Night Hunting in Wyoming: Laws & Regulations

wyoming night hunting

Planning to hunt predators at night in Wyoming?

Well, the laws and regulations are a bit different in Wyoming. So you need to know the details before setting out for the trip.

Here we take a look at some of the important ones.

General Night Hunting Laws

Is a Hunter Education Certificate required for a hunting license in Wyoming?

Yes. A certificate of competency is needed for all hunters born on or after January 1, 1966. The Hunter Safety/Education course should be approved by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and IHEA-USA. Certificates from other states which meet the IHEA-USA guidelines are accepted in Wyoming.

Note, there’s an exemption for hunters with a Hunter Mentor Program special authorization.

Are there any restrictions on the use of special equipment for night hunting in Wyoming?

Attaching any equipment with thermal or infrared imaging capability for tracking or hunting trophy game animals, big game animals, or wild bison is illegal. Using a real-time photography device or an imaging device that uses light waves beyond the normal visible light spectrum for remote viewing of such animals is also not allowed.

Is wearing fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink clothing necessary while hunting?

Yes. It’s necessary while hunting small game and game birds. Use of camouflage fluorescent orange or pink colors is also legal.

What are the legal restrictions of firearms for hunting in Wyoming?

For hunting small games, a center-fire or muzzle-loading shotgun within ten gauges can be used. It should admit one shell in the chamber and two shells in the magazine.

Note, there are other restrictions on firearms for hunting big game and game birds.

Coyote Hunting at Night

Is a license needed to hunt coyotes in Wyoming?

Coyotes can be hunted all year round and no license is required. However, the other general laws related to hunting are still valid.

Can coyotes be hunted at night in Wyoming?

It’s not permitted in public lands. But night hunting with the use of a spotlight or artificial light is permitted on private lands. Note, written permission from the landowner is required for that.

Is there any bag limit on the hunting of coyotes in Wyoming?


Is the use of electronic game calls legal for hunting coyotes in Wyoming?


Deer Hunting at Night

When is the deer hunting season in Wyoming?

The regular season is between October and December. The archery season is in September.

Can I hunt deer with night vision devices or thermal scopes in Wyoming?


Can a battery-powered scope or a built-in rangefinder be used for hunting deer?

Yes. However, the battery can’t be used to project any visible light towards the target.

Rabbit Hunting at Night

Is a license needed for hunting rabbits in Wyoming?

Yes. A bird/small game hunting license is required for hunting cottontail rabbits. Keep in mind that Pygmy rabbits are considered a protected species in Wyoming and there’s no open season for hunting them.

However, jackrabbits are considered predators. They can be hunted year-round and no license is required.

Can rabbits be hunted at night with artificial light in Wyoming?

No. The hunting hours are between one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

What are the bag limits for hunting cottontail rabbits in Wyoming?

The daily limit is 10 and the possession limit is 20.


There you are. We have answered some of the major queries related to the laws and regulations for night hunting in Wyoming.

Before you start a night hunting trip, make sure to collect some top-grade night hunting gear to beat the darkness. 

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