Best Night Vision Security Camera Reviews In 2022

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You can’t control the people around you. So instead, take control of your security and protect what’s important in your life! Night vision security cameras allow you to secure your premises and ensure whatever goes on within your property doesn’t go overlooked. Protect your home and family from theft and vandals, as criminals usually survey the property they plan to rob before committing their act; the presence of security makes them think twice.

After comparing the details of each night vision security camera and weighing their pros/cons, we decided the Reolink Argus 2 topped them all. This solar-powered night vision camera is designed with a little bit of everything to satisfy any homeowner; including a wide FOV, HD quality and simple installation.

The Top Night Vision Security Camera Reviewed

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Find the right Night Vision Security Camera for You

#1 Best wireless night vision camera – Reolink Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 is an excellent security camera and is our top overall pick in our review. It’s designed with what many homeowners would appreciate, like it’s easy, wire-free installation that only takes a few minutes to connect to your home’s network. On the flip side, changing batteries constantly isn’t a worry with the Argus 2, as this camera is capable of being solar-powered with the solar panel included with it.

With an IP65 weather rating, the Argus 2 is constructed for indoor/outdoor use and is resilient in rainy weather conditions. Reolink equipped this camera with a siren that gives off sound in 75db to ward off any would-be intruders, in addition to customizable voice-recorded alerts thanks to its two-way talk feature.

Although this security camera doesn’t support 24/7 recording, you’re able to customize the recording schedule and control it’s time of motion detection remotely. The Reolink Argus’s 130-degree field of view and full 1080p HD allows for great image quality, offering a broad, clear image. Designed with infrared LEDs, this camera is optimized to work in low light conditions and able to provide an in-color night vision picture up to 33 feet.


  • Solar-powered
  • Color night vision
  • Custom record schedule
  • Two-way talk feature
  • Wide 130-degree FOV


  • Smaller night vision range
  • Doesn’t support 24/7 recording

#2 Best color night vision camera – Lorex 4K Ultra HD

If you’re looking for a security camera with superior colored night vision, then the Lorex 4k Ultra HD just might be the camera for you. Like all night vision devices, at least some ambient light is needed to function but offers up to 135 feet of color night vision. Without external lighting, the Lorex Ultra gives off a full black and white image for up to 90 feet of viewing.

The Lorex Ultra has a smaller field of view of 98-degrees making it perfect if you are targeting a specific object or thing rather than a particular space. Its adept 4k 1080p HD resolution secures crisp, clear quality and eliminates any fisheye effect. 

This night vision security camera has an IP67 weather-resistance rating and an in-wall power cable ensuring it stays in place against whatever the weather conditions and any potential burglars who’d attempt to cut off power to your camera. This security camera also has built-in deterrence features, including a customizable LED light and a remote-triggered siren.


  • 4k 1080p HD
  • 135 foot colored night vision range; 90 feet black and white
  • IP67 weather rating (highest in review)
  • Customizable LED light/siren
  • Two-way talk


  • Smaller FOV of 98-degrees
  • More expensive if looking to buy more than one camera

#3 Best high-resolution NV security camera – Google Nest Camera

The Google Nest Camera has the highest quality resolution out of the security cameras in our review. It has a spacious peripheral view with a 130-degree field of view, giving you a vast picture to catch every detail. Google outfitted this camera with the ability to 8x zoom, in addition to its 1080p HD, so you never miss a thing and to accommodate for the wider field of view this camera is capable of.

Nest Aware technology constructed with this night vision security camera is able to recognize a person from a thing with advanced cloud algorithms that pick out the activity you care about capturing. Nest Aware allows you to see images taken of the past 3 hours for free without subscription. Google also made installation simple with being able to just plug in the cable and adapter, mount the camera and go, giving an installation instruction video as well.


  • Two-way talk
  • Wide 130-degree FOV
  • 8x zoom
  • Can tell a person from a thing


  • Only see images of past 3 hours for free w/out Nest subscription
  • More expensive if looking to buy more than one camera

#4 Best motion sensor NV camera – Arlo Ultra

The Arlo Ultra offers something that no other camera in our review has, something that not a lot of security cameras have in general either. Integrated with its generous 180-degree field of view, the Arlo Ultra has the ability to auto-zoom and track movement when something occurs in its view.

The Arlo Ultra also presents users with the 2-way talk feature that easily allows you to communicate with people in your home or to simply answer the door. This night vision security camera is also assembled with dual noise-canceling microphones to reduce any annoying background noise that could conflict with the video quality.

Deter any possible break-in attempts with Arlo Ultra’s motion-activated spotlight and customizable siren. It’s wire-free, Wi-Fi-enabled installation makes it a great choice for those who want a quick and easy set-up.


  • Wide 180-degree FOV
  • auto-zoom/tracking
  • 4k HDR 1080p
  • Noise-canceling microphones


  • Most expensive
  • Doesn’t state night vision range

#5 Best affordable night vision camera – Heim Vision HM245 8CH

If you want a security camera system with multiple cameras that’s not going to completely empty out your wallet then the Heim Vision HM245 may be your perfect choice. Each camera is specifically customizable and can opt to conceal part of the picture from view to protect your privacy.

These night-vision cameras are all powered and connected by the DVR system they come with, along with an easy power cable install. Capable of withstanding any rainy or snowy weather conditions with an IP66 weatherproof rating, making these cameras optimal for indoor or outdoor use.

On every camera is an adjustable 3-axis, allowing for 360-degree rotation. So, whether you need one mounted on the wall or the ceiling, Heim Vision is versatile for any location.


  • Human/face detection
  • 65 foot night vision range
  • 24/7 recording


  • Install with DVR system

Night Vision Security Camera Buying Guide

What to Look for When Buying Night Vision Security Cams

Picking out the right security can be rather challenging with many claiming to have the highest quality HD imaging that provides crisp pictures with little distortion. Once taken home to use, many people have found out that’s just not the case, and are then left with blurry, pixelated images. To prevent any confusion, here are explanations of some common security camera basics. 

Image Quality

night vision camera quality

Cameras record images in a certain resolution, typically measured in megapixels (MP), although they can be converted to their pixel dimensions. For the record, one MP is equal to one million pixels. Usually the more pixels there are, better the picture quality.

Even though full HD offers 1920×1080 pixels, many buyers have complained that their HD 1080p camera still produces distorted images. The actual image quality can’t typically be enhanced enough to make out details like license plate numbers or facial features.

Resolutions at 2048x1536p or 3MP is a good minimum needed to confidently make out specifics. Cameras with high resolutions sometimes will have digital zoom as well, being a feature that simply magnifies a portion of an image or video. Keep in mind, higher resolution security cameras use more internet and WIFI bandwidth.

Two-Way Talk

Unlike the intercom systems crafted in homes in the 1970s, a camera with “2-way talk” offers audio and video, eliminating the press to “talk” and “listen” buttons. This design presents the ability to talk from one position to another. 

Want to keep an eye on who comes to the door while you are off on a hunting trip? Maybe there is an elderly parent in your life that you’d like to ensure their safety at all times? Or just to not have to worry about physically answering the door for a delivery? A camera with two-way talk makes stresses like these fade with being able to check on the important things in your life from your back pocket.

Field Of View

camera field of view

Another thing to consider is a camera’s field of view, which measures the area of width the camera can see. A wider field of view allows a camera to see a broader area than a narrower field of view. 

Though the setback to having a wide field of view is the details are not always as clear as they are designed to provide an overview of an area rather than a small, detailed perspective that a smaller field of view can offer.

So, whether you’re needing a camera to set-up to keep an eye on your whole backyard or just to place in your home to keep your pooch out of trouble, keep in mind the space you-re wanting to keep under surveillance.


No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how to set-up a security camera. For those who struggle with the technology side of things, look for cameras with an installation that’s integrated with it’s respected app or a step-by-step installation guide/video.

While wire-free security cameras may lead to an easier install and less clutter, keep in mind that you will have to change out their batteries when needed. While on the other hand, cameras that are wired have the convenience of having a continuous source of power.

The cameras itself should be fairly simple to mount with minimal tool or drilling use. They should connect naturally to their respected app, through WIFI or cellular connection.

Night Vision Range

night vision range

Most break-ins happen after the sun’s gone down, making it difficult for security cameras to live up to their purpose. Who wants a camera that can only see for half the day? Which is why a lot of security cameras now feature some degree of night vision. To be correct, most home security cameras have an infrared LED illumination, rather than true night vision based on image intensification.

As mentioned before with a camera’s field of view, keep in mind the space you are wanting to keep under surveillance when choosing a night vision security camera. Cameras can have various night vision ranges depending on the manufacturer.

Power Source

Many security cameras today operate off WIFI and are essentially wireless. Offering a much simpler installation with no in-wall cables or wires. Although you may not have to keep electrical outlets in mind when picking out a location for your security camera, wireless cams need to be placed within your home’s WIFI router’s range. 

Additionally, an interruption to your WIFI signal, whether due to an electrical outage or glitchy service can keep your camera from working.

Traditionally, most cameras are powered by a plug-in adapter that should come with your security camera. This doesn’t necessarily mean the camera can be easily moved to a different spot, just that you’ll always need an outlet nearby (or have an extension cord handy).

FAQs for Night Vision Security Cameras

How Do Night Vision Cameras Work?

If you’ve ever looked down the front of a security camera, you’ve probably seen that it’s covered with small, red LED bulbs. This is called infrared light. When it gets dark out, these lights turn on and illuminate the camera’s field of view with infrared light that’s invisible to the human eye.

What’s the Best Night Vision Camera?

After reviewing our top picks, the Reolink Argus 2 came out as number one all around. Considering it’s price, field of view, and resolution quality on top of it’s other features as compared to the other night vision security cameras on our list, this one has everything a homeowner could ask for(despite it’s smaller night vision range).

How Much Does a Night Vision Camera Cost?

A lot of security cameras today support some degree of night vision. Most home security cameras today are designed to support some degree of night vision with an infrared LED illuminator, which makes prices on security cameras dependant on the quality you’re looking for.

How Far Can a Night Vision Camera See?

A security camera can see anywhere from 10 meters to 150 meters at night, depending on the quality and model. There are a lot of variables to a camera’s night vision range, such as how big is the object you’re looking for. As well as the amount of light available, whether it’s a cloudy night with no starlight or is it a bright moonlit night.

Can Night Vision See in Complete Darkness?

No, all night vision devices need at least a small amount of light to function. The most popular (green and black image) systems are light enhancement systems, these amplify the amount of received light to enhance a low light image.


Give yourself peace of mind, with knowing what goes on within your home whether you’re there or not. Whatever the situation is, let a security camera help you take control! 

As stated before, we recommend the Reolink Argus 2 out security cameras listed our review because it embodies the important features a good night vision security cameras should have.

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