In general, the thermal imaging technology offers a clear vision of high image resolution over the environmental calamities such as light fog, smoky area, dusty region and deep dark surfaces. The thermal imaging cameras are ideal for the full-time surveillance purposes in order to provide the perfect security around the environmental surroundings. The thermal imaging security cameras help to estimate the recently created footprints, hidden objects  and distracted ground components by means of sudden creation of increase in the surrounding temperature.


General Working Principle 

The thermal imaging security camera is mainly designed to detect the warm engine driven vehicles, to estimate investigation caused due to the insecure surrounding. The inbuilt formation of infrared in the thermal imaging camera is defined from the electromagnetic spectrum with a long range of wavelength when compared to the visible lighting. The thermal imaging security camera is the best suited for the day and night guarding of the surrounding environment by means of an infrared wave emission from the objects or an individual.

The thermal imaging security camera consists of the inbuilt infrared camera lens, mated with the focal plane array, to focus and view the emission of energy from the scene. The focal plane array is equipped to create the electrical impulses from the incident infrared energy. The electrical impulse formation is then transformed over the image signal processor in the form of temperature values, to produce the video for clear viewing.

List of Best Thermal Imaging Security Camera

Normally, the thermal imaging security camera tends to measure the heat, which is further converted into the visible image formation. This thermal imaging camera is more ideal for zero lighting surveillance suitable for the security purposes, which works well even on the worst weather conditioning. There are several kinds of thermal imaging cameras used for security purposes among which I have down listed some of the best rated thermal imaging security cameras for your quick reference.

Thermal Imaging Security Camera System with Remote Control Unit

This system is best suited for most of the security purposes, which mainly work over the 12V power supply and six-inch of wired and wireless LCD monitor display. This small and compact thermal imaging security camera works great in the remote controlling frame to estimate the heat difference of up to 240 degrees F. The detecting range of this security camera ranges over 1500 unit; with the field view range of 35 degrees in Horizontal zone and 27 degrees in the vertical zone.

It is inbuilt with the uncooled sensor type of microbolometer, which is mated with the LCD monitor of flexible neck region to capture the image or video at different angles. It can be easily adjusted and tilted to different viewing angles to capture the distorted ground. The remote control option works both on the fast and slow mode in which the camera can be on and off at any time. This high-resolution security camera is simple to install and operate and it comes out with the measure of 9 inches of height, 9 inches in width and 9 inched of length and weighs only 4 pounds.

Thermal Imaging Security Camera System with Remote Control Unit

Key Features – LCD monitor, high resolution, microbolometer.

Pros – easy to install, different angle viewing, flexible LCD monitor neck, easy to adjust.

FLIR TCX Mini Bullet Type Thermal Imaging Security Camera

The FLIR TCX thermal imaging security camera is one of the mini-bullet sized security camera, which consists of the tri-mode IP and analog video output display. This security camera constitutes the ability to withstand the operating temperature up to 122 degrees F. This thermal mini bullet security camera helps to reduce the false viewing, which makes the device more reliable when compared to the visible camera setup.

This high contrast security camera does not create any false alarm and hence, it does not need any type of illumination over low contrast incidents. This is designed with weatherproofing conditions which easily integrates digital IP and an analog system. This compact device tends to estimate the difference in heat formation over the surroundings and  capture on to the high contrast video device. This device weighs only 10 pounds.

FLIR TCX Mini Bullet Type Thermal Imaging Security Camera

Key Features – TCX thermal imaging camera, mini bullet security camera, IP, and an analog system.

Pros – high contrast device, reduce false alarming, compact device.

M7 Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging Security Camera

This security camera is a well-known device used for the security purposes for border patrol and surveillance. This device consists of the long ranging thermal sensor unit that has the low-cost high resolution and sensitivity device used for capturing the distorted movements. It is designed with the hard type of weatherproof mold which tends to operate the radar unit in order to give alert over the unsecured condition.

This thermal imaging security camera consists of the CCD unit, SWIR, colored night vision mode, GPS, IR laser device, laser range finder unit and magnetic compass for pointing. This wireless tracking camera works great in guarding the border patrol, military purposes, and law enforcement development. It is coated to guard against the mist, fog, haze, and low lighting condition which is guaranteed only up to one year only.

M7 Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging Security Camera

Key Features – CCD unit, high resolution, high sensitivity, clear magnetic compass finder.

Pros – clear vision control, provide high sensitivity and resolution, low-cost device, capture clear view of distorted movements.

Esti CR-IRIP40P Thermal Imaging Waterproof Security Camera

This type of thermal imaging security camera is included with a 1.3 megapixel  IP bullet shaped camera, to provide the perfect security around the housing. This security camera works well with many electronic devices, which are equipped with a high range of metal used for perfect indoor and outdoor purposes. This system consists of the free P2P cloud server unit, which is easy to view through the camera connected to the iPod and smartphones. This device is designed with waterproofing material which comes out with the measure of the 4 inches of height, 4.5 inches in length and 8 inches of width and weighs only 1.3 pounds.

Esti CR-IRIP40P Thermal Imaging Waterproof Security Camera

Key Features – waterproofing unit, high resolution, high sensitivity, IP bullet camera.

Pros – clear vision control, light weight device, free P2P cloud server unit.

These are the best thermal imaging security  cameras available that have been reviewed with respect to the customer ratings and reviews. Consider purchasing one among the model above and write to us about how did this article help you in choosing the best product.