Best Thermal Imaging Security Cameras 2022 Reviewed

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In general, the thermal imaging technology offers a clear vision of high image resolution over the environmental calamities such as light fog, smoky area, dusty region, and deep dark surfaces.

The heat vision cameras or thermal imaging cameras are ideal for full-time surveillance purposes in order to provide the perfect security around the environmental surroundings.

The thermal imaging security cameras help to estimate the recently created footprints, hidden objects and distracting ground components by means of the sudden creation of an increase in the surrounding temperature.

The Top Thermal Imaging Security Cameras Reviewed

Best Thermal Imaging Security Cameras – 10 Cameras Reviewed

Normally, the thermal imaging security camera tends to measure the heat, which is further converted into the visible image formation.

This thermal imaging camera is more ideal for zero lighting surveillance suitable for security purposes, which works well even on the worst weather conditioning.

There are several kinds of thermal imaging cameras used for security purposes among which I have down listed some of the best rated thermal imaging security cameras for your quick reference.

Swann 8 Channel 4 Thermal Sensing Camera Security System

Swann has a premium 4 camera and 8 channel DVR-4980 5MP wired surveillance camera system to provide the perfect security around the housing.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • 4 Cameras and 8 Channels
  • 70° Viewing Angle
  • Record and Recognize Off-screen Noises
  • Night Vision up to 100ft
  • 5 Megapixel Super HD Display

This security camera works well with many electronic devices, which are equipped with a high range of metal used for perfect indoor and outdoor purposes.

This system consists of a high sensitivity detector that is 2. 4x clearer than 1080p which provide very clear view and sharp images of the things around.

This device is designed with waterproofing material and a 70-degree viewing angle to see everything in front of the camera. It offers night vision up to 100feet.

The massive 2TB hard Drive in the system stores month of the security video footage without any additional cost.

You can upload recorded footage to the cloud memory just by linking your DVR to your own Dropbox account if you have.

With the weatherproof and waterproof housing, this security system can work for you 24/7. 

It has an additional layer of evidence feature that records the off-screen noises and identifies voices by their gender, age, accent, and language. With this feature, you can make sure your family members are safe and well-taken care.


  • 4 cameras 8 channels
  • Light weight device
  • Clear vision control


  • No major cons

Lorex 8MP 4K IP Bullet Security Camera

The Lorex 8MP 4K IP Bullet Security Camera is one of the mini-bullet sized security cameras, which consists of the tri-mode IP and analog video output display.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • 8.51 MP Image Sensor
  • 1080p Images and Videos
  • 200 feet Detection Range
  • 112° Field of View
  • 3840 x 2160 pixels at 15 FPS

This security camera constitutes the ability to withstand the operating temperature up to 122 degrees F.

This thermal mini bullet security camera helps to reduce false viewing, which makes the device more reliable when compared to the visible camera setup.

This high contrast security camera does not create any false alarm and hence, it does not need any type of illumination over low contrast incidents.

This is designed with weatherproofing conditions that easily integrate digital IP and an analog system.

This compact device tends to estimate the difference in heat formation over the surroundings and capture on to the high contrast video device. This device weighs only 10 pounds.


  • High contrast device
  • Reduce false alarming
  • Compact device


  • No major cons

Thermal Imaging Security Camera System with Remote Control Unit

This system is best suited for most of the security purposes, which mainly work over the 12V power supply and six-inch of wired and wireless LCD monitor display.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • 320 x 240 Uncooled Microbolometer
  • 32°F – 240°F Operating Temperature
  • 6″ LCD Monitor
  • 1500m Detecting Range
  • 20 Foot Harness

This small and compact thermal imaging security camera works great in the remote controlling frame to estimate the heat difference of up to 240 degrees F.

The detecting range of this security camera ranges over 1500 units; with the field view range of 35 degrees in Horizontal zone and 27 degrees in the vertical zone.

It is inbuilt with the uncooled sensor type of microbolometer, which is mated with the LCD monitor of a flexible neck region to capture the image or video at different angles.

It can be easily adjusted and tilted to different viewing angles to capture the distorted ground.

The remote control option works both on the fast and slow mode in which the camera can be on and off at any time.

This high-resolution security camera is simple to install and operate and it comes out with the measure of 9 inches of height, 9 inches in width and 9 inched of length and weighs only 4 pounds.


  • Easy to install
  • Different angle viewing
  • Flexible LCD monitor neck


  • A bit hard to use for first timers

Lorex Analog Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor HD Wired Security Camera

This security camera is a well-known device used for security purposes for border patrol and surveillance.

This device consists of the long-ranging thermal sensor unit that has the low-cost high resolution and sensitivity device used for capturing the distorted movements.

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • -22° to 140° F Operating Range
  • Motion Triggered LED Light
  • Color Video Quality up to 150 ft
  • IR Night Vision up to 90 ft
  • 87° Field of View

This security camera can detect the temperature range from -22-degrees to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. It is designed with the hard type of weatherproof mold which tends to operate the radar unit in order to give alert over the unsecured condition.

This thermal imaging security camera consists of the motion-triggered LED light, weatherproof housing, color video quality, night vision quality, and a remotely triggered alarm.

This wireless tracking camera has an 87-degree field of view and this camera can be mounted on the wall or ceilings indoor. But it also works great in guarding the border patrol, military purposes, and law enforcement development.

It is coated to guard against the mist, fog, haze, and low lighting condition which is guaranteed only up to one year only.


  • Provide high sensitivity and resolution
  • Clear vision control
  • Capture clear view of distorted movements


  • No major cons

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste

Main Features

  • 75o viewing angle
  • 3 Infrared Cut
  • 8CH expandable 1080p NVR kit
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Night vision

The Wireless Security Camera System from Hisseu is an all-in-one security solution for homes and businesses. It offers a lot of flexibility and comes with plenty of features that make it one of the best thermal security cameras in the market.

The system comes complete with a 12″ LCD monitor for remote viewing and a built-in 2 terabyte hard drive that can record continuously for up to 90 days. It captures images in 1080p, and with four wireless IP66 waterproof cameras, the system can resist harsh weather conditions when used for outdoor security.

Hiseeu fitted the security camera with three different IR cut filter, giving it the capability to capture clear images both day and night.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi for auto-pairing to Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Alerts can be received via email
  • IR cut for day and night capabilities


  • No audio capability

General Working Principle

The thermal imaging security camera is mainly designed to detect the warm engine-driven vehicles, to estimate investigation caused due to the insecure surrounding.

The inbuilt formation of infrared in the thermal imaging camera is defined from the electromagnetic spectrum with a long-range of wavelength when compared to the visible lighting.

The thermal imaging security camera is the best suited for the day and night guarding of the surrounding environment by means of an infrared wave emission from the objects or an individual.

The thermal imaging security camera consists of the inbuilt infrared camera lens, mated with the focal plane array, to focus and view the emission of energy from the scene.

The focal plane array is equipped to create the electrical impulses from the incident infrared energy.

The electrical impulse formation is then transformed over the image signal processor in the form of temperature values, to produce the video for clear viewing.

Considerations Before Buying Thermal Imaging Security Cameras (Buying Guide)


Any type of thermal security camera will likely work well indoors, but you need to look for models that are weatherproof when it comes to outdoor usage. Exposing a security camera model that does not have a weatherproof feature can easily result in damages from harsh elements.

Debris or dust and moisture are the primary concerns for weather resistance. If any of these elements find their way into the camera housing, it can cause the electrical components to short circuit, corrode, or even overheat.

But do not buy a thermal CCTV (or any security camera for that matter) just because its label says “weather resistant” or “weatherproof.” You don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in a device with IP55 certification, for example, simply because it says “water-resistant” on its datasheet, only to discover that it is not waterproof. In reality, there’s a huge difference between water-resistant and waterproof.

To be on the safe side, it is usually best to choose thermal imaging security cameras with a weatherproof rating of at least IP66. Cameras with that rating or higher are generally more suitable for outdoor use.

Sensitivity to Light

Light sensitivity specifications determine how long and a camera can continue to record in color. The best thermal security camera will usually require less ambient light to record in color.

You will want to look out for lower minimum illumination specification if you choose to buy a security camera without night vision capabilities. A low lux security camera with lower minimum illumination doesn’t need much light to continue recording in color.

However, none of these will be of concern to you if your thermal camera is fitted with IR LEDs or has night vision capability.

Night Vision

As you would have deduced already, thermal imaging security cameras with night vision capabilities can automatically switch between day and night modes, depending on the light conditions.

Even in pitch darkness, night vision cameras can capture images and record videos clearly. The night vision mode delivers clear images whether if a person or an object is hidden in total darkness or covered in a shaded area,

Field of View (FOV) and Focal Length

The total area in front of a camera that can be captured is known as the field of view (FOV). FOV is usually represented as an angle such as 40o, 87o, or 180o.

On the other hand, the focal length of a camera is essentially the size of its lens, which can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The focal length is usually represented in millimeters such as 28mm, 50mm, or more.

A security camera’s focal length plays a major role in its field of view or the angle that can be captured. Cameras with longer lenses or focal lengths have narrow fields of view. That means they are perfect for long-distance recording but can only cover less horizontal area.

On the flip side, shorter lenses are the best choice for capturing a wider horizontal area. But, as you probably would have guessed, they are not the best option for long-distance recording.

When you shop for the best thermal security camera, always consider the area you need to capture. For example, if you want to mount a thermal surveillance camera on a parking lot that is up to 100 feet or more away from the main building, an ideal security camera that can capture details clearly would be a model with a focal length (or camera lens) of about 50mm or more.

If you want a thermal imaging security camera for indoor use, consider options with a shorter lens of about 2.8mm, as these have a wider FOV to cover most parts of a room.

Here’s one more thing to look for when it comes to security camera lenses and focal lengths. Some models have fixed lenses with one focal length, while others feature varifocal lenses with adjustable focal length.

Varifocal lenses offer more flexibility because they can be adjusted to capture or focus on objects at different ranges. For example, a varifocal lens can be adjusted between 4mm to 129mm, which means its FOV can range from 73o to 2.11o.

Vandal Rating

If you are considering a security camera for outdoor use, it is important to think about how well it will stand up against vandals.

The truth is that even the best thermal security camera will be of no use if it can’t work. This is why criminals will first attempt to take out the camera before committing a crime.

Not all security cameras are vandal proof, so you need to be sure of this capability before buying one, especially for outdoor use. Look for vandal proof cameras with plastic or metal housing. You also want to be sure that the camera’s FOV is protected to prevent tampering.

FAQs for Thermal Imaging Security Cameras

Which is better, 4k or 5mp?

A thermal CCTV camera or any other thermal imaging security camera will deliver better image quality if it has a high camera resolution. A 5mp thermal IP camera is great, but models that feature 4K resolutions produce clearer and sharper images.
A 4K thermal surveillance camera is ideal for driveways, parking lots, warehouses, multi-tenant buildings, hotels, shops, bars, restaurants, and other small businesses. 5mp thermal security cameras are okay for your home’s front and back doors, garage, and small business, too.
However, if you are tight on budget or you want a general-purpose thermal surveillance camera, a 1080p outdoor thermal camera will suffice. Typical areas for installing these types of cameras include homes, barns, farms, construction sites, RVs, vacation homes, and in boats and marina.
But whatever you do, avoid a 720p security camera. These options can only deliver low-quality and blurry images. Besides, there is no significant difference in price between 720p and 1080p security cameras. Even if you are tight on budget, a cheap 1080p or 5mp security camera is usually better than 720p.

What is the difference between FLIR and thermal?

Thermal imaging cameras are actually sensors that make pictures from heat instead of visible light like conventional cameras.
While FLIR thermal security cameras use heat to generate pictures, thermal security cameras don’t only make images from heat but also detect the slightest differences in heat.
The best thermal security camera is able to pick up heat differences as tiny as 0.01oC and show it as different color shades.

What does thermal imaging detect?

A thermal imaging security camera detects temperature. It does this by picking out different levels of invisible light known as infrared. Humans and even non-living objects give off heat or infrared radiation, and a thermal imaging security system can recognize and read the radiation.

Can I use my phone as a thermal camera?

Yes, your smartphone can work as a thermal camera in combination with the FLIR One accessory and app.
However, security cameras need to operate remotely. Unless you are willing to mount your phone as a security camera in your home or business premises, it doesn’t offer as much flexibility as thermal security cameras.


These are the best thermal imaging security cameras available that have been reviewed with respect to the customer ratings and reviews. Consider purchasing one among the model above and write to us about how did this article help you in choosing the best product.

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