Leupold LTO HD Thermal Imaging Tracker Review

Written By Kim Goodwin

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Notes: This products is now discontinued. Find other relevant trackers and scope here.

Leupold has been producing a wide range of high-end quality thermal imaging and night vision optics. If you are in law enforcement, then you can believe Leupold when you are searching for sighting devices.

LTO HD trackers are the best series of thermal viewers from Leupold. Their compact size, lightweight, HD quality, long operation time and affordable price make the series a big hit in the thermal monocular industry.

In this review, we are going to review Leupold LTO HD thermal viewer and compare it with its fellow models such as Leupold LTO 2 HD and FLIR Scout TK.

Leupold LTO Tracker HD Review

This handheld thermal viewer works by the object’s heat signs. It helps to see the objects and other environmental features on day or night. Its daylight condition doesn’t affect the optics. If you’re not mounting the handheld tracker with your rifle, then what will you be doing with it?

The thermal imaging tracker is handy, and you can easily carry it in your pocket. It helps you to see the target accurately.

Generally, the thermal imaging trackers come at an affordable price when compared to the thermal imaging scopes. You can use this tracker for your home security purpose too.

High Display Resolution

This thermal imaging tracker has a 390*390 resolution display that delivers high-quality images to you. It helps to achieve your target even in no light condition. The screen of the LTO is not bigger; however, you can get a precise detail.

The high refresh rate is 25Hz, which means it refreshes the images 25 times per second. It delivers images with real-time mode and reduces shakes and jumps too. 

It comes with a fixed reticle so that you can’t change the focus, but you can zoom for up to 6 X. 

Wide-angle of View

This imager offers a 24-degree wide field of view so you can detect the object clearly while you are away from your target.

Thermal Sensor

The highlight of this Leupold LTO tracker is the 320*420 infrared sensor. It identifies objects up to 750 yards, so you don’t have to be too close with the animal to take the picture. 


Leupold HD comes with three push button, which is located on the top of the tracker. The left button is used to change the color palettes, while the right button for toggle off and on. You can zoom in and out by using the center button. 

Color Palettes

There are eight color palettes available in this tracker HD; hence you can choose one from these as per your needs. It offers copper, black, orange, white, green, red, and hi-black.

White Hot
Black Highlight
Black Hot
White Highlight Range

Compact and Strong Construction

The length of this thermal tracker is only 5.8 inches, which is very small to hold with one hand. It doesn’t require more space to store, and it also comes around only 7 pounds. It means you don’t have to strain to carry it. 

It is a water-resistant device. It is made of excellent quality materials that protect your tracker from the dust. It endures into the water up to 1 meter without any breakage.

6 X Digital Zoom

You can zoom in your target with the 6 X digital zooming option. Generally, the original image will blur while using 6 X zoom, that the same thing is happening in this tracker. You’ll get a slight blur image with a 6 X digital zoom. It is convenient and more helpful to you to achieve your target.

Battery Life

The C123 battery powers LTO tracker HD, and it gives enough performance for up to 3 hours. It is readily available, and you can use this with other devices too. It is designed with auto shut off function, which means it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of the rest position. It helps you to save the battery and works for more hours.


The package includes a case and an extra battery. The case prevents the device from any damage, while the extra battery is always helpful for long time use.

Warranty Detail

You will get a 2-year limited warranty along with this Leupold thermal HD tracker. It is unbelievable to have an extended warranty because some manufacturers don’t provide a guarantee for more than one year. If you have any issues with the Leupold, the company will repair and replace the product.

Leupold LTO Tracker 2 HD Review

When the technology is improving, then the updating product is common. The LTO Tracker 2 HD was the updated version of HD and offered more features than HD. It comes with user dimmable 390*390 resolutions display, so you’ll get a clear view of the object.

Thermal Sensor

Thankfully, it comes with a 320*240 thermal sensor, which gives impressive images when compared to other LTO series devices. Like the HD tracker, you can view the clear target up to 750 yards.

Refresh Rate and Housing

Its 25 Hz refresh rate is more enough for your hunting. The highlight feature is a 1.2-inch gorilla glass AMOLED display, and the aluminum housing ensures durability. 


The 2 HD tracker has six palettes that allow you to choose the best one. It detects temperatures from -400 degrees Fahrenheit to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

White Green

Beacon Mode

The excellent feature of the Leupold 2 HD is beacon mode that you won’t find on other models. It is one of the powerful tools, which performs via recalibration. Hot temperatures are presented in a grayscale format. This method only works in warmer areas. While you are looking at a hillside that warms up by the sun, this mode helps you to see precise details. It is a very efficient tool for observation, particularly day time.

Finally, its battery lasts up to 3 hours, and this lightweight, handy 2 HD tracker, is an ideal choice for hunting, game watching, and more. It is a trickier model when compared to the previous version.

LTO Tracker HD Vs. LTO Tracker 2 HD – Which is The Best for You?

Leupold HD and 2 HD trackers both work well and useful for many users, even though the Leupold brand added some extra features to the 2 HD tracker.

Leupold HD is one of the best traditional thermal viewers on the market. The field of view is 24 degrees which are higher than 2 HD model. Its 6 X digital zoom enough for your hunting.

While the 2 HD offers more control when you handle it, this control helps you to change settings easily. You’ll get more flexibility while you adjust the threshold depends on your situation. You got an excellent experience by using this user-friendly 2 HD tracker.

Leupold LTO HD Vs. FLIR Scout TK- What is The Best for You?

FLIR is a pocket-size thermal imaging monocular that is suited for the entry-level hunters or shooters. It uses thermal technology to detect the images even at low light conditions. 

It is one of the cheapest products in the scout series. This scout TK comes with the logical menu settings that make the device operation easier. You can also use this monocular for our home security purpose during the night. 

It comes around only 6 ounces amount of weight; hence it is smoothly gone into your pocket. 

Video Capacity

This Scout TK allows you to take the pictures and videos of your target. These pictures are automatically stored in the flash memory so that you can transfer it into your personal computer. 


It has 20 degrees fixed lens that delivers clarity pictures while you are away from the target. You can see the objects for up to 100 yards. 

Display Resolution

FLIR scout is attached with 160 x 120 pixels core resolution, and this resolution extended to the screen at 640 x 480 resolutions. You’ll get the high-end pictures and videos of your targets by this resolution. 

Battery Life and Protection

The lithium-ion battery powers the scout TK monocular. This rechargeable battery gives continuous performance up to 5 hours and ensures long-lasting operation. You can use spare batteries for more hours of performance. 

Check out this comparison of crucial factors, and based on your needs, make the decision.

Quick Comparison Between Leupold LTO HD and FLIR Scout TK

Resolution sensor160*120320*240
Detection range100 yards750 yards
Weight6 ounces7 ounces
Field of view20 degrees24 degrees
Refresh rate9 Hz25 Hz
Color PalettesNine colorsEight colors
Battery Life5 hours3 hours
Dimension6.7 x 2.3 x 2.4 inches7.3 x 2.6 x 4.2 inches

The detection range of this Leupold is 750 yards, which is very broader than FLIR Scout TK. 

The refresh rate of the FLIR Scout is 9 Hz that it is challenging to track the target. Leupold comes with a high refresh rate of 25 Hz so you can easily trace the goal without the image breaking.

The Scout’s field of view is 20 degree while the LTO HD comes at 24 degrees. 

Both Leupold and scout TK thermal imaging monoculars are available at less than $ 1000. If you would like to purchase the cheapest thermal monocular for your hunting, then you can go with FLIR Scout TK thermal tracker viewer. If you are in a part of the rescue team, then the Leupold HD is the best option. Both work well at low light conditions. 

Other Devices in the Leupold LTO Series

Leupold LTO Quest HD

This powerful thermal imager comes with a 300-lumen flashlight. You will get the 32-degree field of view, 4 X zoom, 320*240 resolution, and 45 Hz frame rate along with this Quest HD. It is an excellent choice for your hunting, but it doesn’t design specially for hunting. The CR123 battery powers this HD that delivers 4 hours of battery life.


Most of the Leupold thermal products are slightly hard to carry around, but this Quest HD comes in palm-size that gives an easy carrying option. 

The weight of this imager is 7 ounces, and it requires less space to store. 

Color Palette

There are eight color palettes available in this Quest HD.

These are red, white-hot, black highlight, range, green, black hot, white highlight, and copper. You can test each one as per your needs. 


Not only hunting, but you can also enjoy fishing, camping, hiking along with this Quest HD.

Yes, it comes with a handy flashlight. It is very useful within your home too.


This thermal imager can be stored up to 2000 images so you can capture your hunting images.

By using the USB port, you can quickly transfer it into your computer.

Leupold LTO Quest

When we’ve compared the LTO series models, we found this Leupold LTO Quest as the best. Like the Quest HD model, it also comes with a 300-lumen flashlight. 


It uses 206*156 thermal sensor, so you don’t have to worry about the image quality.

With the 20 degrees field of view, you can quickly achieve your target.

It can detect the object up to 300 yards distance.

By using eight color palettes, you can see the images with your preferred colors. The battery life of this thermal imager is up to 4 hours. 


The LTO Quest imager is designed with a bevy of small features so that it is very comfortable to carry. 

Its rugged construction and sturdy body ensures the durability of the imager and helps to protect from any damages. It is attached to the micro USB port, which is used for charging purposes.

The fast frame rate, dependable thermal sensor, reasonable exposure distance, long battery life, all make this Quest as the best. It perfectly suits your budget.

Wrapping Up

Leupold LTO thermal tracker is an affordable tool for hunters undoubtedly. It makes your hunting experience the best, and the new version of the HD is a champion based on the price and features. If you would like to purchase a thermal viewer for the rugged backyard, Leupold LTO Tracker HD is an ultimate choice. You will get a fantastic experience by using this. 

In this review, we’ve given a clear idea about the Leupold LTO Tracker HD. We hope so this review was helpful to you to make a purchase.

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