idea and a clear review of the products above, it’s not under compulsion to purchase the best one from our review, pick the one which suits your needs.

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