Pulsar Accolade XP50 2.5-20×42 Thermal Binocular Review

Written By Annalena Wood

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Thermal Binoculars are a great investment for all time, but the vast majority of people are not thoughtful or interested in buying them due to unaware of them and their benefits.

The Accolade Series Thermal Binoculars are not only used in the hunting industry, but also in a variety of professional and semi-professional applications such as rescue operations, law enforcement, scouting, and so forth.

Thermal Binoculars are widely used by hunter-gatherers, night-time camping and lodging enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals looking to capture criminals, and rescue teams looking for people who are in trouble.

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Pulsar Accolade Thermal Binoculars are made with many innovative designs and improved features than the popular quantum thermal imaging binoculars.

Pulsar Accolade XP50 Thermal Binoculars

Unlike other thermal binoculars, the Pulsar Accolade is outfitted with updated thermal imaging technology and brand new mechanisms to offer distinct features.

The Integrated Laser Rangefinder is designed to take your hunting experience to the next level with the new Acolate XP50 Thermal Binoculars technologically advanced.

These useful enhancements include a stadiometric rangefinder, a picture-in-picture mode, fast-disconnecting germanium lenses, heat-shifting batteries, a heat sink for better image quality, smartphone applications, wireless remote, Wi-Fi capabilities, and so on.



  • Sensor – 640×480 @ 17 µm
  • Magnification – 2.5-20X (x8 zoom)
  • SKU (Model #) – 77414
  • Detection Range – 1800m


  • Magnification – 2.5-20X
  • Objective Lens – F50/1.2
  • Interpupillary Distance Adjustment – 56-71mm
  • Field of View (HxV), degrees / m @ 100 m – 12.4×9.3 / 21.8×16.3


  • Type – Uncooled
  • Resolution – 640×480 pixels
  • Frame rate – 50 Hz
  • Pixel pitch – 17µm

Video Recorder

  • Built-in Memory – 8 GB
  • Video / Photo Format – .avi/.jpg
  • Built-In Memory Capacity – 150 min video or ˃10 000 pictures

Power Supply

  • Capacity – 5000 mAh
  • Battery Type – Li-Ion Battery Pack IPS5
  • Output voltage – 3.7V
  • External Power Supply – 5V
  • Operating Time On Battery Pack – 7 Hours


  • Wi-Fi Standard – 802,11 b/g
  • Wi-Fi Frequency – 2.4GHz
  • Line-of-Sight Reception Range – 15m

Environmental Characteristics

  • Weight – 0.6 / 21.2 kg
  • Dimensions – 164x130x64 mm
  • Degree of Protection – IPХ7
  • Operating Temperature – -25 – +50°С

Renewable Software

The updated Accolade binocular software versions are equipped with the Stream Vision App which is compatible with Android and iOS. The software has a renewable aspect and can assist you in the initial setup and additional updates.

To offer comfortable and hand-free operation the device comes with technical capabilities like a wireless remote control and encoder wheel. It is committed to speeding up and doing great work effortlessly.

Methods of Observation

Pulsar Accolade Binocular comes with a total of 3 calibrations modes: Auto, Semi-Auto, and Manual. A well as it’s equipped with some functional modes like display-off mode, scanning mode, and 8 custom color modes.

Depending on the environmental conditions around you, image optimization can lead to the highest image quality. Because forests, mountains, and cities all have different ambient temperatures. Another option for the optimal-imaging option is the identification preset, which makes it easy to identify with no problem over long distances.

Dynamic Interpolation Distance

The distance adjustment feature of the binocular’s eyelids permits the user to better position the light for personal requirements. The distance between the eyelids of the binocular varies from person to person due to the structure.

It comes with a personal adjustment aspect to enhance viewing quality and comfort. The device never delivers poor quality dual imaging as it comes with more standard configurations.

High Resolution

The cutting-edge feature of Pulsar is also applied in this Accolade version thereby it can provide accurate visuals with premium-quality. To get a highly-detailed vision this thermal binocular is implemented with a 640×480 pixel resolution, which also works sharper and vibrant in the smallest objects that is in 2,000 yards away.

It can effectively confer real-time motion images with high-core digital display, 17µm pixel pitch core, besides, it equips with a 50 Hz of refresh rate. You can receive the crystal clear shots with the perfect position with the help of the scanning mode because it comes with the quick-adjust option to located different distances.

8 Color Palettes

To vary environmental status the binocular is composed of multi-color pallets feature with its system, which is also integrated for user preference. Except for the usual pallets white-hot and black-hot, it comes with Red Monochrome, Rainbow, Red Hot, Sepia, and Violet.

By regulating these EIGHT distinct color modes the user can identify the objects as much as faster and easier which intensifies viewing. Furthermore, using the advanced stadiametric rangefinder you can count every shot, that calculates the scale based on the volume of an object in seconds.

Color Mode

4 Different Color Palettes

Quick-Change Batteries

The battery-release mechanism of this Pulsar Accolade XP50 Binoculars makes sure swift and flawless battery performance. This IPS5 batter package can run continuously up to 8 hours in Wi-Fi mode and has a rechargeable option to make it a better device.

The IPS 5 battery pack is standard and at the same time configured with systems to improve efficiency. Previously saved surveillance methods optimize pictures in various environmental situations by identifying variations in temperature over the diverse region.

Waterproof IPX7

This IPX7 waterproof binoculars ensures that the device will deliver extraordinary benefits even in difficult and wet weather conditions, meaning the device can work even in fog, snow, rain, high waves or even water.

The IPX50 device is for sale only after it has been tested to withstand extreme natural weather conditions, and is capable of submerging up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes.

Live Video Sharing

Pairing this device with a smartphone or tablet is enough to allow the live-stream video to be accessed directly to YouTube or the user can access the Internet, allowing the device to perform this function without any interruption.Video Player00:0000:59

The device has adjustable interpupillary distance and dual eyelids to improve viewing and image quality. It has a magnification range of 2.5x to 20x, which allows you to see long-range and close objects with a smooth zooming digital focus.

Final Words

The best binocular is a piece of important equipment for hunters to make their hunting adventures more interesting.

If you’re looking for a perfect thermal binocular, it’s best to consider the Pulsar Accolade XP50 Thermal Binocular to offer better experiences. I think it’s suitable for all the professionals, beginners and hobbyists in hunting and else.

This Pulsar Accolade XP50 Thermal Binoculars has full of digital functionality, which is flexible for the hunters, hikers, rescue team, law enforcement and more. These binoculars deliver better service for the users, also it’s useful for your career in a beneficial way.

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