Should you Rent or Buy a Thermal Imaging Camera? Facts to Consider

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Thermal imaging camera technology is a method of enhancing the vision ability in total darkness by detecting the infrared radiation of the object. Thermal imaging is the most efficient method to identify all the heat issues. A thermal imaging camera is a non-contact heat measurement equipment and used in a wide variety of environments.

These thermal camera devices translated the thermal energy (heat energy) into visible light and produced a thermal image called a thermogram. These thermal images processed through the software and gave the report and also used to determine the problem.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal image of a women

Why thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging has many benefits; some of the most common benefits are,
• Identify overheating parts and joints in a power wire.
• Identify overheating on a motor
• Identify a load imbalance of switchgear
• Identify hot fuses in a building
• Measure extra water and mildew in a wall
• Measure and monitor heat loss in a building
• Hunting of ghosts
• It allows you to see through fog, snow, smoke, dust, and find people and animals.

Facts to consider

Thermal imaging cameras are used in many fields of application, and everyone has different needs, and they not clear about applications and working of the thermal camera. Because of the high cost and more functionality, they would like to take a thermal camera rental option.

Owning a thermal camera gives plenty of advantages. If you have the confusion about rent or own a thermal imaging camera, then here are some benefits of each option that you should consider.

Why renting?

Renting of a thermal imaging camera provides the possibility to beginners and gives the proper view of the thermography. People also hire a thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating, building heat loss, identify leaks, electrical inspections, and locating damp. Thermal imaging rental gives some advantages such as comfortable, use of the latest technology, financial controls, short term emergency needs, and peak demand requirements.

Advantages of renting

Economical choice

Hiring a thermal camera is the best cheapest option. If you are strapped for money, and this way is beneficial for you. Flir hires a professional-grade thermal imager for your home department and professional thermography project.

FLIR camera rental saves your money. FLIR thermal camera rental offers the best thermography device with no initial payment and no replacement costs. Fluke is also an industry leader, and they also rent a thermal imager with no initial cost.

For thermography professionals

A cheap rental thermal camera is perfect for pre-purchase evaluation and short-term applications.
Thermal camera rental saves your time

If you are a professional in thermography deals, you know how you lose precious time due to device failure thus rental thermal imaging cameras will decrease downtime from faulty equipment.

For homeowners

With thermal imaging inspection, you must know if you are wasting money or not. Home inspections can decrease inefficiencies and save your money. Use a rental thermal camera for your home energy audit. You don’t need any technical knowledge to operate an infrared camera so rent a thermal camera and do your home energy audit. You can also find the mold and moisture of the building.

Why owning?

If you repair home damage like mold on a wall, you have to consider that damage will return. Especially beginners realize how useful an invisible look and they want their own thermal imaging camera for multiple projects.

Advantages of owning


If you have your own thermal imaging camera, then you can use this for all sorts of applications. You can inspect your home with high frequency, find out the issues very soon, and averting expensive repairs.

Resale value

When a thermal imaging camera comes with plenty of options and improving technologies, you can resale your own thermal imaging camera and buy a new technology thermal imager.

Benefits of owning a thermal camera

Checking radiant heat location in pipes and wires

Most of the cables and pipes are hidden from our vision. If you are trying to find the broken heat pipes, then a thermal imaging camera can do that within 3 seconds. So, anytime you can use your own thermal camera for a home inspection.

Save money

If you have your own thermal imager, then you don’t worry about any rental payment. So, you can save your money.
Checking your fridge, oven, and freezer

With your own thermal device, you can check your cold and heating appliances and make them stable.

Diagnose your car

With your own thermal imager, you can find the AC cooling issues and engine misfires. Also, you can measure your body temperature.

Other renting devices

You can also rent other thermal devices. If you want to rent a thermal scope for hunting, recon, and other applications, then you have lots of options. There are many online companies ready to rent thermal rifle scopes. You can also rent night vision devices such as night-vision goggles, night vision monocular, night vision scopes, etc.


1. Can thermal cameras see through objects?

No, thermal imagers can detect the heat only, and they will not see through the clothing, brick walls, and solid objects, etc. They can detect the heat coming from the surface of the object.

2. What is the biggest difference between $3,000 and $10,000 cameras?

The difference is the thermal imager resolution. The higher range of thermal camera has a high resolution, and it gives better picture quality.

3. What are IR cameras?