Seek Shot – All Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera Review

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Are you searching for a high-grade thermal imaging camera? then Seek Shot is the perfect tool for building professionals, building inspectors, contractors, engineers, and DIY homeowners.

This advanced technology captures a photo and analyzes it immediately. This thermal imaging camera comes with a toolbox that helps to identify radiant floor issues, leaks, mechanical faults, electrical shorts, and other inefficiencies resources.

Also, you can stream and share with iOS or Android devices. It comes with 5 to 15 times the higher resolution that helps to diagnose problems accurately when compared to other priced cameras.

Seek Shot All Purpose Thermal Imaging Camera

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste


  • Type: Thermal Imaging Camera
  • Technology: Thermography
  • Design: WiFi
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixel
  • Display: LCD display
  • Connection: USB type C
  • Color: Black

On-Device Analysis:

Seek Shot not only take photos but also helps to edit photos to add multiple spot measurements and analyzing it immediately. This device creates time-saving reports instantly.

It comes with temperature boxes and a color palette that allows you to identify the problem faster with accurate. By using this device, you can save a lot of time, which means you can input the necessary information and measurements.


SeekFusion helps to detect the problems and provides the standard visual images. This technology comes with an adjustable blend of optical and thermal images, which helps to speed up the diagnostic power. SeekFusion helps to convey what the picture says.

Seek Shot App:

New on-device tools help to capture, analyze, and also edit the picture in the field. This device’s main job is to diagnose the problem and gather the necessary information. It is developed by a tripod mount that allows you to fixed monitoring and collaboration. You can able to transfer the data to your iOS or Android device by using the Wi-Fi connection.

Seek Shot camera

High Resolution:

The large visual work-space offers an easy way to adjust the thermal analysis tools because you can quickly get the job done on the spot. The large touch screen is Vibrant, 3.5′ color touch screen with a 640×480 visual display that you can inspect easily. Comparing with other brands, it comes with 16 times more resolution, and it equates to clear pictures and more precise.


This compact thermal camera is designed to longevity with a durable IP-54 rating, and it is run up to 4-hours on a single charge. Seek Shot is intended to resist the most severe elements associated with multiple site situations.


Seek Shot is the pocket-sized thermal imaging camera, which provides comfortable handling. It takes control of your images by adjusting the blend visible and thermal images. It comes with various options of color palettes for displaying spot temperature in the picture. Also, it helps to detect and report the problem faster with high-resolution thermal pictures and video.

Seek Shot - Applications

Seek Shot Pro

The seek shot pro is one of the most excellent thermal imaging cameras for building professionals. It very quickly analyzes the snap photo and videos with new onboard thermography tools.

It can add spot measurements and temperature boxes to create time-saving reports on the spot. Specially diagnose problems with 15 times the resolution of comparably priced cameras. You can share and stream the data to any iOS or Android devices over WiFi. The seek shot pro is a durable and sleek thermal imaging expertise in your pocket.

Seek Shot vs. Seek Shot Pro

The seek shot and seek shot PRO are designed with the same size. The seek manufacturer comes with various models; hence you can choose the best based on your needs. Seek Shot thermal camera create time-saving reports on the spot.

It comes with Wi-Fi streaming, color touchscreen, on-device analysis, SeekFusion, and rechargeable battery. Seek Shot Pro stands as a robust device; it provides a high-quality image. That is quite-long. There are some differences between Seek Shot and Seek Shot Pro. Below we say about some essential features of these devices.


The resolution is excellent for SeekPro and Seek Shot. Seek Shot pro is a bit pricey than the Seek Shot. The Seek Pro has a 320×240 higher sensor size, as same as Seek Shot comes with a 206×156 sensor size. While considering the image clarity, Seek Pro Model is sharper.

Field of View:

Seek Shot arrives 36-degree field of view, same as Seek Shot PRO comes the 75-degree field of view. Seek Shot pro provides high-quality images, and also you can easily able to connect with the Wi-Fi.

Comparison: Seek Shot & Seek Shot Pro

Seek ShotSeek Shot Pro  
36° Field of View
Pocket-sized thermal camera
206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
Wi-Fi streaming
Rechargeable battery
Large touch screen display
4 Emissivity presets
IP-54 Rating
-40˚ to 626˚F Temperature
57° Field of View
Post capture analysis tools
320 x 240 Thermal Sensor
Lock & adjustable temp. span
IP-54 Rating
Live streaming over WiFi
-40˚ to 626˚F Temperature
Low-power consumption 

Final Words

Seek Shot is an ideal choice for thermal imaging cameras, and also it offers high-quality images. It possesses excellent capabilities that result in high-resolution images and videos.

It is a decent imaging camera and professional IR cameras. Also, it is designed with rugged construction, and you can quickly get the job done on the spot. These devices are an ergonomic design that can provide an excellent view to the user.

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