Top 10 Best Heating Pads 2019 – Buyer’s Guide


Modernization of today’s world has many mind-blowing inventions, discoveries, and developments in various fields but we have concentrated on only the comfortable part of this materialistic world. On the other hand, numerous deformities are formed in terms of havoc, diseases etc. People keep on working round the clock to earn money but most of that earnings are spent for the maintaining their health.

Working throughout the day make them tired and cause them pains, aches and fragility in various parts of the body and of course we do have a lot of medications to rectify those problems but the use of heat and cold treatment would be more efficient and drug-free. Treatment of the injuries, pains, swellings, inflammations, and situations like arthritis can provide better results compared to the usage of drugs.

Treatment using heat

People might be confused to understand the concept of the healing power of the heat. What does heat do to get rid of the pain? Here is your answer. We know that the blood flows through small tubes called veins, arteries and capillaries which we might have learned in the basic biological science and at the same time we know that an object expands on heating and we might have learned this in physical science. The combination of these two concepts is our answer.

When heat is applied on the injured area the heat causes the blood vessels to expand and thus there is an increased blood flow through the affected area; as the blood carries nutrients, a desirable amount of nutrients are supplied to the damaged cells in that injured area thus repairing those cells. Heat treatment is classified into two types, the first one is the dry heat treatment and as you have guessed the second one is the moist heat treatment. Dry heat treatment is given by the heat provided by the heating pads, dry heating packs and sauna belts which is also called as the conduction heat treatment.

The moist heat treatment is provided by the heat from the steam towels, moist heating packs and hot baths; apart from these two heat treatments, ultrasound heat is especially recommended for tendonitis which means pains and inflammations in the tendons. Moreover, treatments are also given based on the amount of area of injury; local treatment – in which the treatment is provided on a small area like a joint; regional treatment – in which treatment is provided to a particular part of the body; and full body treatment for the whole body.

Also, heat treatment would not work always especially for persons who have pre-existing troubles like diabetes, dermatitis, heart diseases, multiple sclerosis etc moreover pregnant ladies also should avoid the heat treatment as it may affect the child in the womb. Another part is the cold treatment which is just the reverse procedure of the heat treatment in which ice packs, cool sprays; ice baths make the injured part to reduce the blood flow and reduce nerve activity than normal and thus relieves pain.

Like the heat treatment, cold treatment has also some limitations which should not be undergone by the people with diabetes, dental problems, poor circulation, sinus etc. Heat treatment should be provided to the patients only till 20 minutes and when it exceeds the limit it may cause severe burns, irritations, redness etc and so careful surveillance is necessary in such situations and in case of the cold treatments, an excess application would cause nerve damage or even chronic fever.

This article briefs you about the use of heating pads which would be used to get rid of pain; now what is a heating pad? Heating pads are pads which are used to get rid of pain on a particular part of the body by applying warmth. Let’s have an elaborate study about the heating pads which will very help any individual in purchasing a new one with more confidence. Heating pads are usually of many types which include the electric heating pad, chemical heating pad, microwave heating pad, infrared heating pad.

Electric heating pad

Electric heating pad produces the heat by applying minimum electric supply given to the coil which resides inside the pad. It consists of an anti-flammable fabric which prevents it from catching fire, moreover hot and moist adjustments can also be made in these electric heating pads.

Chemical heating pads

As the name suggests the chemical heating pads use chemicals to produce necessary heat. As we have learned in the lower grade class, a chemical reaction which produces heat is called exothermic reaction. This exothermic reaction is produced by a chemical reaction involving a metal piece contacting sodium acetate instigating a crystalline process but the heat produced by this process will last only for several hours moreover, it is a useful and throws heating pad.

Microwave heating pad

This heating pad produces the heat by heating it in a microwave oven; it contains an anti inflammable fabric which is filled with heat retaining grains like rice, wheat, barley etc. These grains retain the heat from the microwave oven which can be used on the sore areas to relieve pain.

Infrared heating pad

Infrared heating pad consists of specially designed carbon fibers inside it which give infrared radiations and the IR rays is very much user friendly as it will not cause any damage to the skin; the infrared heating pad does not increase the blood pressure of the user and so it can also be used by the patients suffering from hypertension moreover this heating pad will not get extremely hot and so it would not cause any burns also thus proving to be a heavenly device to get rid of pain.

Heating pads are available in various sizes suitable for neck, shoulder, arms, thighs and the lower back abdomen; note that injuries in these different areas don’t require the same sized heating pads. So before buying a new heating pad don’t feel diffident and avoid hesitation in going through the manuals provided with the equipment. 

Top ten Best Heating Pads 2019

Now let’s have a glance at various heating pads available in the market which would definitely make your product knowledge awesome.

Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad

Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad

Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad is the masterpiece of the heating pads which is specially designed to fight efficiently against the pains and inflammations and swiftly provide ample relaxation. This product is built in such a way that it can both dry heat and moist heat options built inside to support the user as per their requirement. This Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad uses the ultra heat technology which allows 3 different settings to customize the intensity of the heat provided to the part of the injury.

The size of this heating pad is like a towel with the size of 24 x 12 inches which is very much sufficient to use it on any part of the body for pain elimination. The heating element is safely housed inside a soft cover which can interact with the human body surfaces thus providing a soothing and pleasant feeling and this soft cover is also easily washable. Moreover, the presence of this soft cover also eliminates the need for an extra cloth which is to be kept between the skin and the heating pad. This Sunbeam King-Size Heating Pad can also be used as a moist heating pad by simply spraying water over it thus providing a quick relief than the dry heating treatment mode.

This reliable product doesn’t have an auto shut off option after operating for a particular time, so it is essential to remember that one should not sleep keep this heating pad switched ON and also it doesn’t have a fast heating option which might be preferable for some users. This spectacular heating pad is particularly designed for muscular cramps and arthritis sufferers as it provides a wonderful relief to them after using for 20 minutes moreover the extra long cord of 9 feet allows the user to use it anywhere inside the room without any daisy chains.

Sunbeam Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad

Sunbeam King-Size Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad

Sunbeam Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad is a good sized and extraordinary heating pad which provides more confident to the user about the relief while it starts to work. This product has size of about 24 x 12 inches which is bigger than the standard sizes available in the market moreover Sunbeam Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad is constructed by coating a micro plush fabric over it which provides a soft and relaxed touch to the user while in use and due to its rectangular size the heating pad can be even used for the back and the abdomen pain relief.

Moreover, the Sunbeam Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad is equipped with a fast heating technique which can heat the entire heating pad within 30 seconds which is 3 times faster than any other standard heating pads. This decreased heating time can be intensely helpful for the aged people who suffer acute pain and the pain would disappear in no seconds. Also, the Sunbeam Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad consists of a digital LCD controller with which the heat in the heating pad can be adjusted moreover; the display in the controller also brightens gradually as the heat in the pad increases. It is to be noted that the controller consists of 6 different temperature settings which allow the heat to be controlled more efficiently by the user.

This deep therapeutic relieving heating pad can also be used in both moist and dry conditions also according to the need of the user besides, using the moist heat treatment mode of this heating pad a mere steam bath can be given to the aged people too and also it can also be used over all parts of the body regarding its size. The most signification feature in this Sunbeam Microplush XpressHeat Heating Pad is an auto shut off mode after the heating pad has been used for 1 hour.

BodyMed Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad

BodyMed White Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad

BodyMed Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad delivers an excellent therapeutic relief after using it as prescribed which efficiently reduces strains, pains, and inflammations from the lower back, leg, neck, and shoulders. This heating pad is specially fabricated with a clean white fabric which houses the pad thus preventing the direct contact of the skin with the heating pad. This BodyMed Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad has the extra size of about 27 x 14 inches which becomes very much similar to a cloak and it can be also used for full body treatment.

By this huge size BodyMed Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad has proved that the full body treatment can not only be done by a steam bath but it can be also done by itself. The BodyMed Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad is also calibrated with the digital LCD which displays the temperature maintained by the heating pad and also displays the amount of time the heating pad is switched ON. The controls of the LCD screen are very simple enough which could be easily understood by even any new person handling it. In case of other heating pads, the user may take a nap while the pad is working and unintended movements of the user may change the parameters in the controller causing health issues and to overcome this problem an additional lockout feature in this controller prevents touching the controls unintentionally causing severe harm.

BodyMed Digital Electric Moist Heating Pad also furnished with the automatic shut off system whose timing can be fixed from 1 minute to 1 hour depending on the user’s requirement. Moist heating therapy is also built in this heating pad to provide extra care to the muscles of the users but the attractive feature here is that it does not require any water to provide a moist heating therapy instead the heating pad itself draws water from the environment.

Pure Relief Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

PureRelief Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad

Pure Relief Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad is a specially designed heating pad which suits very much for the neck and shoulder pain and inflammations. The structure of the heating pad seems to be like a scarf which can be easily fit on the shoulders moreover magnetic closure system is furnished in this heating pad which doesn’t require any button or clip to keep the heating pad in place and the user can perform their daily activities even by wearing it.

Pure Relief Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad has its outer fabric part made up high-quality micro mink fibers which soothe and provides extreme luxury to the shoulder and the neck. Just because the size matches only the shoulder it doesn’t mean that it should not be used in any other body part, of course, it can be used but make sure do not overlap the folds in the heating pad which may add up the heat to a particular level causing damage and irritation. Apart from the regular dry heat therapy, this pad is also provided with the moist heat therapy option which can also be used to provide a moist heat treatment very much similar to a steam bath.

The cord which powers this heating pad is long enough around 9 feet which makes the user be anywhere inside the room and by this feature, it does not make the user feel confined near the power board. The LED controller in the heating pad is used to control the heat and the time as per the demand of the user moreover there are 4 heat settings in this heating pad which are symbolized by 4 colors like warm green, yellow, orange and red with each color representing the intensity of heat. Besides, the2-hour automatic shut off system is fabricated to protect the user from the heat accidents causing, redness, tissue damage, and irritation.

Renue Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Renue Heat Therapy

Renue Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is a soft and fluffy heating pad which seems to like the English alphabet ‘E’ and why is the heating pad in that design?  The answer is simple the sidearm is used to be tied in front and the middle arm is to provide heat and support to the back portion of the neck. As the name of this heating pad suggests, this Renue Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is luxuriously built for soothing the muscles at neck and shoulders by reducing the pain and inflammations in those areas.

Usually employees working on a computer face a single screen with their hands always on the keyboard which makes them a machine, and this heating pad would be a boon for such users to get rid of their pain. The whole fluffy part of the Renue Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is made up of velvet micro plush fibers which are extremely soft and these microfibers can be easily washed like any other regular garment we wear and the generous size of the heating pad covers almost most of the posterior thorax which would also be wonderful when used in a winter evening.

It would be very much similar to a person with a cloak near the fireplace on a snowing winter evening. Quite fascinating. Isn’t it? The Renue Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is furnished with an LED controller which has 4 settings to adjust the heat in the pad moreover a 9 foot cord powers the heating pad is long enough allowing  the user to roam about in the room while the heating pad is in use. The magnetic clasps used in this heating pad is strong enough to keep the scarf like heating pad in place even if the user is running and jumping.

Sunbeam Renue XL Tension Relief Heat Therapy Wrap

Sunbeam Renue XL Tension Relief Heating pad

Sunbeam Renue XL Tension Relief Heat Therapy Wrap is a benevolent and extra large strain relief heating pad which provides a complete body relief to the user. The size of the Sunbeam Renue XL Tension Relief Heat Therapy Wrap covers the entire back which provides a soothing and calm relaxation to the back muscles and this type of heating pad is most suitable for the folks who toil by bending their back in their daily living. The structure seems to be a small school bag but not heavy like it and hardly this heating pad weighs 2 pounds.

This heating pad is good treatment aid for the laborers and the aged people who feel it difficult to take a bath. The magnetic closure mechanism in this heating pad is a little heavy in order to balance the weight of the heating pad at the back but it would be very heavy that you can’t carry it. This Sunbeam Renue XL Tension Relief Heat Therapy Wrap uses an extreme soft micro mink fibers which are fluffy to deal with and also it is easily washable moreover there is a massage pad enclosed inside the fabric which vibrates as per the command is given from the controller.

The digital controller used in this pad is easily controllable as it has simple buttons to press to accomplish a task. Besides the 4 heat setting available in the controller makes the user to select the temperature more accurately to provide the exact heat required by the user and also the cord of length 9 feet and the 2 hour auto shut off system contributes greatly to the heating pad to reach its culmination.

Chattanooga Digital Moist Heating Pad

Chattanooga Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad

Chattanooga Digital Moist Heating Pad is a simple heating pad which provides an intense heat therapy to the areas of muscular spasms, inflammations etc especially very helpful to individuals suffering from arthritis. The size of the heating pad is very much similar to a paper and so handling and cleaning would not be that difficult and the usage of the flannel fabric allows the heating pad to make a silky touch with the skin of the user. Since the size of the Chattanooga Digital Moist Heating Pad is rectangular it can be used any part of your body like shoulder, wrist, ankle, stomach, knee, foot etc which is subjected to pain and inflammations moreover the size of this heating pad enables the user to use it while travelling also.

This fantastic heating pad is fabricated with the lockout mode which prevents the heating from accidental increase of temperature causing burns, irritations to the user; the digital controller of the heating pad allows us to have control over the temperature emitted by the heating pad and also the time of the treatment can be determined by this heating pad from 1 to 60 minutes. Additionally, this Chattanooga Digital Moist Heating Pad doesn’t contain a automatic shut off system, so the user should be very cautious that the heating pad should be used for the standard and healthy time of 15 minutes, moreover there are no magnetic clasps used in this heating pad thus allowing the patients with the pacemakers, artificial insulin pumps to use it.

Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad

Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad

Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad is an amiable and decorous product which is most suitable for the treatment of sprains and strains on the lower back and the legs. This remarkable heating pad has simple infrastructure whose working and maintenance is very transparent to all viewers. The belt-like appearance is a tough fabric which contains a packet to hold the gel which is used for both heat and cold treatment. It is very evident in today’s world merely all the folks are tired of making repeated sit ups and pull ups in their daily work and every day at the bedtime they would feel some sort of uncomfortable feeling at their lower back and legs.

This Sunbeam Body-Shaped Heating Pad is a fruitful boon which has be invented for the relaxation and the treatment of muscular stress in a special way. The belt-like straps fit well in its place and do not come out as tight and trustworthy quality of Velcro is employed moreover these straps are flexible to a length of 70 inches which makes this heating pad to be used by any person having the hip size up to 70. The digital controller in this heating pad controls the heat in the pad by providing 5 different heat settings and also the controller can be easily detached from the entire heating pad moreover, the significant feature of this heating pad is that it can be used anywhere and regardless of whatever job the user is employed in.

XL Moist and Dry Electric Heating Pad

XL Heating Pad

XL Moist and Dry Electric Heating Pad is miraculous pain reliever which has a fabulous and superficial look with a stylish and white controller. This heating pad is made up of two kinds of fiber. One is called the knit fiber which gets heated within seconds and the other is called the micro plush fiber which provides an ultra soft comfort to the user. The size of this XL Moist and Dry Electric Heating Pad is very much similar to the standard sizes of other brands in the market which is 24 x 12 inches. This fast heating pad with the king size can be used in various body parts as per the pains and inflammations in the users body besides, the heating pads of other sizes may be tailored only to relieve the pain for a particular body part whereas this XL Moist and Dry Electric Heating Pad is an all-rounder heating pad to cure pains in all parts of the body.

The fabrics used in this pad are toughly fabricated pretty much suitable for rough usage such that it is washing machine friendly heating pad. Since it is immune to slashes from the washing machine and the water it can be used for dry heat therapy and moist heat therapy. The controllers in the heating pads contain 3 adjustable heating options named as low, medium and high-temperature options. Dry heat therapy can be done by simply switching ON the device but before you do your moist heat therapy water spray over the micro plush fiber to get good moisture to the heating pad and also this certified product is provided with the warranty of 5 years.

Sunbeam Renue Contouring Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Sunbeam Renue Contouring Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

Heat by nature has the capacity to cure strains and pains and this divine pain relieving power has been immensely bestowed on this Sunbeam Renue Contouring Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad. Sprains, stress, pain, and inflammations may occur to anyone in the world and hope no one is immune to this pain. This heating pad very much concentrates on the stress and pain on the neck and shoulders which has additional collars and shoulder cover collars designed with the ultra soft micro mink which is fluffy and also easily washable even with a washing machine. Since this heating pad is somewhat heavy, magnetic clasps are used to lock this heating pad around the user’s neck by overlapping it moreover, patients who use pacemakers, insulin pumps and other artificial stuff inside their body are not recommended with this product as it would damage their regular function.

The controller in this heating pad is handy and stylish too, with which a user can control the temperature of this pad with four heat settings thus enabling the user to warm up themselves with their required heat level moreover, this Sunbeam Renue Contouring Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad is also furnished with the 9 foot long cord with which the user can relax and soothe themselves at their desired favorite spot of their room. Additionally, the cord in the heating pad is easily detachable which provides a clean and dry wash to this product and also persons with different heights and different shoulder sizes can also make use of this efficient equipment.


We hope that the article above must have presented most crucial information about the heating pads, their types, uses and many other features in an elaborate way. It is always very important that the pregnant women should not use a heating pad of any kind unless they are advised by a doctor to do so additionally lying on a heating pad for a specific time may also damage either you or the pad. So do have properly informed and think twice before you are ready to get one, and once you are fixed on a product then go for it without any hesitation.