Pyle Infrared IR Thermal Imaging Camera/Digital Heat Sensor Spotter Review

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Pyle manufactured high quality and advanced featured products. They produced different categories of products for various applications. Their only aim is to fulfill all customer requirements and provide excellent customer support. PTIMGCM 83 IR Thermal Imaging Camera is one of their ideal products.

This handheld thermal imaging camera provides reliable, instant, and accurate heating sensing results. This Pyle handheld thermal imager is at the focus competition in the market. It is made explicitly for heavy-duty works and suitable to use in harsh environments. Because of its small handheld size, you can use it in indoor and also outdoor environments.

Pyle Infrared IR Thermal Imaging Camera

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  • Image resolution: 60×60 (3600 pixels)
  • Images capture frequency: 6HZ
  • Micro SD card support size: 16GB
  • Wide temperature range: -4 to 452 degrees F
  • Thermal sensitivity: 0.15 degree Celsius
  • Field angle: 20×20
  • Focal distance: 0.5 m
  • Weight: 2.29 lbs

Thermal Imaging features

This thermal imager is designed with more advanced features. It uses a fixed focal sensor, digital sensor, and thermal sensor that provides a comprehensive reading that is accurate for electrical inspections. It able to gives HVAC information.

This thermal imager has a 2.4-inch digital display screen that includes HD color output with four selectable color palette output readings such as grayscale, iron red, rainbow, and high contrast colors.

This color palette is used to detect the problematic spot of things. You have the option to delete the pictures and preview pictures with a digital LCD screen.

The convenient handheld design gives a simple application of point and shoots activation that assures that this device is perfect for on-site use.

You can also use this thermal imager for energy efficiency monitoring, barrier inspections, repairs, maintenance, and even troubleshooting.

This device includes a micro 4GB SD memory card which able to store above 7000 pictures, and this memory card slot is used for the secure file saving and transferring the files to the computer.

Using integrated button controls, LCD’s heat signatures preview can able to delete the unwanted images.

It has a wide detecting temperature range from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 452 degrees Fahrenheit with a little deviation.

This wide range of temperatures used to solve the house problems, and also this imager is suitable for handling the building projects and maintenance jobs.

It shows the coldest and hottest parts on the screen so you can easily find and solve the problem. This device is also used to solve the thermal insulation problems such as windows or doors that are letting the warm air out of the room.

It is designed with a small field of view at 20 x 20 degrees, and also has a fixed focal length of 0.5m. By this, you can get fast scan access through this thermal camera, and it does not require a regular focus change.

The IR sensor construction is used to take the pictures in the BMP file format with a resolution of 60×60.

Design features

This is a handheld model, so you can efficiently work with this, and you can take it to the on-site operation. The weight of this camera is at only 2.29lbs and also it comes with the wrist strap so you can use this camera when the hands at some other work.

It is designed with six automatic buttons, and four of the buttons used to navigate the images, among other two buttons, one is used for menu access, and another one is used to select the various options such as color palette.

It covers sturdy plastic, so it ensures safety even in the kid’s hands so you can choose this world thermal imager for your kids also.

Battery life

Pyle thermal camera requires four AA batteries, and these cells are readily available, and they are cheap. The run time of the battery depends upon your usage, and there is no need for any tools to change the batteries.


Pyle offers a 1-year warranty for this device and provides a reasonable price for this product. For their high-end models and a reasonable price, you need not any worry about their thermal sensor and components.

Applications of Pyle thermal camera

Solve household issues

This Pyle is used to detect the heating and cooling problems and helps to troubleshoot. So you can save your money and time. It is used to find the electrical problems affecting home appliances and also used to check the HVAC performance and its functionality.

Thermography to stay safe

It is widely used in industrial and commercial applications, and firefighters use this thermography to see through smoke, find persons, and also localize the base of a fire.

Easy troubleshoot

It is extensively used for troubleshooting and helps construction technicians to see thermal signatures, and that symbolizes heat leaks in thermal insulation and used to improve the efficiency of heating and air-conditioning units.

Save information

With a micro SD card slot, you can save above 7000 pictures and collect all the pieces of information. You can also avoid problems and report them to the technicians.

Compact and portable

This small handheld device shows a visual picture and spread the temperature over a larger area so you can capture the moving targets in real-time. It detects the object at night time.

Pyle PTIMGCM 83 IR features

• Digital fixed focal thermal sensing
• Instant result, more accurate and high reliability
• Displays hottest and coldest temperature on the screen
• Easy file transfer and easy file saving
• Micro SD card slot with 4GB memory card
• Temperature and background settings
• 2.4-inch Digital Display Screen
• Simple trigger touch button Activation
• HD High-resolution color output
• Four color selectable palette reading the output
• Capability to delete and preview images on the LCD display
• Battery: Four AA batteries, included
• Battery level/ digital power indication


  •  Compact and high portability
  • Inexpensive
  • Wide temperature range


  • A small field of view

Final verdict

If you want to buy a digital thermal camera that has a wide temperature range, long battery life, reasonable price, then Pyle Digital Thermal Imaging Camera is the best pick.

It has desperate distinct features and professional settings. With this device, you able to see through smoke and detects leaks in thermal insulation. You can use this thermal imager for home and industry inspections.

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